10 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique Using Powder Coating Near Me

Nov 13, 2018

Did you know that by using powder coating near me, you can create a DIY style wedding? Throwing a wedding is hard work, especially if you want to decorate it yourself. Unique, DIY style weddings are a fantastic way to save money on almost all the big-ticket items with the bonus of being able to keep everything when you’re done. Many brides and their wedding parties have found a great deal of success spending months making their attire and decor instead of spending a few hundred thousand on pre-made items.

Wedding DIY Style Powder Coating Near Me

From your marriage arch to your guest favors, there are some tricks of the trade that make these independent wedding plans easier. Paper folding can turn a stack of lovely paper into beautiful origami decorations, fabric store sales can get you yards of beautiful cloth at a discount, and powder coating can allow you to take any thrift store metal items and transform them into beautiful wedding essentials. Of course, before these tricks work for you, you’re going to need some ideas to get started. Today we’re here to talk about all the different ways that powder coating can be used to create your perfect DIY style wedding.

Powder Coating and DIY style Decor

The simple practice of powder coating is any decorator’s best friend because it is an incredibly sturdy and surprisingly beautiful alternative to paint. No matter what metal items you are starting with, once powder coated they will be ready to last forever with durability and quality that quick spraypaint jobs cannot accomplish. If you want your wedding items to last through the big day and to serve as keepsakes for years after, powder coating is the best way to turn inexpensive decor into breathtakingly personalized wedding designs.

Choose Your Wedding Colors

The first step is to choose your wedding colors. Finding powder coating near me can help you achieve every pigment color under the sun allowing you to choose the perfect shades for your wedding colors. Most couples choose one or two accent colors to compliment all the white and gold that usually accompanies a wedding, though of course, you can choose more if you want to. If you’re not sure at first, work with your powder coating professional so they can help you select the right pigments for the job. Bring in a napkin or other example of your wedding colors, and they will mix the color for you if it’s not already in the shop.

From here, you can prepare for the fun because now every item you bring in can be coated to the exact wedding shades. You can even pick a few accent colors and add layered designs. Now let’s look at some of the best things to powder coat for your unique wedding.

Not Your Average Folding Chair

Chairs are always one of the biggest concerns for a unique DIY style wedding because you need to have enough of them. The best solution without breaking the bank or over-crowding the event space is to pick up a pallet of plain metal folding chairs. Of course, then comes the effort to decorate them so that your wedding is comfortable and luxurious.

While ordinary aluminum or black painted chairs may be dull, powder-coated chairs can create a rich and cheerful ambiance for your entire event. One way to do this is to powder-coat one half of the chairs the bride’s color, and the other half the groom’s color to show family members clearly where to sit for the ceremony. You might also consider adding accents of gold or silver to refine your chairs and can even scrawl family names in the backs with custom powder coating.

Beautify Simple Vases

Did you know that powder coating works for glass objects as well? Anything that can take the heat of the curing process can be powder coated, and vases are a lovely way to take charge of this opportunity. Your centerpieces and peripheral decor is likely to include a lot of flowers, and you’ll need places to put them. Both glass and metal vases can be powder coated to incorporate your wedding colors and even etched with custom designs leaving peekaboo sections of still-clear glass. Using powder coating near me, many people choose to powder coat the lower half of a vase while leaving the top half elegantly transparent.

Make Everything Gold

Gold has always been a favorite feature of weddings. From the wedding bands to the cake toppers, some feel that the more gold you can use to accent your decorations, the better. And couples that aren’t as hot on gold often choose silver to brighten their design instead. Powder coating near me helps you provide the genuine look and feel of a metal finish without the cost of real gold or the cheap impression of metallic paint.

Whether you want gold chairs, gold centerpiece decorations, or to make a little of everything shining in your favorite metallic hue, powder coating is there for you and your spouse-to-be. Of course, you don’t have to choose gold. Silver is an excellent alternative for couples who aren’t big on yellows and for steampunk couples, don’t forget that you could accent everything in that classic dark bronze that makes everything seem so much more 1800s if you are going for such a theme.

Hanging Lamps in Wedding Colors

Hanging lamps are one of the great recurring themes of DIY style weddings because they are beautiful and appear as there were easy to put together. Some want particular lighting fixtures for the occasion, some choose the lovely ambiance of flickering candles, and some use hanging lamps with flowers and decorations.

When you choose a lamp design, don’t worry about what color your lamps are initially as long as they are metal. You could pick them up at a garage sale, a thrift store, or buy a whole box of simple lanterns from Ikea and then bring them in for powder coating near me. Your wedding lamps will be the color matched to perfectly coordinate with your wedding and be ready for the big day.

Customize Your Cake Stand

Cake stands come in every shape and size. There are multi-story cake stands, elegant pedestals, and everything in between. But they do not come in an infinite number of colors. Most cake stands are white, black, or metallic. So if you’re dreaming of the perfect custom cake stand or DIY style platters for your wedding feast, once again powder coating can come to the rescue. With powder coating, your cake stand doesn’t even have to be one color. You can make the base one color, and top it with another if you like or create a detailed custom design with your powder coating professional. Along the same lines, you can also customize every metal platter destined to serve food or hold party favors to make your wedding tables an unforgettable sight to remember.

Hot-Tip the Flatware

Even the silverware can be powder coated in a way that will delight every one of your guests. Powder coating is excellent for metal tools and cutlery because it is 100% non-toxic, unlike liquid paint. You can color your silverware entirely, creating unique gleaming sets for your guests to eat with or give your flatware the excitement of hot-tips, dusting one end of each piece with powder coating.

Tipping the handles will give the flatware an elegant two-tone appearance while a touch of vibrant color at the tips of your fork tines, spoon ends, and knife edges will create a genuinely edgy flare that no one will have ever seen before. Even better? You can take these custom silverware sets with you to use as starters for your shared kitchen.

Customized Gifts for Wedding Party

Gifts to your wedding party are among the most fun and meaningful wedding traditions. These are the people that have stood by you through thick and thin in the past and on your big day, they are standing by you to help everything go as perfectly as possible. Showing a little gratitude with personalized gifts is the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ for the years of support.

There are a lot of ways to customize wedding party gifts, but most personalization services can only offer so much. An engraved name, a small selection of colors. Using powder coating near me for the wedding party gifts, you can choose the favorite color of each wedding party, draw their name or nickname into the item with calligraphic grace, or even make a custom image represented in candy-painted accent colors. Or you can go the elegant, classy route with darker colors and more subtle personalized design. From custom flasks and glasses to watches and sculptures, powder coating is ready to personalize.

One-of-a-Kind Bride Accessories

Speaking of customizing small personal items, never forget that the unique beauty of the bride is the real centerpiece of the entire event. Brides go through an incredible ordeal to find the perfect dress and accessories for their wedding day and, powder coating can help here as well. Whether she wants unique hairclips in her favorite wedding color or a charm bracelet where each charm has a unique finish, powder coating can help you create a one-of-a-kind bridal accessory that no other bride in the world will have.

An Unforgettable DIY Style Wedding with Powder Coating

There are so many different techniques that DIY couples can use to create the perfect custom wedding and powder coating can become one of your best secrets to a truly unforgettable experience. When everything from the chairs to the flatware is sporting your wedding colors, your guests will still be talking about how impressive the event was for quite a while. For more information and advice about how to powder coat your wedding or to find powder coating near me, contact TLC Metal today.

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