TLC Metal, The Best Powder Coating

Dec 12, 2019

If you are looking for the best powder coating service in the NYC area, look no further than Long Island’s TLC Metal. TLC Metal Restoration is a dedicated local powder coating business with a long history of customer-focused excellence. We specialize in large-scale and commercial projects. Some of our best work has been huge on the architectural scale. But also take on the needs of consumers and small businesses as well. In our book, no project is too big or too small. If it needs the best powder coating, TLC Metal gets the job done.

Best Powder Coating Colors

TLC Metal is passionate about providing the best possible quality metal restoration and powder coating services, no matter who needs it or what the job may be. Whatever your project entails, from restoring and coating old metal fixtures to reinventing new items for durability and vivid color, our team is ready to help you make your vision a reality.

Founded in 2004, TLC Metal Restoration has been providing excellent powder coating to NYC and the Long Island community for over 15 years, and our reputation of superb service has grown significantly in that time. We will meet your project needs.

TLC Metal Long Island Powder Coating

TLC Metal Restoration provides the best powder coating on Long Island, but our service area extends far beyond the island itself. We are happy to do business with anyone inside the NYC area and have performed jobs for customers as far away as California. Here in Long Island, our team will coordinate consultations, pick-ups, deliveries, and careful handling of large items. Of course, we’re a local neighborhood business as much as a business that serves the greater New York area. We are happy to accept local jobs from residents who need auto repairs and personal powder coating services.

Our Long Island location has been a great place to build a full-service workshop able to accommodate nearly any size of powder coating pieces. From the spray booths the curing ovens, our expertise rivals that of any other powder coating service in the NYC area, and we really care about helping our customers, new and old, find the satisfaction they need in final product quality.

Powder Coating Color and Finish

Unlike other workshops, we can provide you with any color or finish texture you need for your project. Part of the incredible use of powder coating is that it provides a selection of hues that no factory-created selection can replicate. If we don’t already have the exact color or shade, you’re looking for. The coating pigment powder can easily be mixed to create your color. We will then show you what a finished piece with the new mix looks like on a test item so you can be certain that you are happy with the exact color, shade, and finish quality for your final project.

Finishes are determined by the powder medium, the curing process, and strategic coat layering. By understanding the finish you want, we can recreate that effect using powder coating and a final clear coat to give you the matte, shine, or texture that your project needs.

Experienced and Skilled Powder Coating

Our powder coating team between them shares 75 years of experience and have mastered the many subtle arts of perfect powder coating. With our team, you won’t need to worry about the oft-considered risks of poor metal cleaning, uneven coating, or miscalculated curing. Our team knows how to treat and coat each unique metal piece so that it comes out exactly the way you intended.

We can also take your coating solution above and beyond a simple all-over coat. In addition to using all the right plugs and masking to protect the functional details of your pieces, we can also provide you the full artistic potential of powder coating. If you’re looking for bi-color fades, stenciled patterns, and layered design masking are all within our skillset. You can even ask for unique finishes like marble or bubble, with the understanding that changing the thickness of the coat for effect can influence the durability.

Dedication to Each Project’s Needs

TLC Metal’s greatest point of pride is our absolute dedication to every customer and project. We will do our best to work within your time constraints, within your budget, and to meet the standards of your vision for the final product. This is one of the primary ways we have earned a reputation as the best powder coating workshop on Long Island and among the top contenders in the entire New York area. We care about our customers, both new customers and returning customers, and will do everything we can to make your project a success.

Service often begins with an on-site consultation, so we can get an understanding of your items, your project, and the circumstances your coated items will be used in. If they are transportable items, we will take care of the pick-up, so you don’t have to or will happily accept drop-offs at our Long Island workshop if you’d rather do the delivery yourself. Vehicles can be driven up, towed, or transported in a trailer based on your needs.

If you need the work done in a short period of time, our team will put in the extra effort to meet your deadlines. If you have budget constraints, we will help you find the right solution to stay within your limit.

Whether you need large architectural pieces, whole vehicles, or hundreds of smaller items powder coated, we’ll take care of it.

The TLC Metal Laser

Another great reason to come to TLC for your powder coating needs is The Laser. TLC Metal is the only non-government owner of a Clean Laser (CL1000) in the Northeast. The clean laser is the highest possible level of technology for laser-stripping metal in the process of restoration and powder coating. If you want to remove every speck of dirt, rust, old coating, and any other imperfections from your metal items before they are coated, our clean laser is very likely to be the best tool for the job, and we’re the only Northeastern workshop to offer this level of laser-stripping service.

And if the laser isn’t for you, we are also pros at sandblasting, which is the traditional method to clean metal before it is powder coated.

No Project is Too Big (or Too Small)

TLC is among the go-to metal restoration services in the city. In a metropolis full of beautiful aging metalwork, we have proudly worked on some incredible architectural restorations, restored metal sculptures, and taken on powder coating very large metal pieces. No project is too big for metal restoration, and few projects are too big for our Long Island powder coating facilities. If you can load it into a truck, we can most likely coat it.

We can do large projects of small items as well. If you need hundreds of small metal fixtures and details coated to match your building’s new color scheme, we can do that. If you need every toolset used by your business’ workshop color-coded in powder coating, we can do that too.

We also accept single-item and small-batch tasks from both businesses and consumers. Whether you’ve done a big job with us in the past and just need a few extra items coated, or you need a single hubcap recoated after a bad pothole encounter, we’ve got you covered for the little stuff as well as the large-scale commercial projects.

Commercial Fleet Coating

Your business fleet is in good hands with TLC Metal. For a business, refinishing a vehicle’s details or the entire body is a must. After all, you want your vehicles to look unique and memorable, with that signature color scheme and design of your brand. It’s great when customers can immediately identify when your work truck pulls into their drive or see your vehicles on the highway and know your teams are out there getting things done.

Business owners and fleet managers often ponder the best way to brand their fleet. Powder coating is an ideal solution for both customization and durability. You can bring in individual parts like wheels and hubcaps, or we can powder coat your vehicle’s entire body to extremely customized colors, finishes, and final designs. Powder coating is not only versatile in design, but it’s also much more durable and flexible than paint and longer-lasting than latex wraps. So even if your fleet drives hard roads in bad weather, that new coat will last.

Extensive Renovation Projects

Are you looking to reinvent your building or facility? We can do that for you, as well. TLC Metal has significant experience creating a new color palette for commercial and large residential buildings along with outdoor facilities by powder coating a wide variety of metal fixtures. Your fences, railings, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, metal furniture, and anything else that made of metal can be powder coated in new colors and finishes.

Customizing your building is all about knowing what you can change, and powder coating gives you greater freedom than paint or even new factory-finish items. You can often save money redecorating through powder coating old fixtures instead of buying all-new sets. And TLC’s powder coating of fixtures is head and shoulders above painting because powder coating is highly damage-resistant and does not fade.

Long-Term Durability for Equipment and Furnishings

Industrial equipment, workshop equipment, and furniture are also well within our wheelhouse. We can recolor your construction equipment and keep it from rusting. We can reinvent your workshop with color-coded tools, equipment, and workstations through clever powder coating design. Or we can reinvent your patio furniture, bed frames, and more. If your business is looking to restore, preserve, or redesign the metal items that define your daily work, TLC can help.

Why is TLC Metal the best powder coating service on Long Island? Because we are dedicated to our customers and to incredibly high-quality work. No matter how big or small your project or your project planning constraints, we will strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact TLC Metal today to consult on your next powder coating project.