The Best Powder Coating on Long Island in 2017 for Home and Business

May 11, 2017

Your level of satisfaction with a metal restoration project often hinges upon the quality of powder coating services you receive. As you evaluate metal restoration companies, it is vital to consider a company’s dedication to best practices in the powder coating arena. Below is a look at the importance of quality when selecting a powder coating finisher, and how you can find the best powder coating on Long Island in 2017.

best powder coating on Long Island

Key Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder coating technology has been around for well over half a century and continues to increase in popularity. Powder coatings are now the finish of choice within a variety of industries. They are featured in electronics, automotive products, medical devices, and heavy equipment. If properly applied to an item, powder coating produces an aesthetically pleasing finish that will extend the life of that item.

Why Does Quality Matter in the Powder Coating Industry?

Through proper application and attention to quality, the powder coating process yields a superior finish compared to traditional painting. Below are five factors that illustrate why quality should be a top concern for people seeking professional powder coating services:

  • Company Culture: Powder coating companies vary greatly in their commitment to quality improvement.
  • Equipment: Some companies choose to invest in high quality powder coating equipment while others do not.
  • Reputation: Powder coating companies differ in their overall level of industry experience.
  • Maintenance: Facility maintenance practices vary widely across powder coating companies.
  • Spray techniques: Utilizing the proper spray techniques is critical to preventing product defects.
    Best Practices in the Powder Coating Industry

A high level of customer satisfaction is best achieved by adhering to industry best practices. By focusing on training, equipment maintenance, proper storage, and application techniques, a company illustrates a commitment to quality. Below are six best practices exhibited by the industry’s top powder coating companies:

1) Develop a robust employee training program. Consistently high product quality does not happen by accident with powder coating. In general, superior results are produced by properly trained employees. The top powder coating companies emphasize the following in their training initiatives:

  • Powder manufacturing and chemistry
  • Ongoing safety and compliance training
  • Pre-treatment procedures
  • Proper spraying techniques
  • Equipment operation, including maintenance and cleaning
  • General troubleshooting

2) Employ the proper pre-treatment measures. The type of pre-treatment technology used should be based upon the item’s substrate. For instance, pre-treatment methods for automotive products will differ from those recommended for patio furniture. Failure to engage in the proper pre-treatment procedures may lead to corrosion, loss of adhesion, resistance problems, and rusting.

3) Monitor compressed air quality. Poor compressed air quality is at the root of most of the majority of problems with powder coatings. Because compressed air may contain moisture, oil, and dirt particles that can impede air quality. The best powder coating companies use the following quality control procedures to monitor compressed air:

  • Use of a filter and desiccant air dryer to remove oil, moisture, and dust particles
  • Regular replacement of filters, dryers, and other consumables
  • Periodic inspections or internal audits of equipment and air quality

4) Engage in regular preventive maintenance of powder coating equipment. Caring for powder coating equipment is essential for ensuring proper functionality and optimum results. Below are some examples of maintenance activities undertaken by top powder coating companies:

  • Schedule periodic inspections to ensure that equipment is in proper working order
  • Defective components should be replaced immediately, preferably with OEM parts
  • Resist the urge to use knockoff parts, as their inferior quality may nullify warranties
  • Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned before and after use
  • Ensure that powder coating booths are properly ventilated

5) Refrain from over-curing or under-curing. Powder coating properties are optimized during the curing process. Over-curing may cause discoloration and challenges applying labels or special inks. Under-curing can result in low gloss quality, poor flexibility, or subpar adhesion.

6) Make sure that you have a suitable storage environment for powder coatings. Powder coatings have a tendency to absorb moisture, which can lead to caking and unsatisfactory results. Additionally, hot temperatures can cause premature curing and an uneven finish. Top-notch powder coating companies recognize these pitfalls and make every effort to protect coatings from the heat and humidity. The best type of storage environment for powder coatings is a protected area that is dry and cool.

A Surefire Way to Ensure Top Quality Powder Coating Results

In addition to adhering to the best practices outlined above, a champion powder coating finisher is dedicated to exceeding customer demands. Top powder coaters are willing to go the extra mile to produce perfection, even if it means working overtime to complete a project. Below are some key attributes exhibited by the leading powder coating finisher on Long Island:

  • Timeliness: Projects are completed on or before the scheduled promise date
  • Professionalism: An unsurpassed level of customer service should be a top priority
  • Experience: Seek a company with at least a decade of industry experienc
  • Affordability: Choosing a company that is willing to work within your budget is important
  • References: Ask for at least three references from customers within your same industry
  • Breadth of Expertise: Look for a company that serves customers across a wide variety of industries
  • Attention to Detail: Carefully review completed projects and before and after photos to assess attention to detail

TLC Metal Restoration: The Best Powder Coating on Long Island in 2017

Finding a professional company on Long Island with a fierce commitment to best practices in the powder coating arena may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, the powder coating experts with TLC Metal Restoration makes this search fast and easy for residents of the tri-state area. Just one look at the long list of satisfied clients across a variety of commercial, hospitality, and retail facilities will leave you eager to know our recipe for powder coating success.

Delighting our customers is our top priority every day at TLC Metal Restoration. For over a decade, our team of professionals has dedicated our careers to ensuring that every customer receives five-star service. In addition to offering an unparalleled level of customer devotion, our product quality is second to none. Regardless of the size or nature of your project, you will receive our undivided attention and personal guarantee that we will complete your project on time or ahead of schedule.

Contact TLC Metal Restoration to find out why our family owned business has become the tri-state area’s most trusted provider of powder coating services and why we are the best powder coating on Long Island. When you speak with one of our powder coating experts, you will gain a sense of our level of customer dedication and industry expertise. We look forward to becoming your total solution for all of your powder coating needs!

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