10 Items You Can Restore with the Best Manhattan Powder Coating

Jan 1, 2018

Most people have at least one if not a dozen items in their house that are long past their ‘sell by’ date and have begun to show more than a little wear and tear. Sure, you could give them to Goodwill or hold a garage sale, but examining the rusty, scratched up items you have to wonder who would even want them? However, chipping paint and oxidizing metal does not actually mean your items are out of commission for good. The best Manhattan powder coating can in many cases, make them like new again and ready to be an attractive and useful part of your home.

Best Manhattan Powder Coating Baking Oven

How do you ask? When it comes to aging metal items, nothing beats the clean, sturdy efficiency of powder coating. When you powder coat something, first the surface is completely cleaned, and any old paint or rust is stripped away. Then a mix of dry pigment particles is projected at the item and stick with electro-static cling. It is then cured in an oven where the coating melts and sets into a nearly unbreakable seal. Better yet, you can get it in absolutely any color, and it does not include all the dangerous solvent chemicals used to make normal liquid paint.

Do you have something in your home that could be made beautiful and new again with powder coating? While it is most often used for automobile parts like wheel finishes, you may be surprised just how versatile powder coating can be.

1) Window and Screen Door Frames

The frames around your window are made of metal, as are the vast majority of screen and glass door frames. However, these also see a lot of moisture in the form of weather and humidity. The older a home, the more likely it is that these vital structural pieces have begun to rust and discolor. Do you want your home sealed with rusting metal? Instead, pull them temporarily and bring them into your local metal restoration team. They can strip the old finish and rust off then powder-coat the frames with any color you want from a subtle background gray to a vibrant accent color that will make you smile every time you look out your windows.

2) Baby Toys

Baby toys and even cribs are often powder coated rather than painted. This is because babies tend to put their mouths on absolutely anything in their environment. With paint, they might be able to chew off and swallow dangerous chemical-laden flakes and get very sick. However, powder coating is nearly impossible to break and doesn’t contain most of the dangerous components that standard paint does. If your baby crib or any old toys need refurbishing, consider taking them in to be powder coated rather than trying to paint them at home. It is safer and will last a very long time.

3) Appliances

Every appliance in your home with a metal body is a potential candidate for powder coating, but many were painted in the factory instead. If you, for instance, have a washing machine with a paint finish that has been damaged by laundry detergent (this happens fairly frequently), you do not have to simply put up with those slowly rusting holes in your paint job. Bring it in or even ask a powder coating team to visit your home to get it coated with something the detergent does not stand a chance against.

Of course, appliances do not have to mean modern machines. If you have your grandmother’s old sewing machine, a vintage typewriter, or even an old wood burning stove you would like to see made good as new, powder coating can restore them to beautiful working order once more for display on a shelf or enjoyable anachronistic everyday use.

4) Metal Sculptures

Powder coating is not just limited to functional items. If you own an aging metal sculpture or are yourself a sculptor of aging reclaimed metals, powder coating could be your best new tool. While the artwork can speak for itself, no one wants to see a beautiful original piece rust simply because it has not been sealed. Any metal sculpture or art you have can be powder coated to make sure it stays an attractive and integral piece of art for many years in the future.

5) Vents

Take a close look at your vent covers, many people never do. The vents in most homes are the ones left by the builders themselves, often never noticed, cleaned, or replaced. For this reason, you may be surprised how dirty and potentially even damaged and rusty they are. Eventually, the paint wears away, and the vent itself begins to decay. If your vents are in bad shape, you can restore them to better than factory conditions by replacing that cheap layer of paint with sturdy powder coating. You can even contribute to your interior decor by picking a nice accent color.

6) Microwaves

Did you know that the inside of microwaves are often powder coated? Because powder coating makes a shiny non-toxic surface, it works great as health safe wave-bouncing interior for microwaves. If the inside of your microwave simply can’t get clean anymore, especially if you are dealing with chips and scratches on the interior surface, it is time for a little restoration and powder coating may be exactly what you need. Just like normal appliances, you can also take this opportunity to coat the outside in some cheery color that will look great in your kitchen.

7) Light Fixtures

The aging yet beautiful light fixtures are one of the hallmarks of attractive older homes. While many people fully replace their light fixtures when the rust spots get too bad on those old chandeliers and valences, you do not have to. Preserve the history of your home and the original decor by bringing in the light fixtures to be restored through powder coating. You can have them shiny and new, subtle and matte, or add a splash of originality to your restoration with a new vibrant color that matches your current decoration style.

8) Metal Kitchen Utensils

Metal items in the kitchen are incredibly useful, but unless it is a cast iron pan, they tend not to last forever. From spatulas to cullenders, sometimes rust or damage gets to the point where your kitchen utensils are no longer attractive and might not be safe to cook with. Once again, powder coating can be your answer. You can powder coat an entire set of tools or a single favorite item. This is your chance to personalize your kitchen utensils with your favorite colors like you never can buying premade items from the store.

9) Rusty Furniture

The vast majority of people who live in houses tend to collect some amount of rusting old furniture. Maybe it was in the home when you got there, you inherited it from older relatives, or it has been sitting on the patio for years. Many people have things like their grandmother’s historic old high chair or a porch swing they have loved for years but is no longer comfortable to sit on. You can bring these sturdy but decaying items back to their original splendor and usefulness with a simple, colorful powder coating.

10) External Doors

Thinking about repainting your front or back door? This is a fun project for any family and gives you a chance to customize the appearance of your home while getting rid of years of scrapes and scuff marks on the old door paint. If your door is metal or metal-clad, it can be powder coated instead. This will not only provide a sturdier finish for your door than standard paint, but it will also be more difficult to scuff up a second time. Whether you are painting the front door red to celebrate paying off your mortgage or painting the back door green to match your garden, powder coating could be your best answer.

These are only a few of the many interesting uses for powder coating available. While you can powder coat at home, most people prefer to rely on the help of friendly professionals. For the best powder coating in the Manhattan area, look no further than TCL Metal Restoration, a family owned and operated team dedicated to quality restoration works. Whether you want to bring a few items in or have us come to you, contact TLC Metal today! Our team is ready to make your old items new again with expert powder coating.

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