Hotel and Restaurant Metal Refinishing Reinvigorates the Appearance of Your Business

Apr 16, 2019

Did you know that hotel and restaurant metal refinishing can reinvigorate your business? In the hospitality industry, what you are selling is more than just a fine meal, a quiet table, or a comfortable room. You are selling an experience. This is why the appearance of your facility and equipment is so incredibly important for both restaurants and hotels. Here at TLC Metal, we know exactly how vital beautiful metal finishes are to your hotel or restaurant business. From the chandeliers to railings, tables and seating, we can ensure that every piece of metal equipment gleams so that your guests will know they are getting only the best.

Interior Restaurant Metal Refinishing

Gleaming Metal in Your Hotel and Restaurant

In your venue, every metal object should gleam with a perfect alluring texture. Burnished metal should glow, polished metal should reflect, and everything should provide an unblemished experience for your guests. Of course, all that perfection is a real responsibility. Over time, everything becomes dull, scratched, and scuffed.

Your polished brass carts are bumped into things, flatware is dropped, foot rails are kicked, and handles are touched a million times over. It’s only natural for them to show wear and tear over time. Natural, but unacceptable. Fortunately, that’s exactly what metal refinishing is for. Your hospitality business doesn’t have to toss and replace your metal equipment and decor every time it starts to look worn.

The beauty of finely crafted metal items is that they can be refinished again and again. Retaining their allure and quality after the scuffs are buffed out and the surface polished to glowing perfection. With a professional metal refinishing service, you can reinvigorate your entire stock of metal equipment without the cost of replacement.

Here at TLC Metal Restoration, we can deliver high-quality metal refinishing services in record time. We specialize in fast turnaround so that if you need a vital piece of equipment refinished fast, our team is ready to come through. Let’s take a look at all the ways metal restoration can reinvigorate your hospitality business from floor to ceiling and in every guest room.

Lustrous Table Bases and Chair Frames

Hotel or restaurant, every hospitality business must have tables and chairs for guests to sit. While there are many different designs and materials, polished and powder coated metal are very popular for hospitality furnishings. They can be lightweight, sturdy, comfortable, and last a very long time. It can be quite elegant, modern, or trendy to have shining metal table bases and chairs. But over months and years of use, eventually even the highest quality furniture gets scuffed.

Fortunately, you don’t have to offer your guests dull or damaged seats or retire lightly used furniture. Metal restoration of your decorative metal surface can easily bring the life and perfect lustrous gleam back to even your most used metal furniture. Whether the furnishings are from the lobby and lounge, dining rooms, or even decorative patio furniture, metal refinishing can restore it back to shining new quality.

Burnished Bar Rails

Many hotels and restaurants attribute some of their fame to a lively bar culture and talented bartenders. Some specialize in delicious pub-style meals at the bar, others cater to professionals meeting for drinks on business, and others cultivate a lively dating scene. But if your bar is an important part of business, then no doubt the gleaming railings are a signature part of the bar’s allure.

Seeing the bar and foot rails shining in the warm venue light is a way of inviting your guests to sit, chat with the bartender, and enjoy themselves. But all that use also means your bar rails are likely to see many scuffs, scrapes, and perhaps some other damage from bar shenanigans.

Metal restoration can handle all of this, restoring your signature bar rails many times over the years to ensure that your bar always shines the way it did on opening day while other local bars slowly become shabby with use.

Glowing Light Fixtures and Lamps

There are few aspects of a hospitality venue more important or subtle than the light fixtures. The way you light your venue sets the tone for the entire design and ambiance. Keeping the lights low in warm yellow tones will make your venue seem intimate and friendly. Twinkling strings of lights above the tables will be experienced as romantic or whimsical. And sconces of blue-tinted light along the walls will seem serious and refined.

Hotels also have a special consideration in the form of guest lamps in each room. Most modern hotel rooms are now made of up three to six different lamps so that guests can dynamically manage their own lighting. But the luxury of this control will seem less delightful if the lamps are dull, scuffed, or clearly aged.

No matter how well designed your light fixtures are, their ambiance will lose impact if don’t look their best. We like to think of light fixtures as lasting forever, but even chandeliers, lamps, and wall sconces eventually lose their shine. That said, if the metal is still sound and the only problem is an aging finish, metal refinishing is the natural solution to reinvigorating the power of your lighting scheme.

Shining Handles and Plumbing Fixtures

You want everything your guests touch to become a part of their wonderful experience in your venue. This includes door handles, the handles on cabinets and drawers in their room, and of course, the bathroom.

Metal handles are an essential part of our culture’s architectural design style. Even on wooden doors and ceramic sinks, we like to see the gleam of beautifully polished metal handles and plumbing fixtures. It’s easy for a venue to ignore handles, and to think that it’s okay for them to get dull or scuffed because these small items are so often used and worthy of so little notice.

In reality, a mirror-bright or warmly burnished handle can make a real difference for guests, driving home just how luxurious their experience really is. Instead of buying all-new fixtures when yours wear out, you can easily have your handles and plumbing fixtures refinished instead to make them glow just like new.

Perfectly Shining Silverware

When most businesses consider metal refinishing, they think about installed items like faucets, handrails, and light fixtures. But utensils and portable equipment are prime candidate for metal refinishing as well. One of the best things about dining in a fine restaurant or hotel-restaurant is the fine table settings. Beautiful china, wine glasses, and pristinely polished silverware.

Of course, to keep your silverware perfect, your dishwashing and quality control must be excellent. The trick of metal restoration is that you don’t actually have to throw away any silverware that becomes badly scratched or worn. In fact, you don’t even have to get new flatware if you want a new metal tint or even powder coated custom colors.

Refinishing flatware can be fast, easy, and leave you with a surprisingly beautiful result. If you want breathtaking flatware, even starting with an average set, talk to your metal refinishing service.

Radiant Trays, Carts, & Accouterments

Some hotels and restaurants accent their service with the use of beautiful accouterments. Shining trays to bring out food, bright brass carts for toting luggage or showing off dessert, and other accessories of a finely polished service. And if your venue makes use of metal trays or carts, then these items more than almost any other are at risk of being scuffed and scratched.

Trays are held by hand, balancing heavy plates of dinner and room service. They are stacked, lifted, and occasionally dropped. Carts have the opposite problem. They are down at furniture-height and are actually built to take bumps well and keep the cart’s contents safe. Carts bump on tables, people, luggage, and doorways all the time.

If your hospitality accouterments are starting to get scuffed, a quick metal refinishing can have them gleaming radiantly like new for another several years of pristinely shining service.

Accenting Architectural Features

Finally, don’t forget that metal refinishing can be brought to you as well. You don’t have to limit your facility reinvigoration to items that can be brought to the refinishers. With a great refinishing service, a team can even come out to your building and brighten up the polished metal accent pieces in your venue’s architecture.

Brass window frames, polished building pillars, and any accent pieces that are supposed to be a clean shining metal may have worn down over the years. With metal refinishing, you can make your entire facility look bright and new again by treating the metal architectural features themselves.

Metal refinishing is a powerful tool for any hospitality business owner to have in their back pocket. Why pay for the cost and logistical hassle of replacing old metal equipment when what you have is still strong and useful? With metal refinishing, your venue will glow with beautiful scuff and scratch-free metal from the chandeliers to the foot rails.

TLC Metal offers a fast and professional metal restoration service. We pride ourselves in high-quality work and lighting fast turnaround for our clients. Contact us or more information about how TLC Metal can help your business.