Giving Your Home a New Look With Residential Hardware Powder Coating

Sep 17, 2018

Did you know that residential hardware powder coating is available to both contractors and homeowners? One of the biggest freedoms of being a homeowner is the ability to redecorate your home any way you like. Unlike people who are restricted by the rules of a landlord and the concerns of keeping a home ready for the next renter, you can paint the walls any color you want. You can take out walls, add new ones, or even build on additions to the house. Homeowners who’ve decided to remodel often spend hours, if not days, in the hardware and home improvement stores looking at hundreds of new fixtures like faucets, lights, hinges, and handles for absolutely everything. While your options may seem endless, ask yourself: In all those pricey options in the stores and catalogs, how many colors can you actually choose from?

Residential Hardware Powder Coating Applied

Limited Commercial Fixture Options

Your options are almost universally limited to metals. Even when the fixtures are painted, it’s usually white, black, or one metal painted like another perfectly normal metal. But what about personality and flare? Where are the options to remodel your home with your favorite colors or with a color scheme other than black, white and various shades of shiny yellow to brown? By selection alone, the joy of genuinely personalizing your home seems to be limited to certain ‘approved’ color option. This may be great for people looking to keep their houses nice and bland but if you have been dreaming of decorating your home in greens and blues, sunset tones, or vivid shades of your favorite colors, the selection can be pretty depressing.

Powder Coating Your Fixtures

The good news is that you don’t actually have to settle for nothing but plain and metallic colors for your metal fixtures. In fact, you don’t even need to buy new fixtures at all to completely transform the look and feel of your home by adding vibrant colors in any shade and combination your heart desires. Even a little looking around at what others have done with powder coating can show you what an amazing transformation a fresh coat of indestructible pigment can do for everything from once-plain light fixtures to restored metal furniture.

Powder coating is a unique alternative to paint, finish, and varnish that doesn’t involve toxic solvents and will never chip away or rust the way manufacturer paints and finishes do. Rather than using a liquid solvent that evaporates away, powder coating uses static-charged dry pigment powder that is applied evenly to the surface of any metal item, big or small. The coating is then ‘cured’ in an oven which heats it up to just past melting point and then cools down into a perfectly smooth and surprisingly flexible protective coat in any color imaginable.

While you can paint your walls and choose beautiful new furniture and decor pieces, powder coating is one of the few and best ways to change every metal fixture and detail of your home to match your dream of a stunningly color-coordinated design.

Plumbing Faucets and Handles

Changing the plumbing fixtures is often one of the first home improvement projects taken on by new homeowners because they are easy to see, you deal with them every day, and they are relatively safe to practice your early DIY skillset on as long as you turn off the water first. However, a new homeowner’s vision of what their bathroom or kitchen could be with new fixtures is often let down by the limited color and texture selections available in stores and on home improvement websites.

Whether you dreamed of a beautiful aquatic motif with shimmering blue fixtures, a crayon box of bright colors for your children’s shared bathroom, or an elegant adult getaway in soft heathers, you won’t find these color fixtures in any stores. But you can make them with powder coating. Both the faucets and their matching (or contrasting) handles can be brought in and easily made not only any color you want, but also designed with fades, accent colors, and patterns providing a truly unique look for your bathroom remodel.

The Pipes Themselves

Some homes and historic condos have exposed pipes that have, in their way, become part of the decor. Did you know that you can powder-coat these as well? Some of the most beautiful old home remodel projects have highlighted this classic architectural quirk by choosing a stunning array of colors for exposed pipes and metal ductwork.

For steam-punk inclined homeowners, you may have even been thinking about adding your own exposed pipes just for the aesthetic appeal. These too can be powder coated, and you don’t have to spring for high-priced shiny bronze to get that beautiful antique look. Instead, choose a shiny powder coating in any array of metallic alloys you think would look best in your restored design.

For those with a practical bent, you might even choose powder coating simply to indicate which pipes serve specific purposes like marking the hot-water pipes one color and the cold-water pipes another.

Door Handles, Locks, and Hinges

Doors are one part of a home that even enthusiastic DIY renovators often forget to pay attention to. It’s surprising how often you see vividly painted rooms that still have plain white hollow-core doors with whatever default fixtures came with it. But nothing accents an impressive home redecoration like a cleverly chosen door color with contrasting fixtures to match.

While most homeowners who do change their doors typically opt for darker metal tones or black knobs and locks, you have the opportunity to do something none of your friends and neighbors will have seen before: choose a vividly bright, pastel, or even intensely dark contrast color for your door fixtures. Not only can you powder coat the handle and lock to be any color best compliments your design, but you can also temporarily take the door down (while you paint it, perhaps?) and powder coat the hinges too!

Light Fixtures

How many plain black light fixtures have you seen in your life? What about light fixtures with subtly chipping brass-colored paint? These are the hallmarks of typical houses, houses that were decorated by people who didn’t want to stand out. But that’s not you. There are some incredibly creative light fixture designs out there from dozens of pendant lights to beautiful chandeliers to train parts refurbished into light fixtures, but they still come in the same plain array of colors.

Whether you’re buying new light fixtures to suit your unique style or completely reinventing the light fixtures you already have, powder coating can help you create not only the shape and lighting you’re looking for, but the color palette as well. Not to mention the assurance that you’ll never find dusty chips of aging paint in the carpets or on the family dinner plates.

Railings and Metal Staircases

Now no doubt your imagination is churning with ideas on how to add splashes of vibrant or even subtle color to every metal fixture in your home. Take a look around, what else is a plain metallic or varnished color that could become a colorful part of your interior design? If your home has stairs or an upper balcony, there’s a good chance that the decorative and supportive railings are made of a combination of metal and wood. Those lovely metal railings don’t have to be simple black or white. They could be a dark red to add a subtle sense of luxury to your home and bring out the color of your wood or a vibrant primary or secondary color to act as a stunning accent to the softer shades of your room decor.

For those of you with metal stairs, it may even be possible to remove each individual step and powder coat them in a rainbow progression or beautifully shifting shades of the same hue ranging from light to dark as you ascend or descend the stairs.

Accent Pieces and Decor

Finally, never underestimate your ability to powder coat anything that can survive the heating process of curing the pigments. You don’t have to stop at just the fixtures in your home. Everything metal can be powder coated along with glass and even some very durable ceramics, woods and plastics can also be powder coated if you’re certain they can survive the process. This means that once you get started powder coating and have worked with your local service to pick out your favorite interior decorating hues and shades, you can begin to accent your entire home with durable powder coated decor pieces.

This opens up an entirely new world of home decorating because you don’t have to shop for items that already have the perfect color or durable coating. You can look everywhere from antique malls to garage sales for items that wouldn’t have been perfect otherwise but will be beautiful in your home with a durable coat of the right color. Some homeowners even powder coat simple household items like wire hangers and closet bars, appliances and metal furniture, mirror and picture frames, and even the drinking glasses with beautiful peek-a-boo glass patterns.

When it comes to what you can powder coat to completely reinvent the interior and exterior of your home, the sky’s the limit. Start with the plumbing and light fixtures, work your way up to the door hinges and stair railings, then let your imagination go wild with ways to customize your home into something no one has ever seen before because it is truly and uniquely “you”. For more ideas on powder coating metal pieces in your home or to find a friendly powder coating service for every project that you can dream of on Long Island, contact TLC Metal today.

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