Protect Your Investments With Real Estate Powder Coating Instead of Replacing Fixtures

Oct 2, 2019

Real estate powder coating is fast becoming a well-established alternative for commercial real estate fixture restoration. Owning commercial real estate is all about knowing your market. Location is a massive part of the equation, but so are interior design and quality. Not only are you looking to attract ideal tenants with your designs, but you’re also trying to keep up with the latest interior design trends to keep your spaces highly desirable. Replacing your fixtures can be expensive and time-consuming. Employing real estate powder coating to your fixtures could be the perfect cross between redecoration and functional restoration that your investment needs.

Real Estate Powder Coating

Part of this challenge is keeping up with the fixtures. Nothing dates a commercial property like old fixtures. Out of style metal colors, chipping paint, and old designs show the age of a building far more profoundly than old brick or historical elevators. So it’s no surprise that commercial real estate owners are always looking for a better solution to building upgrades and renovations.

With powder coating, you can protect and transform the fixures of your commercial real estate properties without having to replace the fixtures. Today, we’re here to highlight the many ways that powder coating offers value to commercial properties for both short-term and long-term benefits.

For investors to understand the value of real estate powder coating, it helps to first understand what it is. Powder coating is a special way to coat, cure, and finish metal or glass. Powder coating is most often found in the automotive industry and is especially popular with luxury vehicle owners who want to customize while maintaining the style, quality, and durability of the vehicle.

Powder coating is also often used in building restoration to restore historical if rusty, metalwork. The results are beautiful, sturdy, and can be done in any color or finish desired by the property owner.

The process of powder coating involves cleaning the item of all dirt, rust, and burrs, then coating the item in powdered pigment and protective sealant. The pigment and sealant are then cured in an oven to set the coating into place for the long-haul.

1) Increase the Lifespan of Building Fixtures

So why would you powder coat your commercial building fixtures? The first undeniable benefit is lifespan. Commercial building fixtures experience a certain amount of wear over time. After each item has become marred with scrapes and scuffs and chipping paint, your fixtures must be replaced for new respectable models.

With powder coating, this changing of the fixtures can happen far less often because coating lasts longer than paint or factory chrome finish. Factory finishes are, in fact, often the lowest quality finishes available. For high-use fixtures or fixtures that are exposed to the elements, there’s no question that powder coating can drastically increase their lifespan of pristine and un-damaged service.

2) Sturdily Weather-Resistant for Outdoor Fixtures

Commercial real estate isn’t entirely indoors. Many properties have a variety of outdoor features like fences, faucets, faucets, and decorative landscaping. Here in New York City, the humid air and salty sea breezes tend to have their way with outdoor fixtures. Factory finishes erode quickly and crack or chip away. You may already have a fence that is visibly rusting, with no desire to replace it while it’s still functional, though the appearance is no longer ideal. It’s New York, what can you do about the weather, right?

The answer is powder coating. A powder coated fence, faucet, or other outdoor fixture will last longer in the weather than something painted or chromed. Powder coating is more resistant than paint to fading in the sunshine and sturdier in the face of wind and humidity. It not only keeps your fence and outdoor fixtures looking good, it also protects them from rust in the long-term.

3) Stylish Redesign Without Fixture Replacement

As an investment property owner, you know the importance of the occasional interior redesign. The modernity and stylishness of your interiors will determine the quality of tenants you attract. And fixtures are a surprisingly important part of that. With powder coating, you don’t have to buy all-new fixtures to completely reinvent the look and feel of your commercial spaces.

If you want a hip dark bronze look this year, a dark bronze finish of powder coating can reinvent your fixtures and restore them to sleek new-quality without having to invest in an entirely new set of fixtures. If your light fixtures need to shift with your new design color palette, you can do this without spending thousands on new light fixtures.

4) Opportunity to Custom Design Your Fixture Colors

In fact, you can do even better than simply changing the hue and finish of your real estate fixtures. With custom powder coating, you don’t have to choose just one color for the whole set. You can do the east wing in Brass and the west wing in Silver, if you care to. Or even use multiple colors and detailed patterns of powder coating on each individual piece.

With the power of an artist’s spray gun, you can attain far more custom design from powder coating than new fixtures could ever offer. You can emblazon the building logo on each faucet handle, have every piece reflect two complementary metal finishes, or even go vivid with a palette of pigment colors. You can do every commercial suite in a finish color, or color-code the fixtures by floor. The choice is entirely yours to make with powder coating.

5) Reduce the Risk of Wear or Tenant Damages

Powder coating also makes renting safer in terms of tenant damages. In most cases, you accept that tenants are going to scuff your fixtures a little. There may be a few more scrapes, scratches, paint chips, and scuffs when one tenant moves out and the next moves in. But not with powder coating. Powder coating not only protects your fixtures from the elements and normal wear, it also reduces the risk that tenants will be able to damage the fixtures.

Powder coating is scratch and scuff resistant. The normal wear and tear of office life is incredibly unlikely to damage powder coated fixtures.

6) Or Repair Scuffs and Scratches Without Replacements

Speaking of scuffs and scratches, these over-time damages are usually what spurs a property owner to replace all the fixtures in a sweeping hardware purchase. But wait. If the only thing wrong with your fixtures is surface damage, then you don’t have to replace them at all.

Bring your handles, faucets, grab bars, and light fixtures in for powder coating instead. The powder coating process starts by blasting off the previous coating, then cleaning and buffing the object until all imperfections are gone. Finally, a new finish of your choosing or custom design is applied and cured.

With a process like this, it’s easy to see how powder coating can effectively repair the scuffs and scratches of old-but-stylish fixtures in your commercial properties. If all you need is buffing and a new finish, then those fixtures do not have to be replaced with costly new models.

7) Say Goodbye to Finish Limitations on New Fixtures

Powder coating is still a smart decision even if you have resolved to buy all-new fixtures to upgrade the style or functionality of those you are replacing. As you may already know, factory finish is not always the strongest or most attractive option, but it is the finish that new fixtures come coated in. Buying hardware usually only allows you to choose from a limited selection of finishes according to design, model, and brand.

With powder coating, you don’t have to limit your selection to just the finishes available. In fact, you can choose the model of fixtures you like best in the finish that is least expensive. Then use powder coating to customize your commercial property fixtures to any color, metal, or texture that you prefer. This allows for truly unique interior design plans that will go beyond anything your competitors can achieve with fixtures that are only factory-finished.

8)Protect New Fixtures as a Long-Term Investment

The other good reason to powder coat your new fixtures is durability. Not only does powder coating give you the freedom of design, but you are also protecting your fixture in the long-term. The cured pigment and sealant of powder coating forms a nearly indestructible protection against scratches, scrapes, scuffs, and even the weather.

So no matter where your commercial real estate fixtures are located or how hard they are used by tenants, you will see hardly a scratch or scuff on them after years of service. And when you’re ready to redesign, a new layer of powder coating can give you a fresh new look with the same high-quality long-term protection.

9) Attract Commercial Tenants with Stunningly Refinished Fixtures

As an investment real estate owner, no doubt you always weigh a decision on how it will affect tenant turnover. Finding a new commercial tenant can be even more challenging than residential rentals. Businesses are picky about where they set up shop, and they should be. Business leases are longer and more involved than residential leases. And it’s all about making a fantastic first impression when attracting new potential tenants.

If your fixtures are beautiful, a perfect blend of modern design and elegant style, then tenants will want to stay. Not only this, but you can also tell your tenants with confidence that the fixtures have been recently renovated. They have been. Powdercoating completely resurfaces and finishes each one of your fixtures to make them beautifully like new and ready to serve a new tenant as a stylish addition to their suite.

Powder coating can absolutely help you to attract and keep great tenants who will appreciate the attractiveness and reliability of your building fixtures.

10) Repurpose Restored Fixtures as Something New

Finally, because we like to include every benefit on the list, you can repurpose your old fixtures. If there are fixtures that are just too old or outdated to put back in their original place, you don’t have to throw them out. Consider powder coating as an opportunity to turn old fixtures into new art. Sheathed in brilliant color, you can turn old light fixtures or grab bars into a modern sculpture, or even repurpose them for outdoor use now that new fixtures are installed indoors.

Powder coating makes repurposing old fixtures easier than ever. And modern business tenants are very into reclaimed material art and features. If you’ve been thinking about creative ways to add these things to your commercial properties, don’t forget that powder coating can restore any metal item, even if it has been entirely repurposed.

For real estate investors of all stripes, powder coating is a fantastic resource to have in your Rolodex. You may not need metal restoration or to update your property fixtures every day. But when you do, powder coating gives you the freedom of design, long-term durability, and beautifully styled restoration of metal fixtures for any property. Contact TLC Metal today to consult on your fixture restoration plans in NYC.