Professional Powder Coating Can Help Protect Your Property

Oct 29, 2019

Professional powder coating can help protect your building and property more efficiently than traditional painting. Iron and steel fences are the number one way to keep mischief off your property, but here in the constantly damp and often salt-filled sea air of NYC, it’s challenging to maintain a steel fence. Even the best paints and sealants wear away after a few years, exposing the underlying metal to rust.

Professional Powder Coating Property Fence

That is why so many property owners are turning to powder coating. This innovative and eco-friendly method of sealing and decorating your property fences is not only attractive and highly customizable; it is also incredibly sturdy. Professional powder coating does not chip or wear away, and it prevents rust. When your fence is your primary form of property protection, you need that fence to remain strong, imposing, and aesthetically appealing may years. Professional powder coating does it all.

Powder Coating Resists Rust and Corrosion from NYC Weather

The most important thing about powder coating is that it does not rust, and it does not chip or gap in a way that allows rust to happen. The constant ocean spray and inclement weather of New York are notorious for putting fence integrity in danger. First, the topcoat of paint goes, then the metal starts to rust, and the rust pushes big flakes of the pigment away. And once rust gets started, it doesn’t stop.

Just like an old car, a tiny spot of rust can grow into a large section that, like a fungus, creeps over your fence. Worse, it eats through the integrity of the bars, creating weak points in your fence as well as making your property look approachable uncared for by mischievous elements.

But with powder coating, that will not happen. Powder coating is applied with static electricity and bakes onto the bars themselves. It doesn’t chip away because it isn’t just painted-on pigment. It becomes a part of your fence while also sealing it in and providing an attractive finish in any color you desire. Fence bars that are powder coated are finally protected for the long-term against the constant rusting elements of NYC weather.

Once Powder Coated Older Fences Will Never Rust Again

You don’t even need to start with new fence sections. If your fences have only recently begun to show signs of wear or rust, normally, that would mean the beginning of the end. But not with powder coating. Take your fence apart and bring the sections into professional powder coating, and that layer of rust will be sand-blasted away until the shiny and still-strong metal is revealed underneath.

From there, your fences can be coated in the finish of your choosing and cured, so the coating properly bonds. From this point on, your fence sections will be permanently rust-free and defensible. Powder coating will maintain a beautiful finish with no signs of rust, and you can update your existing fence bars just by bringing them in for sand-blasting before the coating.

Powder Coating Does Not Chip Over Time

Paint must be reapplied to a fence every few years, and over that time, anything can scratch or chip it will allow rust to begin. But powder coating is scratch and chip resistant. Incredibly scuff-resistant, damage-resistant, and resistant to the mischievously applied sharp objects, your metal fence will remain protected. Professional powder coating does not crack or chip on its own over time because it is bonded directly to the metal fence.

Tall Fences with a Slippery Powder Coated Finish are Harder to Climb

Powder coating can be given several final finishes, from the classic rough feel of cast iron to polished chrome. Many property owners and managers have found that a slippery fence is one of the most defensible features a fence can have. Particularly if the finish is difficult to damage and roughen up for climbing. When your fence is tall enough to be impracticable to jump, a slippery finish can make it extremely difficult to clumb. Professional powder coating your fences with a slippery finish is an excellent way to increase your property protection because it will become challenging for intruders to cross the fence-line uninvited.

A Fence That Resists Rusts Remains Strong and Protective

Weak spots in fences are a known security epidemic in New York because of the salty sea air and rust-causing weather. Most painted steel fences develop rust eventually, and those that are not constantly maintained or replaced can develop weak spots where rust has worked its way into the metal. Should someone be determined, a weak rusted section of the fence can be tempting.

But with powder coating, this continuous fence-weakening of NYC rust is prevented. Professional powder coating prevents the first spot of rust so that your investment provides physical protection to your property for many years.

A Clean Powder Coated Fence Shows Your Property is Maintained

Powder coating also contributes to the psychological aspect of property security. As any NYC building owner or manager knows, keeping up a well-maintained and secure appearance is almost as good as direct physical security measures. Criminals and mischief-makers know better than to invade a property with shiny well-maintained fences, clean sidewalks, and very likely a camera and alarm system on the premises.

Because powder coating does not decay, your fences will look freshly painted and newly installed for years, as long as you remember to hose them down from time to time. This acts as an excellent deterrent for the idea of committing crimes on or near your property.

Even school children carving their names will be stopped by your newly coated fences. Children are often tempted to leave their mark on a fence with already peeling and flaking paint. But because powder coating resists peeling or chipping, children will pass by your property without ever thinking about taking a key to your fence.

Powder Coating Combines With Other Protective Measures

It’s also worth noting that powder coating ensures your fences will be strong enough to support future security measures like cameras. Because the fence will remain solidly un-rusted and reliable for years, you can go ahead and invest in more advanced security measures that rely on the fence’s integrity.

Powder Coated Fences Extend Your Security Camera Investment

Thinking about mounting security cameras on your fence, or already have outdoor cameras ready to go? On a standard painted steel fence, these cameras would need to be taken down every couple of years so the fence could be maintained. But powder coating makes your security camera installations a long-term investment without the need for regular mounting and re-mounting with fence maintenance or the risk of security gaps during repainting. Powder coating allows those cameras to go up and stay up.

No Paint Chips as Hazards to Pets or Small Children

When paint chips off of a fence, it drops those chips onto the ground where they can be picked up by small creatures like dogs and, unfortunately, toddlers. While we would hope that NYC residents know better than touch or taste anything off the ground, very young children and animals often don’t have that wisdom. Professional powder coating will never drop toxic paint chips because it simply does not chip.

A Secure Property Reduces Crime Rate on Your Street

When your property is secured with clean, rust-free powder coating and a smooth, slippery finish, wrongdoers will think twice about messing with your property. They will also think twice about messing with any building nearby. In NYC, where fences are challenging to maintain, a well-kept fence suggests attention to detail, meaning mischief-makers will assume you have taken other measures protecting the property.

Finally, there is how powder coating affects the safety and security of your entire neighborhood. When you invest in keeping your property defended with professional powder coating, the result often drives property values for blocks in every direction.

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