7 Ways to Give Your Apartment Complex a Profitable Renovation with Powder Coating Services

Aug 15, 2019

Powder coating can transform the appearance of your apartment complex at a fraction of the cost of a total renovation. More importantly, powder coating is an environmentally-friendly way to overcome some of the obstacles associated with remodeling apartments in New York. Below is a look at some of the most challenging aspects of apartment restoration and seven ways to give your apartment complex a profitable renovation with professional and experienced powder coating services.

Powder Coating Services Apartment Complex Fence

Apartment renovations can be challenging, no matter where your apartment complex is located. But apartment remodels can be particularly difficult in New York where expenses are high, and many apartments are 90 to 100 years old. Here are some of the top barriers you may face if you are renovating an apartment complex in New York.

Old Age

According to Multi-Housing News, the median age of a residential building in New York is approximately 90 years. While this means that many apartments feature stunning pre-World War II architecture, custom built-ins, and high ceilings, some of them have begun to look weathered on the outside. Some apartment complexes on the market suffer from deferred maintenance and neglect, creating a costly situation for interested buyers.

Cost of Labor and Materials

It can cost up to $450 per square foot to renovate an old apartment building in New York. This can result in a price tag of $9 million to renovate a modest 20,000 square foot apartment complex. In many cases, buyers end up paying more for renovations than they paid for the property.

A shortage of skilled laborers

“New York City isn’t just the most expensive place to build in the world — it’s also one of the most “overstretched” in terms of skilled construction workers available.” – Kathryn Brenzel, The Real Deal

Finding a team of trustworthy workers with the skills to handle the challenges of a full-blown renovation is not easy – especially in New York. New York has become one of the most difficult places in the world to find workers with the skills to gut apartments, construct new walls, and install flooring.

Building Erosion and Deterioration

Old apartment buildings in New York are full of imperfections caused by gradual deterioration over time. Chipped and peeling paint, cracks in the walls, and termite damage are the most common culprits. Some old apartments have been neglected so long that major structural damage has occurred, while others can be beautifully restored by refinishing fences, fixtures, and other property features.

Powder Coating Services Help Make Apartment Complex Renovations Profitable

“We all know about the miraculous transformative powers of paint: a new color on a wall, a kitchen cabinet, or a piece of furniture can be a game-changer. But I am here to tell you there’s a whole other level out there, and that level is powder coating.” – Dana McMahan, Apartment Therapy

A growing number of property owners and managers are turning to powder coating as a cost-effective means of overcoming the four challenges above. And with the money and time saved through powder coating, you can dedicate more resources to marketing your property and attracting top tenants. Here are eight ways that powder coating services can give your apartment complex a profitable renovation.

1) Brighten the signage throughout your complex

“Your apartment signage is the prospective tenant’s first impression of your community. With competing apartment complexes right around the corner, your sign can make the difference of attracting a constant stream of new tenants or not.” – Creative Signs

The signage at the entrance of your apartment complex serves as the face of your property. If your signage is in poor condition, prospective tenants may assume that your apartments are also in bad shape. But purchasing a new state of the art sign can cost $8,000, prompting many restoration pros to turn to powder coating. At a fraction of the cost of a new sign, powder coating can make your faded old sign look sparkling and new.

2) Add luster to your apartment’s fences and gates

If the fences around your apartment complex are covered with rust or chipped paint, you may have considered investing in a new wrought iron fence as part of your renovation plans. But if you have yet to receive a quote on the cost of a new fence, you might be surprised to learn that a new fence can cost more than $100 per linear foot.

In contrast to the high cost of a new fence, the starting cost of powder coating your existing fence can start under $10 per linear foot. Even better, you can request the custom paint color of your choice. Simply bring a sample to your powder coating specialist and ask them to match it.

3) Transform your outdoor common areas

Virtually every apartment complex in New York offers a common area with some form of outdoor seating. Common areas play an important role in your apartment complex because they create a sense of community and offer a place to relax.

You will delight your residents and boost your common area gatherings by powder coating the patio furniture and tables in your common areas. You can even involve residents in the process by encouraging them to weigh in on the powder coating color selection process.

4) Give your fixtures a makeover

The style of fixtures from the 1930s can lend to the charm and authenticity some of New York’s older apartment buildings. In such cases, you want to make sure you do not discard them or replace your fixtures when you are upgrading a building. But stains, wear and tear, and discoloration on fixtures are a different story. They can detract from your curb appeal and cause some people to avoid entering your building.

Fortunately, powder coating can improve the condition of your lighting fixtures while maintaining their original design and structure. The powder coating process can be completed quickly and at a fraction of the cost of buying new fixtures. Best of all, you preserve elements of your building’s original design while increasing its value.

5) Beautify your bicycle racks

“In the big city, resident bicycles are no laughing matter, and most buildings now have a designated place for residents to park their bicycles safely…Wherever you have your residents parking their bikes, luxury can start from the ground up by powder coating your metal bicycle rack.” – TLC Metal Restoration

The number of cyclists in New York has grown so quickly that the DOT recently expanded the on-street bike network by over 330 miles. And with nearly one-fourth of adult New Yorkers riding a bike, it would be worth your while to include your existing bicycle racks in your list of furnishings that you plan to restore through powder coating. Powder coating a bike rack requires minimal time, and you can present your tenants with a shiny, like- new bike rack within 24 hours.

6) Give stair railings a smooth, shiny finish

Apartment stair railings play a key role in creating a safe, secure living environment for residents. But a rusty stair railing with peeling paint can make your apartment building look old and run down. Even worse, it can make prospective tenants wonder if you value their safety or well-being.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars to remove old stair railings and invest in brand new ones, you can spend a fraction of the money by seeking the services of an experienced powder coating specialist. Powder coating railings enables you to select your favorite colors, or you can ask your powder coating specialist to match your existing paint color. When your beautifully refinished railings are reinstalled, you will be surprised by how many residents thank you for the “new” stair railings!

7) Turn your playground into a colorful wonderland

Every child in the neighborhood will want to visit your apartment complex when you use powder coating to restore your existing playground equipment. Today’s leading playground equipment suppliers depend on powder coating to give their ladders, slides, and jungle gyms a bright, eye-catching finish. TLC can help you achieve this same look at a fraction of the price by treating your aging playground mainstays.

Selecting the Right Powder Coating Services

As outlined above, powder coating is an effective way to renovate an apartment complex quickly and without breaking the bank. However, not all powder coating companies possess expertise in renovating apartment complexes. Selecting a powder coating provider with a proven track record of success working with property managers is essential to delivering impressive results.

TLC Medical is the tri-state area’s leading provider of quality powder coating services. We have worked with apartment complex owners and property managers for years. We know how to providing superb cost savings and pristine results that are second to none in the industry. Contact TLC Metal Restoration today to request powder coating services for the fences, fixtures, and common area furniture at your apartment complex. We look forward to helping you give your apartment complex a fast, profitable renovation.