Powder Coating Rims Properly Master Guide

Mar 19, 2020

In New York, powder coating rims on your vehicle is an inevitable part of city driving. Every year the traffic and weather wear away at the roads causing the pavement to roughen and potholes to widen. Every driver in the North East is aware of the constant peril facing your expensive rims. At any moment, uneven lanes or a pothole can take out a rim, and your car is back in the shop. Worse than repairing a dent or scratch is the finish. After that first repair, most factory finishes will never be the same. Powder coating rims properly can improve their resilience.

Powder Coating Rims Properly, Preparation

That’s where powder coating comes into play. Powder coating is a popular vehicle finishing method using a combination of pigment powder and coating beads. These are sprayed evenly and cured in an oven to form a perfect shell. Powder coating is stronger than paint, and it bends with a dent instead of chipping. In a place like Long Island, NY, it’s a great solution to the constant rim repair problem.

The Best Way to Protect Your Rims in NYC Driving

There are a few different ways to deal with damaged rims. You can replace the rims, or you can hammer out the dent. You can touch up a scratch with paint, and you can have the entire wheel refinished. But when wheel damage is as common as it is here in New York, you look for a long-term solution.

Stronger finishes tend to survive more scuffs, which means fewer repairs. There are even some coatings that remain intact when metal rims are dented. Among your options, powder coating is the best option for providing the long-term durability and versatility that New York drivers need. When choosing your rim coating method, there are three things that we tend to value most to balance quality and cost.

Your vehicle’s rim coating needs to be durable enough to shake off the endless little scuffs on ice, curbs, uneven pavement, and potholes. Anything that scratches, chips, or scuffs too easily isn’t useful. You also want a coating that prevents rust and corrosion even after a few scuffs on the many rough New York roads.

The coating needs to remain presentable and stylish in spite of a few rough roads between any two destinations. You need a thick coating with a texture that looks good even after a few light scuffs and road dirt. This is especially important for professionals who need themselves and their vehicles to look good on arrival, no matter what roads were driven along the way.


The coating must also allow for touch-ups. The ability to quickly add a little color and sealant between coatings can keep your rims looking good without constantly going into the shop. A sturdy coating that can be touched-up will last you months, maybe years, longer than a finish that must be repaired by a professional every time.

Powder Coating for Long Island Rims

Along those lines, powder coating fits the bill. This is why powder coating is a common go-to solution for business fleets in the Northeast. Powder coating is the leading coating option for durability, as it bonds to the metal and forms a thick, flexible coat that bends even if your rims take a hit. Powder coating finishes can look good even after a hard ride, and powder coating can be touched up in a few different ways during the lifespan of your rims.

NYC Rims Take a Beating

Here in NYC, and especially Long Island, vehicles have to be sturdy. There are so many reasons why our roads are never in top condition, which means that vehicles hit potholes and rough spots all the time. Any time a bump is bad enough to bounce the car, it can potentially damage your rims as well. It’s no wonder that New York wheel rims tend to take a beating and why powder coating rims properly is so important.

The Roads are Constantly Used

A big part of the problem is that there’s rarely a moment when road crews would not cause extreme traffic backups. Any amount of road repair, much less a full re-pour, can be catastrophic for Long Island traffic. Every day the roads see thousands to millions of cars go by, which wears away at the pavement.

Weather and Salt Wear Away the Surface

New York winters also aren’t helping. Every year, snow and ice form over the road, making ist slick and dangerous. Salt and other de-icing agents are then spread to dissolve the snow. But the moisture and the de-icing agents combined also dissolve the pavement. This is why roads up north are far more pitted than roads in the hot, dry states. Every year of snow and salt wear away the pavement a little more. Your wheels take damage when this deterioration leads to dangerously uneven lanes and sharp curbs.

Potholes are a Local Menace

But potholes are the real villain on New York roads. When a hole opens up in the pavement, the edges can be hard or soft, sharp or rounded. Potholes not only jostle everyone in the car, but they also risk slamming your wheel into the far edge of the hole. This can scratch and even bend or break vehicle rims.

It’s nearly impossible to drive in Long Island without eventually damaging your rims. That’s why it’s helpful to have a go-to solution for a strong, attractive finish and to repair rims when they are damaged.

Powder Coating Rims Properly

Why is powder coating such a great solution for Long Island drivers? The New York road conditions put your wheels through a lot. Powder coating was developed for industrial use and is therefore perfect for the heavy-duty needs of Northeastern drivers. Here are the many ways that powder coating offers an upgrade to liquid paints and sealants.

Repair Application Process

When powder coating is first applied (or reapplied), part of the process is sanding and sand blasting down to the exposed metal. This process alone is enough to repair any scratches and scuffs that damaged the previous finish. Powder coating is very friendly to the repair process, which helps Long Island drivers reuse their rims instead of having to buy new.

Flexible – Doesn’t Crack When Dented

Powder coating is usually made of a polymer pigment blend. In other words, it’s plastic. So unlike paint, powder coating resists chipping or flaking when your rims take a hit. Powder coating tends to flex with the metal it’s bonded to. This alone is undeniably valuable on an island of potholes.

Scuff, Scratch, and Chip Resistance

Powder coating doesn’t’ scuff or scratch the same way that paint does. And even more importantly, it doesn’t chip. While it’s possible to damage powder coating, it can take a far greater beating than most wheel coating alternatives.

Rust Protection

Powder coating is also designed to provide all the benefits of high-quality sealant. It will protect any coated metal from environmental hazards like moisture and oxidation. A complete powder coating will prevent rust, corrosion, oxidation, mold, and anything else caused by exposing the metal to the elements.

Long-Term Durability

Powder coating is designed to last for years. In non-hazardous conditions, a powder coating can last for decades. On your rims, an application of powder coating can sometimes last the lifespan of the vehicle and always extends the time between coatings for rims that see many potholes.

Go-To Solution for Future Damage

The best thing about powder coating rims properly is that it can be applied to all metal components of your vehicle. Rims and wheels, body, doors, bumpers, panels, and add-ons can all be powder coated, and that coating will last longer than factory finishes and most traditional after-market options.

How to Powder Coat Your Rims in Long Island NY

Finally, let’s talk about how to get your rims powder coated in Long Island, NY. The process is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is find a powder coating service provider and bring in your rims. The powder coaters will then prepare the rims for coating, apply the pigment and finish you ask for, and get those rims back on your vehicle.

Find a Local Powder Coating Service

The first step is to find a local powder coating service. Search for powder coaters near your Long Island home or en-route to work. TLC Metal Restoration has been providing services for over a decade and would gladly refinish your rims.

Bring In Your Rims

Once you choose a provider, bring your rims into the shop. Many powder coating services, including TLC, have pickup options for larger items, but rims are usually dropped off because they are small and lightweight.

Rim Repair

If your rims are damaged, that damage will be repaired. If they are dented, the dent will be hammered out. If they are scratched in a way that survives sandblast cleaning, then the scratch will be buffed.

Pick a Color and Finish

Lastly, you select a color for your rims. Powder coating is a pigmented finish, meaning you can mix existing colors for a custom hue if your favorite isn’t immediately available. Then choose a finish, determining the texture, appearance, and final durability of the rims. Your powder coating team will apply it, cure it, and return the rims to you within the week. Sometimes, within the day.

Here at TLC Metal Restoration, we are dedicated to providing top quality metal services, big and small. Whether you’re restoring an entire steel building or just want o keep your car’s rims in good shape, we are proud to serve. Contact TLC Metal, we know the in’s and out’s of powder coating rims properly. We look forward to hearing from you.