Powder Coating Patio Furniture Reinvents and Restores With Ease

Apr 15, 2018

Did you know that powder coating patio furniture can extend the lifespan of the entire set? Patio furniture has a way of accumulating almost organically in our backyards, garages, porches, and patios. We may buy our patio furniture in pristine sets, pairs, and singles but the weather eventually gets to it all. Over time, we will see our patio furniture rained on, baked in the sun, coated in the season’s pollen, and pelted by sleet and snow. The patio furniture is out there even when the weather is too sour for us to enjoy it and its job is to wait patiently until another sunny day comes around. As the year’s pass, we get used to the steadily decaying state of our patio furniture. Those chips in the paint and little spots of rust are the first signs it is time to consider the benefits of powder coating patio furniture.

Powder Coating Patio Furniture Chairs Table

Retire or Restore Your Patio Furniture?

Eventually, the rough spots are too rough for exposed summer skin to relax against and some pieces may even be stashed in the garage to make room for new chairs or tables. While this is all perfectly normal, the ‘death’ of your patio furniture is not necessary. Rather than shelling out another few hundred to a few thousand for a shiny new set of patio furniture, you can make that old set even better than it was new with clever application of professional powder coating.

That old patio furniture has served you well and borne witness to many happy warm days sitting outside with friends and family soaking up the sun and good conversation. Perhaps you have spent more than a few evenings kicking back with your patio furniture just listening to the sound of the birds and insects and wind rustling through the trees. Not only can those memories be made new again with a fresh, sturdy coat of powder coating, but you can also save a bundle on ‘new’ used patio furniture secure in the knowledge that you have the power of restoration. Let’s look at five different ways that powder coating can reinvent and restore old patio furniture.

Rusting on the Patio

The most common place to find patio furniture in dire need of restoration is on your very own patio. Back porches and patios across the nation feature patio furniture that is slowly decaying out of usefulness to the families that keep them. Why are so many sets of patio furniture falling into disrepair? The sad fact is that usually, the answer is simply weight and convenience. Patio furniture tends to be heavy by nature so that it cannot blow away during particularly active weather conditions but that also makes it difficult to move, put away, and dispose of when it stops being comfortable.

Unfortunately, patio furniture is not impervious, and most of the pieces sold by department, garden, and furniture stores comes with a layer of paint or lacquer that eventually starts to chip and expose the metal underneath to rust. Both the paint chips and rust begin to scrape exposed legs and shoulders, catch on clothing, and even leave rust stains on the towels you put down to deal with the problem. Sound familiar? Then you probably have a set of rusting patio furniture out there right now making your patio less and less welcoming every year.

However, with a single visit to your local friendly powder coater, your patio furniture could be made like-new again and, in fact, even better than it was before. On top of being cleaner and more eco-friendly, powder coating does not chip away to allow rust spots, and you can choose it in any color or finish you desire. You can restore your patio furniture back to the style and comfort that drew you to it in the first place, and this time in any color you can describe instead of what’s available in the stores.

Cleaning Out the Garage

Of course, not all families keep all their rusting patio furniture on the patio itself. In many cases, families will haul their patio furniture into an unused corner of the garage before a big storm. Then, if it was already reaching that uncomfortable state of disrepair, it may have simply never come back out again. You may have found that your patio is better without decaying furniture but now that table and those big heavy chairs are taking up a good portion of your garage storage space and they still aren’t comfortable.

Perhaps you had your eye on a new set of patio furniture and simply haven’t moved the old set out of it is ‘temporary’ storage in the garage. For either situation, the solution is clear. A simple new layer of powder coating can transform that old not-quite-desirable furniture set into something that the neighbors will envy. If you have any old patio furniture taking up space in your garage, you can restore it with a sturdy, nearly impervious layer of pigment in whatever color would most enhance the pieces no matter what kind of color they came in originally or how badly they are rusted now.

When the powder coating is complete, you might even decide that the restored old set is better with whatever you are doing with your patio now. Alternatively, if you do not want to make a switch, a fresh coat of powder coating can be the perfect way to get top dollar selling your old garage-stored patio furniture second hand in a garage sale or through an online marketplace. Whether you paid for the patio furniture initially, found it in the garage when you moved in, or are helping a relative clear out their garage, powder coating can significantly improve the price you might get for resale.

Restoring Heirloom Pieces

One of the unique features of patio furniture is that, if treated correctly, it lasts practically forever. Even abandoned in the backyard, a heavy iron patio chair can rust for decades before it is truly unusable. When a piece of patio furniture is stashed in the garage or placed in a sheltered corner of the patio, it can last for decades if not generations. Many families have a few old pieces of patio furniture or outdoor-safe kids toys and furniture that is old enough to pass on to the next generation. The only problem is that paint from decades ago doesn’t last nearly as long as the iron and steel furniture itself.

If you have been going through your mother’s attic or garage, or are helping to organize your in-law’s back garden, you may well find some truly wonderful pieces of patio furniture or old children’s backyard toys. The only problem may be the questionable composition of chipping old paint and dealing with a few rust spots here and there. This is the perfect opportunity to make a difference with powder coating. It’s not uncommon for families to restore and pass down things like cribs, high chairs, and tricycles, why not patio furniture as well?

When you find an heirloom piece of patio furniture stashed away somewhere, a layer of powder coating may well be exactly the remedy you need. Delight in the look on your parents or in-law’s faces when they see their old memories made new again, fresh and ready to serve a new generation or you can give it back to them as a wonderful gift.

Treasure at the Flea Market

If you have a guilty garage sale habit, love to bargain hunt in flea markets, and are always tempted by local swap meet signs on the highway, we’ve got your number. Powder coating has never been more applicable than when applied to the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. People who love garage sales usually have an eye for value beneath a patina of dust or surface-only damage. You may be an expert at knowing when something just needs a wash and a few touch-ups to be good as new and worth much more than the bored previous owner is asking for it.

Patio furniture is one of those things that’s difficult to move through a garage sale, but owners are always happy to see it go when an opportunistic shopper sees promise in their old table and deck chairs. While you might usually pass by amazingly cheap patio furniture because you had no effective way to restore it, that has all changed. With the number of your favorite powder coating service tucked into your back pocket, you can now use that skilled eye to spot great opportunities for incredibly cheap new pieces for your patio or for online resale. Simply imagine the furniture with a new layer of brightly colored or elegantly subtle finish and then bring it in to make that vision a reality.

Right Style Wrong Color

Finally, most people do not realize that powder coating is useful even if you are buying new patio furniture. If you have an idea of how you want your backyard or front garden patio to be decorated but just can’t seem to find the right set, powder coating could be the answer. Often, when someone with a designer’s eye looks for new furniture, it can be hard to find the exact right design and color combination. This one has a right look, but it only comes in bright shiny brass. That one comes in your favorite color, but only in flimsy aluminum or plastic. This one is almost perfect, but it looks like the paint will chip at the slightest impact.

With powder coating, these problems are no problem at all. Find something sturdy and metal in the style you like and bring it into your local powder coating team. We will happily refinish it in something much stronger than the manufacturer’s paint in any color your heart desires. This means that even if you want your entire patio decorated in a unique shade of your favorite color, you do not have to settle for cast iron like everyone else. With powder coating, a weather-resistant finish in absolutely any color is possible.

For more information about powder coating in Long Island or to talk to us about plans for your patio furniture, contact TLC Metal today. We are always happy to work out a new restoration or refinishing project.

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