Powder Coated Kitchen Knobs, Ways These High-Touch Surfaces are Safer with Powder Coating

Mar 12, 2018

The little details matter, like powder coating kitchen knobs and cabinet hardware. Whether you are redesigning your home’s kitchen or want to add a few improvements before a sale, kitchen handles and knobs can make a big impact. Installing handles with the right finish and durability also make a difference if you are a real estate investor who wants to cut expenses and increase demand. Handles protect your cabinet surfaces and decrease wear to the more fragile wood or laminate surfaces, and powder coating protects your kitchen knobs with a tightly bonded surface.

Powder Coated Kitchen Knobs Safer

The process of powder coating kitchen knobs uses powdered resins and coloring that cures through heat or concentrated static. That means each particle of powder adheres to the handle surface and surrounding particles individually. However, powder coating offers a lot more than surface-level durability in the face of impact damage. If you want to transform your kitchen knobs without replacing the hardware, here are four reasons why powder coating will give them the best finish.

Powder coating kitchen knobs makes them withstand heat, chemicals, and frequent use.

Everyone in the kitchen is touching the cabinet handles, and his or her hands usually will not be clean. Someone in the middle of cooking dinner may have just been cutting up raw chicken or sopping up a greasy spill. Their hands could have flour, cooking oil, or even just residue from chopping vegetables and herbs. That is why it is important to have kitchen knobs that actively fight against wear and tear.

Uncooked meat can carry a lot of dangerous microorganisms, especially poultry. If those food particles stay on your kitchen surfaces, they can start to rot and develop mold. Some powder coating finishes include antimicrobial traces of silver that counteract the quick spread of germs. This is a popular treatment for fixtures and hardware in hospitals, and it adds an extra layer of protection to your kitchen. Not only can it reduce the risk of food-borne diseases, but it can also help stop the spread of a cold or bacteria when someone catches a bug.

Because of powder coating’s dry application and protective finish, grease and stains cannot weaken the coating over time. The surfaces can just be wiped clean after dinner is finished or during a weekly clean. This is especially important in a high-contact environment like your kitchen because hands generate much oil. If you originally wanted to add knobs to your kitchen cabinets because you have seen the before and after photos of cabinet doors that have been exposed to hands for years, the oils and dirt do not just disappear. They are transferred to the handles instead. Kitchen knobs with a high-quality finish help you keep those stains from becoming permanent.

However, powder coating does not just protect your handles from food stains and oils. Different finishes also protect them from the other dangers in your kitchen. Powder coating offers temperature resistance, so the knobs above your range stay gleaming and look like new even after years of high-temperature cooking. They can also fight off the chemicals in your cleaning sprays. Whether you have wooden cabinets that need a specialized cleaner or cabinets with hard surfaces that can handle concentrated chemicals, powder coated kitchen knobs will not corrode.

If something bangs against and chips your handle’s finish, you do not have to worry about that damage spreading. Because the powder binds to the surface particle by particle, a chip will not loosen the surrounding finish. While chipped paint might tear and bubble, powder coating sticks fast to the surface.

Kitchen knobs need to have long-lasting uniformity.

It is not just important to have individual kitchen knobs with a long-lasting finish and great color. It is also important for all of the kitchen knobs to look the same. Paint-based finishes are not up to the task because different handles are exposed to different types of damage. The cabinet handles by the sink have to repel a lot of moisture. The cabinets near the stove experience high heat and a lot of exposure to food and oil. However, they all need to have the same glossiness and tint. Powder coating repels all types of surface contaminants equally so all of your kitchen knobs stay consistent.

Make sure that uniformity flows throughout your layout with consistent hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms. Because these are the two most scrutinized rooms by prospective buyers and tenants, it is important to maintain a consistent theme and coloring. The best way to do that is with your cabinets. Even if the paneling has different colors, the handles need a similar style, level of glossiness, and finish. Powder coating eliminates the risk of faded colors. It also offers the look and guarantee of cleanliness that is essential for a sale.

Most styling and staging experts also agree that all elements of your kitchen hardware have to match. Make sure your kitchen cabinets’ knobs, handles, and hinges have the same top coat. Even if you incorporate different styles or you are adding new handles to your home’s original cabinets, they should be consistent. Because powder coating can be applied to any surface, you can either match your new handles to the existing hinges, or you can change all of them to the color and finish you like best.

Consistency is even more important for real estate investors and property managers. We know you have different tasks competing for your attention and that the downtime before you secure a new tenant can hurt your bottom line. Powder coating your kitchen knobs, and all of the hardware you might need to replace in a new purchase makes restoring the property a lot easier. Instead of maintaining stores of different knobs for each property and making last-minute purchases when you run out, you can buy in bulk and powder coat all of your hardware. Standardizing your renovation style across properties is one of the best ways to streamline your business and reduce downtime whether you rent single-family homes or have a commercial office building.

Powder coated restorations will fit in your kitchen’s budget.

With all of these great benefits, you might be worried that powder coating is too expensive. But whether you want to calculate the material cost of liquid paint versus epoxy powder or by the long-term costs of maintaining your kitchen knobs, powder coating is the smart choice in the long run. The process is very efficient with next to no waste because excess powder can be reused. Paints do not have the same benefit. If you have a bulk order of cabinet knobs and hardware, that efficiency can start to add up to greater and greater savings.

The long-term savings powder coating offers is significant. Powder coating lasts much longer and can survive kitchen wear and tear better than paints. You can also coat your kitchen knobs with a clear powder finish for extra protection, so any small dents or dings on the surfaces are invisible.

Powder coating can also help with more than your kitchen handles. It is an increasingly popular coating technique for everything from patio furniture to appliances and faucets. If you are renovating your kitchen and you want to control changes down to the last detail, powder coating is the best choice for covering and protecting your surfaces. You can make your outdoor kitchen match your interior, ensure your window hardware matches your color palette and put the same finishing touches on any hard surface. Powder coating even protects wood and antique handles so you can reuse what you have instead of purchasing all new hardware.

Get the texture and glossy finish you want.

It is not just color that can transform the look of your kitchen handles. The degree of gloss in the finish adds a new dimension to any style. You can choose a high gloss coat for shiny, contemporary handles that make your kitchen look ultra modern. Or you can select a matte finish with an artistic patina for a rustic glam look that pulls your kitchen’s style together. The sheen impacts more than the reflectiveness of the surface. It can transform the color to a metallic finish or give it a pearly luminescence. You can add a hammered look to a country kitchen or a satin finish for a softer look.

You can even customize the feel of your kitchen knobs. If you want a non-slip grip for your handles, the surface can be slightly textured for a secure hold. If you want a smooth surface that lets a high-gloss finish reflect the lights and details of your kitchen, powder coating can do it.

Powder coating your kitchen knobs gives you a wide range of color, gloss, and texture options. It also keeps your kitchen safer and makes the handles last even longer. Whether you are renovating your home’s kitchen or you have several investment properties that need high-quality, durable hardware, powder coating is a must. Contact TLC Metal to see our finished products and our range of services. We are happy to help you create the kitchen you want.

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