Powder Coat Candy Colors and Get Professional Results with this 7-Step Guide

Mar 4, 2020

Powder coating is taking the world by storm. And the growing availability of powder coat candy colors has helped propelled this trend. With the powder coating market expected to grow 6% between 2019 and 2024, manufacturers, renovators, and vehicle enthusiasts are taking the powder coating industry in an exciting new direction. And with tasty new powder coat candy colors ranging from Candy Raspberry to Popsicle Purple, people across the globe are longing to powder coat candy colors. 

Powder Coat Candy Colors

What type of industries can benefit from candy colored powder coating?

Bright, candy colors are gaining popularity in virtually every industry. From pink taxis in Dubai and New York to candy-colored renovated mansions in Chicago, candy-colored products, vehicles, homes, and furnishings are gaining traction in the automotive industry, furniture manufacturing arena, and property restoration industry. Here is a look at some of the types of businesses that can gain an edge from powder coating with candy colors:

1) Toy manufacturers

Children prefer bright candy colors from an early age. So it is no surprise that toy manufacturers are among the many businesses that turn to candy colored powder coating. And with strict government regulations that limit the number of chemical elements such as arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, and chromium, powder coating has virtually replaced paint as it is free of harmful emissions.

2) The transportation industry

Candy colored powder coating has breathed life into our transportation industry. Gone are yesterday’s white, gray, and black cars, trains, and planes. Today’s buses, subways, helicopters, and planes can be found in a rainbow of bright colors. And with bright colors known to boost car resale values, vehicle owners are delving into unchartered territory with customized paint colors and transforming their vehicles with colorful powder coated alloy rims.

3) Playground equipment manufacturers

Much like toy manufacturers, playground equipment manufacturers understand the appeal of bright candy colors among children. From teeter-totters, to swings, to slides, manufacturers of playground furnishings are choosing to powder coat in candy colors for a safe, long-lasting finish that will withstand years of climbing and riding.

4) Mobile businesses

Colorful mobile businesses are cropping up all over New York. From beauty salons on wheels to mobile veterinary clinics, it is hard to walk down the street in Queens, Long Island, or Manhattan without passing a business on wheels.

With the number of mobile businesses on the rise, distinguishing yourself from the competition is an absolute must. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is with candy color powder coatings. In fact, a quick look at New York’s top food trucks reveals an impressive collection of brightly colored vehicles.

5) Home and business remodelers

Remodelers and restoration specialists across the tri-state area are infusing life into old buildings with brilliant candy colors. From brightly colored hardware to custom-colored appliances, powder coating can turn an aging home or facility into a hip, eye-catching home or office.

How exactly do you powder coat with candy colors?

Clearly, candy colored powder coating has the power to transform products, vehicles, and furnishings across a variety of industries. But exactly how does this transformation occur? If this is your first experience with powder coating, you may wonder how you could transform an aging park table into a shiny, like-new orange sherbet colored picnic table. While the process definitely requires attention to detail, it can be broken down into the seven steps below.

Step One: Choose your favorite candy color

You do not need to be a powder coating expert to complete Step One. You simply have to select which candy color powder coating you would like to apply to your product. But with thousands of different powder coating colors available, how do you narrow down your choices? If you find yourself struggling to come up with a selection, here are some tips to help you finalize your choice:

If you see a color that captures your eye, snap a photo of it and take the image to a powder coating specialist for matching
Order a color swatch from a coating manufacturer and take it to your powder coating company for matching
If you come across a vibrant color in a magazine or online publication, snip the image and send it to your powder coating provider

Step Two: Make sure the item is completely clean and dry

The path to a beautiful candy colored powder coating job begins with a clean, dry surface. In fact, powder coatings will not adhere correctly to a furnishing, an alloy rim, or a toy unless the item’s surface is completely clean and dry. Before initiating the powder coating process, be sure to remove any dirt, dust, grease, and debris by power washing the surface in advance.

Step Three: Sandblast the surface if necessary

Depending on the condition of your product, sandblasting might be necessary. The sandblasting process is undertaken to remove old finishes and surface imperfections that could impact your powder coating results. Ideally, this process should be undertaken by a skilled and professional sandblasting provider with experience safely removing existing finishes from a variety of metal surfaces.

Step Four: Use racks and hangers to suspend the product for complete access

“It is very common to see large line gaps, bent, and broken racks, twisted hooks, too much powder build up on racks, racks that are only partially full, different hooks or racks being used for the same part or just bad rack designs. The cost of poor racking is ridiculously high.” – Rodger Talbert, Products Finishing Magazine

A commonly overlooked step in the powder coating process is the proper positioning of the objects prior to powder coating. It is important to ensure that powder is evenly applied to every square inch of surface area. The best way to achieve this goal is to invest in high-quality powder coating racks and hangers. Failure to take this step can lead to spotty results and uneven application of your candy color coating.

Step Five: Powder coat the entire surface area using a professional gun

“The key to quality powder coating is to spray just the right amount of powder with the minimum amount of air necessary. Excessive feed air pressure and powder volume will not result in faster or better coated parts, and generally speaking, the finish, the spray guns and the booth may be compromised as a result.” – Bob Cregg, Senior Marketing Director, Building Products, Sherwin-Williams

With the necessary prep work behind you, it is time to start the actual coating process. Ultimately, the quality of results produced will depend on two factors: The quality of equipment used and the skill level of the technician who applies your powder coating.

Ideal results are obtained when the perfect amount of coating is applied to the surface. There is no substitute for experience in this area. A skilled technician with years of industry experience will know exactly how much powder to apply and the best type of spray gun to use for the application. Most importantly, a trained professional will take the time to maintain their powder coating equipment to produce impeccable results.

Step Six: Make sure your coating is properly cured

“Cure determines the performance of a coating…Thermal powder coatings cure on a time and temperature continuum. Insufficient time, temperature, or a combination of both will result in a failure to completely cure the coating.” – Michael Knoblauch and Robert VanAmburgh, Powder Coated Tough

By the time you reach Step Six, you now have a candy colored masterpiece! You might be tempted to mount your new electric blue rims, sit on your lemon yellow patio bench, or install your cotton candy pink slide right away. However, your product needs to be properly cured and given time to cool off before you use it.

Ultimately, the performance of your coating will hinge upon the curing process, highlighting the importance of choosing an experienced powder coating company that invests in the latest cutting edge curing ovens. Powder coating staff should be well-trained in the curing process, as under-curing or over-curing can ruin your results. As you evaluate potential providers, be sure to ask about their curing process and the steps they take to make sure products are properly cured.

Step Seven: Take care of your powder coated items

While powder coatings will stand the test of time better than liquid paint, they are not immune to deterioration over time. Repeated usage and exposure to New York’s harsh winter weather can lead to corrosion and accumulation of debris. They can also cause the eye-popping candy colored coating to fade with time.

The good news is that you can extend the life of your powder coating with just a little care and maintenance. Simply keep your powder coated goods clean by using a soft brush or cloth to apply a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Then rinse with filtered water and dry the surface. Be sure to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and soaps, as they can be detrimental to a polymer-based finish.


What is the best way to produce a five-star candy colored powder coating?

As described above, learning how to powder coat with candy colors is a multi-step process. The single best way to ensure that you achieve pristine results is to seek the services of a five-star powder coating company. With the help of a professional powder coating specialist, you can rest assured that your powder coating will be completed by skilled technicians in a well-ventilated, secure facility.

Contact TLC Metal to discover why manufacturers, remodelers, and mobile businesses across the tri-state area turn to us to deliver colorful powder coating that looks good enough to eat. We offer precise candy color matching, state-of-the-art techniques, and cutting edge powder spray systems to apply the perfect amount of powder coating required for your project. We look forward to serving as your trusted powder coating expert!