8 Everyday Problems NYC Powder Coating Can Solve

Jan 29, 2019

While the rest of the world may think that New Yorkers are continually living the action-movie lifestyle, leaping between fire escapes and fighting crime, most of our lives are pretty average. One of the things that every New York native and many of the more recent residents learn is that there’s a service for everything. Need your apartment cleaned after a wild party? There’s a service for that. Need to restore antique car parts? There’s a service for that too. Need the best powder coating service? NYC powder coating by TLC Metal has you covered. When you need NYC powder coating, here are eight every day issues powder coating can solve.

NYC Powder Coating Gun In Action

One such solution is powder coating, a unique non-toxic alternative to liquid paint. This no-drip coating option is baked onto glass and metal objects and provides an extraordinarily scuff and scratch resistant finish. You can apply it in matte, gloss, textured, and metallic finishes and the coating is even surprisingly flexible, meaning it won’t crack and chip like paint if a powder coated item is dropped or impacted. But the beneficial part of powder coating, and why so many New Yorkers use it for restoration, renovation, and DIY projects is how versatile it is. Let’s look at just a few everyday problems you can solve with NYC powder coating.

1) Flaking Patio Furniture

Most good patio furniture is built to last. Made of heavy metals like cast iron, it can sometimes sit on your balcony or patio for decades without any apparent change. Of course, how comfortably they last will depend entirely on a few manufacture choices. Cheap patio furniture paint can start flaking within the first year. Better paints may last five or ten years. But at some point, when you least expect it, you’ll stand from your patio chair only to realize there are flecks of paint sticking to your body. Or perhaps you noticed earlier as the outdoor weather wore away the paint to reveal unsightly and slowly rusting spots on your once lovely patio furniture.

Instead of tossing the pieces and buying new ones or trying to repair the aging paint, consider bringing your patio furniture in for powder coating. You can strip off the old paint and rust, then put on a coat that will never chip, fade, or scuff. Even better? Now your patio furniture can be any color you want.

2) Restoring Hand-Me-Down Parenting Gear

In the big city, there is always another parent who needs gear that has not yet worn out. From high chairs to strollers, what one family grows out of, another can quickly use. This is also a tradition in many New York families to pass down the best durable metal parenting equipment from one generation to the next. Of course, the aluminum and steel frames of playpens, cribs, and other useful parenting gear often last far longer than the paint. Not to mention mending scratches and hammering out the dings.

Whether you found your sturdy parenting equipment and toys from thrift shopping, neighbors, or family heirlooms, powder coating is the ideal way to restore each piece to a like-new state. Pick a bright new color for each item, or even each piece of a multi-piece frame, and give it a genuinely durable non-toxic powder coat. Your children will love the vivid colors, and you’ll love the durable, easy to clean surfaces.

3) A Stronger Finish for Vehicle Rims

The roads in and around NYC are in notoriously lousy condition with rough surfaces and gaping potholes along every stretch. This means that New Yorkers have an unusually frequent need for rim repairs while, at the same time, also maintaining a profound love of shiny, sleek-looking vehicles. For vehicle owners with custom finishes, going over a bad pothole can be more than just a setback. Powder coating is the perfect way to restore your finish after rim repairs and reduce the chances that your finish will take damage in the future.

Of course, even if you haven’t needed rim repair, powder coating is also a great way to get started on vehicle customization because you can give a great custom color to any metal part.

4) Your Child Wants Everything in Their Favorite Color

Every parent knows the phase. Your child wants absolutely everything in their favorite color, and if it doesn’t come in the favorite color, they don’t want it. Shirts, pants, shoes, toys, bicycles, clothes hangers, bedding, if it’s not red/blue/green/purple (etc.), then it just isn’t good enough.

As a parent, it can be challenging to find all the right things in your child’s favorite color even with the power of online ordering. But you can make things into their favorite color. Colored fabric wrapped around things can make soft furniture adhere to the strict color theme. Paint can be used for their walls and light switch colors, and you can even make stuff out of dye and plaster if you like molding. But for metal items, powder coating is the ideal answer. Sturdy, safe, and available in every possible color, you can use powder coating on furniture, bicycles, metal toys, and bed frames among other things to help your child live their monochromatic dream.

5) Restoring Heirlooms

Restoration of historical items is one of the primary applications of powder coating. While we have many fancy plastics and composite materials today, antique and heirloom items are far more likely to be made of solid metal. Unfortunately, like the patio furniture, paint and finishes don’t always survive nearly as well as the heirloom itself, and it can be tragic to see a much-loved piece of furniture, jewelry or other keepsake start to seem shabby over time.

Powder coating allows you to remove the last of a damaged old finish and add a new finish that will help to show the full value and beauty of your heirloom pieces once again. Whether it’s a finely wrought hairpiece that’s been passed down through your family for generations or a patio set from your grandparents that just won’t quit, powder coating can make it like new again.

6) Stores Can’t Handle Your Interior Designs

Doing your own interior design is a fun part of having your own place at any age. For many people, this consists of comfy furniture in relaxing colors, but some people get excited about the opportunity to pick a color scheme and deeply customize their living space. If you are this kind of interior designer, you already know that sometimes the stores just can’t live up to the vision in your head. Whatever style you’re going for, it’s unlikely they’ll have the range of colors you’re looking for. When it comes to metal objects, you can typically have black, white, or a metallic finish.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay an arm & leg for custom-made pieces or hunt for months for a manufacturer that offers color. Instead, buy whatever style you like best and bring your metal pieces in for powder coating. This is the ideal way to take complete control of your interior design without letting store selection hold you back.

7) Giving a One-of-a-Kind Gift

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when you want to give an unforgettable gift. Possibly to someone who already has everything. Your dad’s 60th birthday, your 10th wedding anniversary, or even when saying goodbye to a boss you’ve enjoyed working with. It can be hard to pick the perfect gift, especially when there are many emotions wrapped up in the giving and nothing obvious pops to mind.

Powder coating allows you to take a thoughtful, well-selected gift and make it more personal than any storebought item could be. Not only can you choose exact colors, but you can also add unique details. By wiping away some of the powder before curing, powder coating services can add images, calligraphy, and messages to a powder coated gift. Working with your powder coater, you can design some beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts for very special occasions.

8) Throwing Landmark Parties on a Budget

Wow your in-laws and show off your creative abilities by using powder coating to customize your landmark parties. Buy a set of plain affordable platters, flatware, and metal decorations and bring them in to be powder-coated in your party theme’s colors. You can give any object anything from vivid candy-paint to a refined metal finish and even create matching sets out of mismatched collections. And the best part is that these new party pieces won’t break or scratch if someone drops them. You’ll rock one party on a budget and come out the other side with valuable, lasting, and incredibly durable partyware.

Enjoying daily life is all about having the right solutions to your problems. Whether your child wants everything green this year or it’s you want to host an unforgettable dinner party, powder coating can make the difference. For more information about what can be done with NYC powder coating to solve everyday challenges, contact TLC Metal today!

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