The Power of Laser Paint Removal for Metal Restoration

Aug 10, 2017

Welcome to the world of laser paint removal. Restoring old metal can become vital in a wide range of situations. Whether you want to restore an old car to its original beauty or refinish your old railings, you are probably looking at a variety of options to accomplish the feat. However, many of the options typically available to you fall short of the expectations. The most common method, sand blasting, creates heat that can damage old and sensitive metal. Using this restoration method, old cars can get warped, or the metal can be punctured by the projectiles.

laser paint removal uneven surface

Fortunately, another alternative exists. TLC Metal Restoration is proud to announce that we have become the first non-government small business in the north East to acquire a laser removal machine, powerful enough to clear your old metal of any rust and paint yet sensitive enough to prevent any potential damage.

The Power of the Cleanlaser CL 1000

Make no mistake: this is a powerful machine. As its name suggests, 1000 watts of power ensure that the laser has enough juice to clean and rid your old metal of any unwanted surface materials. The potential applications, according to the manufacturer’s website, are significant:

  • Complete paint removal from any steel structures and surfaces. In fact, the CL 1000 is powerful enough to accomplish this goal for structures as large as bridges and ships.
  • Safe removal of contaminant material potentially hazardous coatings, such as chromate primers.
  • Ideal pre-coating preparation and pre-treatment to make sure your existing metal surface is ready to accept whatever paint or coating you decide to apply.
  • Fast and efficient removal of rust/oxides, oil, grease & production residues.

The potential applications of this power are numerous. Using the CleanLaser CL 1000, your old metal surface will not just be rid of old coatings or paint safely, but have also taken the first step you need to apply a new coating as necessary.

The Advantages of Laser Paint Removal, Compared to Sandblasting

You might ask yourself just why TLC Metal Restoration decided to invest in laser equipment, if the company already offers sandblasting as a viable alternative for any businesses and private individuals who want to remove paint and old coatings. As hinted in the introduction, the benefits of this technology compared to more traditional paint removal options have the potential to be significant. More specifically, consider the below five advantages of laser paint removal when compared to sandblasting.

1. No Damage to Old, Sensitive Metals

Let’s begin with what might be the most important benefit of laser paint removal. Old metal can be sensitive, which becomes especially important when considering that your metal possessions (such as a vintage car) may still need removal treatments for rust and paint alike. Do you want to subject it to a process that has the potential to warp or even put holes in the surface?

Probably not. Moreover, in that case, the laser removal alternative becomes especially attractive. This option allows you to reliably remove even hints of old coatings and paint, but without the potential for any damage to even the most sensitive surface. As a result, you can get all of the benefits of sandblasting, without the downfalls.

2. No Additional Materials Needed

A large part of the reason laser paint removal is so safe for your metal surface is the fact that no actual media will be blasted onto it. Sandblasting, at its core, works simply: a high-pressure piece of equipment shoots little grains onto the surface, which rubs off the coating or paint. These grains, of course, are also responsible for the damage mentioned above.

Laser paint removal, on the other hand, needs no materials other than the piece of equipment, the CleanLaser CL 1000, itself. It is self-contained, meaning that in addition to not requiring any media to blast onto the metal, it also won’t require any chemicals or even water for operation. The result is a safer, more streamlined process.

3. Green Technology

Not needing any materials other than the piece of equipment itself also comes with environmental benefits that are important to consider. Because no chemicals or media are needed for successful operation, there will be no secondary waste product to clean up or dispose of. Instead, once the laser does its paint removal job, the machine can simply be rolled away until the next use.

Caring about the environment is a natural human inclination. You will feel better knowing that by the time the paint is removed from your old metal surface, you will have done nothing that could potentially harm it. Also, you will not have to pay for the potential clean up of paint residue, old media, or chemical waste. It is a win-win for all parties involved.

4. Better Precision

Don’t get us wrong; sandblasting can be a precise science. However, even that proven technology cannot hold up to the potential that laser paint removal offers. The trained operator can focus on very specific areas, allowing them to make sure that only the exact pieces of metal you are looking to treat will be affected.

Control with this piece of equipment is real-time, meaning that it is easy to adjust as needed. When your vintage car or other metal surface in need of treatment, enters our shop, you can feel confident knowing that through laser paint removal, you can get treatment for the precise areas that need it the most, without affecting the areas you need to be left alone.

5. Low Maintenance Means Sustained Performance

Finally, it is important to realize that because the CleanLaser does not need external materials, maintenance needs and costs for this piece of equipment are low. That obviously matters for internal operations, but it can also become crucial for anyone looking to take advantages of the paint removal services offered by TLC Metal Restoration.

That is because, for the customer, low maintenance needs result in better performance down the road. Even if you choose to take advantage of our laser removal services a few years down the road, the performance will be the same. Also, there will be no maintenance costs for this piece of equipment that could potentially get passed down to our customers.

Where Can You Take Advantage of Laser Paint Removal in Long Island?

In short, laser paint removal is an ideal option for a variety of metal application. That said, sandblasting can still be a viable alternative depending on the exact implementation and removal services you need. To understand what alternative might work best for you, it makes sense to get in touch with professionals who can offer their expertise and give you a reliable recommendation.

However, especially for sensitive metal surfaces that still need treatment for rust and old paint, laser paint removal is ideal. The only issues are, that depending on your location, you might not know where to look to take advantage of this undeniably beneficial technology.

For residents in and around Long Island, that question becomes easier to answer. After a six month building period, TLC Metal Restoration is proud to be the first non-governmental small business to offer these services through the CleanLaser CL 1000 technology. If you need to clear any metal equipment or surfaces of rust, old paint, and coatings, this option is a game changer. Contact TLC Metal Restoration to learn more about the technology, and how you can take advantage of it.

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