Rim Repair

We know the New York City metro area is prone to pothole issues. Combine those deep potholes with alloy or steel wheels and you get a damaged rim that needs professional automotive rim repair. This service can save you from costly wheel replacement that can run into the thousands of dollars. Modern, low-profile tires are less forgiving than traditional high sidewall tires. Curb damage, bent rims, chipped surfaces, coating scrapes and scratches, even minor dings can be repaired by our alloy wheel rim repair specialists.

If your wheel is cracked and needs crack repair, we can often weld the crack and machine the surface back to normal. If the pothole damage needs rim straightening, we can provide rim straightening services that will ensure your tire will once again seal without leaking. For situations where the wheel may require refinishing, polishing or powder coating, our technicians can provide you with these services onsite.

Don’t delay, alloy wheels that are not fixed can cause vibrations that can not only destroy your wheels, it can also cause damage to the suspension and steering system of your vehicle. Contact TLC Metal Restoration today for expert automotive alloy wheel repair.

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Rim Repair Advantages

  • Save money over replacement for expensive wheels
  • Quick turnaround gets you back on the road
  • Rim inspection will often find unseen issues
  • Restore the safety and integrity of your alloy wheels

Rim Repair Limitations

  • Cracks in the valve seat
  • Bent or cracked wheel spokes
  • Cracked or elongated lugholes
  • Structural weakness in the mounting surface

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