Sand Blasting, Media Blasting and Stripping

When it comes to metal refinishing, the first step is usually to prepare the surface by removing both older finishes and any surface impurities that could affect the finish. We accomplish this by a process called sand blasting. Professional sand blasting or media blasting as it is also called is where a material (either sand or another granular substance) is projected using compressed air at high speeds against the surface in order to safely strip the finish down to bare metal. TLC Metal Restoration offers full-service professional sand blasting services to ensure that your metal surfaces are prepped to accept our powder coating or metal plating finishes. Our sand blasting professionals are experienced at safely removing the existing finish from a variety of metal surfaces. Be it stainless steel, chromoly, brass or any mixture of alloy, we can remove old finishes and restore your metal surface to new. Sand blasting is particularly attractive for use with items like patio furniture, motorcycle and automotive frames, architectural fixtures like railings, and lighting such as chandeliers to name a few. Contact TLC Metal Restoration today for professional sand blasting and media blasting.

Professional Sand Blasting Images

Sand Blasting Advantages

  • Effectively prepares surfaces for coating applications
  • Completely removes paint, dirt, and oxidation
  • Strips around intricate details and round edges
  • Preserves the underlying metal material
  • Cost effective compared to other methods

Sand Blasting Applications

  • Preparation of metal parts for powder coating or paint
  • Automotive applications including frame and engine parts
  • Strip old steel wheels and give them new life
  • Remove corrosion from metal patio furniture

Sand Blasting News

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