Powder Coating

TLC Metal Restoration provides comprehensive and professional New York-based powder coating services. The powder coating process contributes to a better, more durable finish than traditional paints. Powder coating for metal surfaces exhibits better impact resistance and improves wear over the life of the coating. This allows the item being coated to be preserved for longer periods of time.

With an extensive range of colors, we can custom match your powder coating to meet your precise needs. Get a wide variety of finishes including gloss, semi-gloss, matt and textured. Textured finishes are an exciting feature of powder coating. The powder coating process features exotic textures like hammer, wrinkle, and sandpaper.

TLC Metal Restoration uses advanced powder coating technology for your metal restoration needs. We provide powder coating for commercial, retail, consumer, and automotive needs. Contact TLC Metal Restoration today.

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Powder Coating Advantages

  • Enhanced product durability
  • Powder coated items have a longer lifespan
  • Customers can choose from a wide variety of finishes
  • Superb aesthetic appeal
  • Customized textures are available upon request

Powder Coating Applications

  • Automobile, motorcycle, bicycles and other vehicle restoration
  • Residential and commercial architects and landscapers
  • Industry applications including manufacturing
  • Furniture restorers, especially patio furniture
  • Homeowner projects and hobbies

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