Metal Polishing

Professional polishing of metal surfaces has advanced significantly is recent years. Modern Long Island metal polishing utilizes specialized polishing compounds applied using the finest polishing wheels and blocks. Advanced metal polishing allows us to take ordinary metal surfaces and make them extraordinary. Often, surfaces that have been brought to a mirror finish through polishing are more durable and last longer than unpolished surfaces.

TLC Metal Restoration is proud to provide quality buffing and polishing for all of your metal refinishing requirements. We offer polishing services for aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and zinc. Our finishing processes include polishing, buffing, and de-burring. Benefit from our many years of experience in metal refinishing for retail, commercial, industrial and automotive needs.

While we polish common items like alloy wheels and steel wheels, we also polish unique items like antique cash registers and ceremonial objects. We can remove light scratches from clear coated wheels, and polish aluminum and steel wheels. Contact TLC Metal Restoration today for modern Long Island metal polishing.

Long Island Metal Polishing Images

Metal Polishing Advantages

  • Creates a surface that resists rusting
  • Restores a polished finish or creates a new one
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Bare surfaces do not require stripping first
  • The mirror finish is an attractive alternative to powder coating

Metal Polishing Applications

  • Polish steel wheels to a mirror finish
  • Marine, aviation, retail, commercial applications
  • Polish surfaces in conjunction with powder coating
  • Remove pitting and corrosion
  • Polish most metal surfaces including brass and steel