Metal Plating

Long Island metal plating is perfecct for surfaces that have become worn or damaged (or simply for a change). Metal plating is very popular right now due to the variety and quality of modern plating techniques that are available. We can make your silver into bronze and back again if necessary. Architectural lighting that has become worn or discolored can be metal plated back to the original, unblemished finish. Redecorating? Change your favorite chandelier to a new polished brass, silver, or gold finish with professional Long Island metal plating from TLC Metal Restoration.

We provide restoration finishes for your classic automotive hardware or antique heirlooms. Have kitchen or bathroom hardware from an older home that you would like to reuse after you remodel, but are too afraid it will look out of place? Metal plating can change that antique faucet and make it the envy of any interior designer.

Our metal plating craftsmen will ensure your needs are met with the quality and service people have come to expect from TLC Metal Restoration. Contact TLC Metal Restoration today for modern Long Island metal plating.

Long Island Metal Plating Images