Laser Metal Stripping, Laser Surface Cleaning

TLC Metal Restoration is proud to be the only commercial owners of a cleanLASER CL-1000 in the Northeast. The cleanLASER can remove paint and corrosion quickly and cleanly from a variety of surfaces. The ability to provide rapid laser paint stripping and laser surface cleaning is a true game-changer for all industries. Strip to the bare surface without marring or missing any detail. A laser de-painted surface is clean, residue-free and ready for resurfacing in powder coating or metal plating. Get laser paint stripping of both aluminum and steel, and from items such as tools, heavy equipment, automotive frames and parts, retail shelving, architectural lighting, and the restoration of plumbing fixture to name a few. Contact TLC Metal Restoration for cutting-edge laser paint stripping.

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Laser Stripping Advantages

  • Safe removal of hazardous coatings & contaminants
  • Eliminates need for grinding/sanding/grit blasting
  • Won’t damage sensitive parts or historic surfaces
  • Free of solvents, chemicals, abrasives, water, dust & noise
  • Creates oxide-free metal surfaces

Laser Stripping Applications

  • Automotive and motorcycle restoration
  • Residential and commercial architects, including retail
  • Heavy industry and commercial applications
  • General restoration and conservation

Laser Metal Stripping News

10 Reasons to Laser Strip Metal When Refinishing It

10 Reasons to Laser Strip Metal When Refinishing It

No matter what restoration project you have in mind, cleaning the metal surface is always the first step. TLC Metal can laser strip metal surfaces while preserving all surface characteristics. It does not matter whether you want to make your building's lighting...

Learn The Many Advantages of Auto Restoration Laser Stripping

Learn The Many Advantages of Auto Restoration Laser Stripping

Car restoration is an art and a science. Whether you're rebuilding a muscle car from a scattered collection of old parts or you're restoring an antique car that has all of its original parts but has been sitting and collecting dust for decades, it's important to keep...