Metal Finishing Services

TLC Metal Restoration is the first choice for NYC metro area residents who are looking for quality, professional metal restoration, sand blasting, coating, polishing and metal resurfacing needs.  With over 75 years of combined experience, we are proud to offer complete metal finishing services for automotive, retail, architectural, antique, lighting, alloy wheels, steel wheels and more.  We offer professional plating services including chrome, nickel, copper, antiquing and brass. Contact TLC Metal Restoration for all your metal finishing services.

Common Applications for Metal Finishing Services

Retail & Commercial

Having an engaging retail environment is important. TLC Metal Restoration can help you update and improve your retail store or commercial showroom by employing our wide array of metal fabrication and powder coating services. We have provided coating services for such names as Tommy Hilfinger, Calvin Klein and Cartier.


From chrome plating to polishing and powder coating, when you need your automotive parts or accessories refinished, turn to TLC Metal Restoration. We have a long track record of successfully turning the ordinary into extroadinary. Ask us about how you can improve the look of your hotrod or everyday driver.


As items age, their finish can degrade. While in some instances you will want to preserve this petina, other times you will want to restore or even refinish the surface. We can sand blast, plate, chrome, or powder coat your antique items in a variety of colors and finishes and restore them to new, or better than new condition.

Architectural Hardware

When it comes to architectural coatings, TLC Metal Restoration has you covered. Reveal the detail in your cast iron radiators and turn old railings into new with sand blasting and powder coating. Restore brass hardware including locks, hinges, handles and screws with our plating and polishing services.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Have old patio funiture? Bring that old and rusted wrought iron pation furniture back to life. We can sand blast off decades of weathering and abuse. Then you can choose your preferred finish. Powder coating is perfect for furniture as it is more durable than painting and will last longer when exposed to the elements.


Chandeliers and sconces are popular center pieces and accent pieces. Often these lighting fixtures are being repurposed in a new interior with a different color scheme. We can take silver to bronze or any variety of finishes with our plating and polishing services. Restore and reuse that favorite chandelier today.