Add Affordable Touches to Your Common Areas with Luxury Commercial Powder Coating

Oct 1, 2018

Here in NYC, competition for a luxury apartment or condo residents is steep. There is another multi-family residential building around every corner and the challenge to set yourself apart from your neighbors is significant. Renovating the units themselves is essential, but for many, the most compelling persuasion is what you have done with your common areas. Building managers and HOAs have tried everything from crystal chandeliers to private dog parks and everything in between. But significant changes and prominent features require costly (and noisy) renovation projects, something to most companies will try and avoid if possible. Luxury commercial powder coating provides a solution.

Luxury Commercial Powder Coating Bike Rack

Building a Sense of Luxury

So what is a building manager to do if you want to add a greater sense of luxury to your common areas without spending much or disturbing the residents with renovations? The answer, of course, is strategic interior decor. Luxury isn’t a brand or a style exactly, and it’s a feeling your residents get when they walk through the door. You want them to smile at your bright, cheerful rooms, feel relaxed in your quiet areas, and generally feel as though they are living a beautiful life of ease. As long as you achieve the experience of luxury, it doesn’t matter what’s on the price tag even if you secretly saved a mint.

The Devil’s in the Details

The key to adding a greater sense of luxury to your already designed amenities is in the details. Having a swimming pool, for example, can seem luxurious or perfectly normal depending on how you decorate it. Beautiful wood panel walls, pristine poolside lounge furniture, and a hot towel service make it a luxury pool setting. It’s the attention to detail and the efforts in little ways to make residents happy that transforms a perfectly normal apartment or condo building into luxury living. If you already like your general design, but it could be better, what you’re looking for is which details aren’t luxurious enough.

Are the light fixtures too bright or too dull? Are the once-shiny handrails scuffed and smudged? If your residents don’t feel like you’ve spent a million dollars to please them, it won’t be ‘luxury.’ While you could start spending on new furniture or replacement parts to spruce up your decor, what if you could change the color and refine the finish on your preexisting assets? This is why your secret trick for affordable luxury spaces is luxury commercial powder coating .

How Powder Coating Works

Powder coating is a unique way to add bright, beautiful colors and rock-hard durable coating to almost any metal object. From light fixtures to bicycle racks, the powder coating service will spray electric-charged pigment particles at a metal object to give it a smooth, drip-free coat. The items are then cured in an oven where the coating softens and melts together forming a beautiful and surprisingly sturdy protective armor. Most powder coating is durable enough for power tools, attractive enough for custom luxury cars, and very resistant to scratches or scuffs.

You can choose a textured smudge-free matte finish all the way to mirrored chrome with every imaginable color available to choose from. It’s also usually much more affordable than buying new fixtures or furniture. But now that you understand the basics of powder coating, you’re probably wondering how it can help your apartment or condo building.

Adding Luxury With Powder Coating

The way powder coating ads luxury to an environment can be explained in one simple word: Color options. As an experiment, look at your common-area light fixtures. What colors are they? Chances are, not a single light fixture is any color other than chrome, some standard metallic shade, white, or black. Finding custom light fixtures in a non-standard color would cost much more than picking something out of a home improvement store’s inventory and people know that. A subtle sign of luxury is the ability to choose unusual colors for standard items like chair frames, railings, and fixtures. If you recall a few magazine displays of luxury environments, a few surprising color accents are almost always part of the beauty of the design.

This is what powder coating can offer you, and a price far lower than commissioning custom pieces for your building. Instead, you can take existing metal, any metal feature in your building, custom-coat it with a color that matches your design, and significantly increases the sense of luxury in any common area. The fact that your unique color scheme can follow through several different fixture designs will only enhance the impression of cheerful luxury.

Bicycle Racks

In the big city, resident bicycles are no laughing matter, and most buildings now have a designated place for residents to park their bicycles safely. But have you ever seen a custom-colored bicycle rack? They do exist, but these unique finds are few and far between considering the thousands of bicycle racks throughout the city. Wherever you have your residents parking their bikes, luxury can start from the ground up by powder coating your metal rack. You can choose a vibrant building theme for a splash of color, or even an alternative metal finish like dark bronze to make your bicycle docking station much more traditionally classy.

Chair and Table Frames

Metal chair and table frames for indoor or outdoor decor are almost always black or some other no-color metal that blends well into the background. But you’re looking for a way to make your luxurious amenities pop instead of blend. Show the unique personality of your building by taking the cushions off your chairs and the non-metal tops off of the tables then powder coating the frames. A beautiful custom coating can make a world of difference when potential residents see your common areas for the first time. From cheerful yellows to relaxing purples, this is your chance to make your building unique.

Light Fixtures

Almost every luxury apartment or condo building experiments with light fixtures and there are literally thousands of different designs to choose from, but just like chairs they almost always come in neutral colors. Unless you’re shopping in the children’s decor sections, vividly colorful light fixtures just aren’t an option. But with powder coating, any metal light fixture can be given the accent color you’ve been dreaming for. Whether this is a particular shade of metal or a subtle way to make your other accent colors pop, custom colored light fixtures add a level of detail most aren’t used to seeing. You can even powder coat metal lamp stands to give each cozy little table its own splash of accent color.

Plumbing Fixtures

Chances are, at least one room in your common areas will feature plumbing fixtures. Whether it’s a shower room off the gym, a rentable commercial kitchen, or just the downstairs bathrooms, your plumbing fixtures say a lot about the luxury of your building. But you don’t have to break the bank on thousand-dollar fixtures to show your residents something new and enjoyable. If you have standard shaped fixtures, consider vivid colors for a bright and cheerful surprise. To update older faucet and knob designs, consider a new refined metal finish in whatever color best suits your latest decorations.

It should also be noted that luxury commercial powder coating is the perfect way to restore and preserve historical fixtures, keeping their classic charm without keeping the chipped paint and outdated colors.

Stair and Pool Railings

One detail no one will expect to see and everyone will love is custom railings. Handrails come in a few very select color options, mainly chrome, copper, or matte black and any variation from this will be a delightful surprise. If your lobby or common areas feature a few stair railings or support bars, get them powder coated in one of your building theme colors to amaze and delight your residents. You can bet this is something no other building on your block has tried and it will give your common areas a truly unique appearance.

Even more interestingly is the potential in your pool. Most pools have a railing at the shallow-end steps and around the ladder out of the deep end, along with a few other places around the facility. Make your resident’s swimming experience like no other by choosing to powder-coat these railings in a shade that is well-complimented by the glittering blue water. A deep purple, for instance, would look beautiful and is a detail none of your swimmers will ever have seen before.

Workout Machine Parts

The exercise equipment in your building gym is among your most costly and valuable asset for luxury city living because almost everyone wants and needs access to a gym. The vast majority of buildings are understandably limited to whatever colors the machines come in. Giving the gym a decoration theme is a matter of flooring, light fixtures, and your color choice for smaller features like shelves and weights. However, if you have a few machines that can be assembled and disassembled easily with all-metal parts, this is a unique opportunity to create a gorgeous customized gym with luxury commercial powder coating.

Imagine your gym with the building colors subtly added to the arms, pedals, or body of your workout machines. This will be a luxury feature that no one else even knows they can achieve and your residents will never have experienced anything like it.

Your Service Equipment

Finally, consider the fact that anything metal in the entire building could theoretically be powder coated, right down to the handyman’s tools and the silverware if your building has a kitchen or restaurant. Consider the sense of oh-so-subtle luxury when your residents call for unit repairs, and their mechanic has a set of tools that beautifully match the building’s theme colors? Or they order a meal from the downstairs restaurant, and the cloches are gleaming in custom colors?

You can powder coat the bell on your concierge desk, the vent covers, the door handles, and latches, literally anything metal. Let your imagination go wild, consult with your interior decorator, and consider the possibilities of affordable powder coating. For more ideas on luxury commercial powder coating, contact TLC Metal today.

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