Get the Most Advanced Laser Cleaning Solutions for Your Restoration

Sep 18, 2017

Restoration projects require hours of detailed work and laying the perfect foundation significantly improves success rates. Experts agree that a perfectly clean, undamaged surface is an essential first step toward a total restoration. Fortunately, at TLC Metal Restoration, we invest in the most advanced laser cleaning solutions to ensure your restoration project is never damaged by cleaning or preparing the surface. If you want to know whether a laser cleaning solution is right for your restoration, read on to learn more about the latest advances in this technology.

laser cleaning solutions

Why are top restorers turning to laser cleaning solutions?

Strip paint without damaging the surface

For delicate restoration projects, stripping the paint manually or using sandblasting techniques can damage detailed metalwork. With laser cleaning, it is easy to strip paint and get down to the bare surface without missing any details or marring the surface. Laser cleaning solutions also remove corrosion without compromising the metal’s integrity, making this a safe choice for projects with heavy rust or corrosion.

Laser cleaning is a top choice for historic restorations, and our cleanLASER CL1000 is the same machine used to clean the largest laser restoration project in the world: the West Block of the Canadian Parliament building. This highly advanced technology works wonders on fragile surfaces while covering a large area. Its versatility makes it a great option for everything from delicate stone facades to automotive frames.

Higher efficiency

Many traditional cleaning methods require a cool-down period, which lets tire molds and other industrial molds return to operating temperature. With our cleanLASER, each mold stays at its operating temperature while the laser completely and safely removes all contaminates.

In addition, older methods require disassembly before cleaning, followed by the complete restoration process and cooling time. Once the product cools, workers reassemble the finished product. These methods waste valuable time and result in higher labor costs. Laser cleaning solutions do not damage working equipment or contaminate machinery, so you save hours of time and labor cost with this solution. The fast set-up time further improves efficiency, and optical fibers make it easy to access parts of the mold that are difficult to reach.

Superior results on difficult projects

According to a Restoration and Remediation article, engineers tried dozens of options to clean an improper sealer off the Oklahoma State Capitol. The sealer attracted red dust, resulting in splotches across the building that proved extremely difficult to remove. Nothing worked well until they tried laser cleaning. The technology was safe and easy to use and effectively removed the contaminates. According to the article, “both the project manager and architectural firm are pleased with the outcome of the laser cleaning trials,” and a spokesperson for the architectural firm said that “Nothing else worked for penetrating the old sealer, including wet chemical processes and micro abrasion.”

Whether the project is metal, stone, or another substrate, laser cleaning is one of the best possible ways to restore your work to its original beauty.

How does laser cleaning work?

Light absorption

Every material on earth absorbs light, but each material absorbs light differently depending on their physical and chemical properties. Using the latest technology, our experts identify all contaminates on the surface of a project, then carefully calibrate the laser to excite the atoms in each contaminate without disturbing the actual surface of the project.

Removing the contaminate

Many people believe that laser cleaning “burns off” the contaminates, but that misconception is far from the truth. After identifying the contaminate, the cleanLASER applies the correct wavelength of light to excite the contaminate’s electrons without disturbing anything else, even working parts that surround the project. The bonds that adhere the contaminate to the surface break, safely releasing the contaminate without affecting the surface below.
Unique cleaning technology

Mechanical cleaning methods typically blast the surface with sand or other materials to remove contaminates. This can damage the underlying surface, especially for delicate projects. Laser cleaning solutions, in contrast, simply separate the contaminate from the surface, creating a perfectly clean surface that responds well to the next steps in the restoration process.

Is laser cleaning right for your project?

Best materials

Because of its unique design, laser cleaning works well with almost any material. Metals like aluminum and steel work well with this technology, which perfectly removes paint, rust, and other contaminates. Tools, heavy equipment, and automotive frames benefit from laser cleaning, especially if you need to remove rust from equipment or the frame of a classic car. However, laser cleaning also works well with architectural elements such as lighting, plumbing materials, and retail shelving.

Options for delicate workmanship

Historians prefer laser cleaning solutions for delicate artifacts because it preserves the original work while effectively removing contaminates. It is great for detailed metalwork, heavily corroded material, or substances prone to damage from sandblasting or chemical cleaning solutions. Preserve sensitive materials and ensure the safety of detailed workmanship with this cleaning method. Laser cleaning solutions eliminate grinding, sanding, and grit blasting, keeping your project safe from cleaning damage.

Better environmental quality

Unlike other cleaning options, laser cleaning solutions are completely free of solvents, water, chemicals, and abrasives. Using this option eliminates dust and noise, creating a better environment for workers and your project. Eliminate the risk of particles returning to the surface of your project. Laser cleaning does not use water, so restorers who use this method reduce the risk of further water damage to the product.

A complete clean

Laser cleaning solutions create a completely clean surface. The process ensures that all areas of your project are oxide-free, preventing rust from forming on the surface of your restoration. This method is also safe for removing hazardous contaminates like paint and metal coatings. Unlike blasting, which may cause hazardous chemicals to form aerosols, laser cleaning easily strips paint, coatings, and finishes without creating an environmental hazard. This method effectively removes all coatings and contaminates. Your surface is ready for restoration after we complete this top-quality cleaning process.

Common applications

Laser cleaning is the perfect solution for automotive and motorcycle restoration. Avoid taking apart your motorcycle to restore individual pieces, or eliminate rust from classic car frames. Residential and commercial architects use this solution, even in high-traffic retail spaces. Endless uses for laser cleaning technology exist in industries that use heavy equipment and commercial products. Historians, conservationists, and restorers regularly choose laser cleaning to preserve artifacts, buildings, and other workmanship.

Where can I find laser cleaning solutions?

As the only owners of a cleanLASER CL1000 in the Northeast, it is our pleasure to offer this advanced technology. If you want top-quality results using the most advanced laser cleaning technology in the region, look no further than Long Island for incredible laser cleaning results. Our new machine offers the latest advances in laser cleaning technology, getting the best results for every customer. To learn more about laser cleaning solutions, contact TLC Metal Works today. Our team of experts is always ready to help you determine which cleaning and restoration options best fit your project. With over 75 years of combined experience, our craftsmen ensure you get the best restoration available. By combining high-tech solutions with our excellent attention to detail and integrity, we make sure every customer gets the best results from their restoration.

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