Top TLC Metal Instagram Powder Coating and Metal Restoration Posts

Jul 30, 2019

The TLC Metal Instagram powder coating and metal restoration page is pure enjoyment for those not only into automotive powder coatings but also those in the retail, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, and infrastructure industries. Sometimes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. We thought that it could be interesting to take a look at some of the top posts to the TLC Metal Instagram powder coating and metal restoration page to see what we learn and enjoy.

Instagram Powder Coating Industrial Scale

Prismatic Powder Coating

One of the first pictures you’ll come across on our Instagram powder coating page is one of a sparkly, gleaming, almost iridescent tire hub cap. The prismatic powder can change something like an everyday hub cap into a work of art. These powders come in a fantastic array of colors ranging from a Roman Bronze to a Baby Rockstar Sparkle. The opportunities are limitless, and you can let your imagination run wild. As you can see, hubcaps are an excellent choice for some prismatic coating. However, any metal object that holds an electrostatic charge and can tolerate high heat levels during the curing process can undergo coating. Get your hubcaps coated at the same time you get that rusty iron garden gate powder coated and save money and time.

Metal Restoration

When a church in the Mineola, New York, asked us to complete a project, we were not sure what this “project” was going to be. It turned out to be a 24k gold crown. Once we saw the piece, we knew we would have to treat this lovely and iconic piece of art with gentleness and, well, TLC, of course. The crown was initially silver, and we plated it in gold. The outcome was dramatic.

Metal plating is an art and something our craftsmen handle at TLC Metalworks frequently.

1982 Donkey Kong, Jr. Cafe Table Arcade Game

This project was an out-of-the-ordinary job we gladly took on because of the rarity of the object and because it brought back so many memories to our team. This vintage table game could usually show up in a restaurant or a bowling alley. We felt we were bringing the 80s back. First, we had to find the colors for the job, or, at least, get close to the original tones. Amazingly, Dark Autumn Orange, a Prismatic Powder, was extremely close to the authentic color. Then there was the matte black for the base, which was easy to find.

Heavy Metal Finishing

If you are looking for quality, professional metal restoration, sandblasting, coating, polishing, and metal resurfacing, you have found the right place here at TLC Metal Restoration. Our team has a combined experience of 75 years. We have years of expertise in:

  • High-volume jobs
  • Rapid turnarounds
  • Commercial and industrial powder coating

Powder Coating Exhaust Extension Tips

Some may be shaking their heads and wondering if exhaust tips can be powder-coated. As you can see by our Instagram photo, the answer is “yes.” Our team coated these Chevy Pick Up tips beautifully. Don’t try this at home, however, because the experts at TLC know what they need to do to make tips withstand the heat that flows through them.

Home Decor Businesses Love TLC Metal Restoration

1. We have several examples of home decor love on our Instagram page we would like to share with you:

The story behind these custom powder coated HVAC grills began when an interior designer asked if we can change the color on her client’s system. Could we powder coat HVAC grills in a more appealing color than galvanized gray? We said we could, and the designer said, “When?”

In the end, we had to have the colors she chose over-nighted, and we had to coat them within three hours of receiving them. We were still working on them at 9:15 p.m. This is a fantastic example of how TLC Metal Restoration goes the extra mile for our customers. We got this job done on time, by the way.

2. The same sort of scenario took place when a designer needed to have these bases coated in a hurry. This picture is taken at 8:45 p.m., and we’re still standin’.

3. When the stylist said the old radiators had to go, we knew we had some powder-coating on our hands. You must admit the darker shade for the radiator heaters is just right.

We Had the honor of working with the NYPD and FDNY

1. The City of New York Police Department did ask us to fabricate this handsome and eye-catching badge wall hanging. We think it turned out pretty well.

2. We did the same sort of thing for the Jackson Heights Fire Department, as well.

3. And we made the same for the FDNY Bronx Fire Department.

Laser Rust Removal

We cannot get enough of our Clean Laser CL1000 rust remover. We are one of the only non-governmental owners of a Clean Laser gun in the Northeast. Once we saw what it could do, you can imagine that we got more Clean laser equipment. This process is one of the ways we get metals ready for coating and polishing. Something is mesmerizing about watching this machine take off the rust.

What a Day!

We were ecstatic when we received this message on July 19, 2018. The Products Finishing Magazine awarded TLC Metal Restoration as one of the Product Finishing Top Shops for 2018. We were one of 50 such shops in the nation to win this prestigious recognition. They called us one of the best-of-the-best. Wow!

2000 piece Production run of fire escape ladders

When safety and large volumes are a mission critical part of your industrial powder coating needs, TLC Metal has a proven track recort of successful jobs like this 2000 piece fron of fire escape ladders.

1950s Hand-Crafted Round Brass Serving Dish

When the dish was brought into our business by the customer, it was needing a little TLC. During the process of restoring the piece, TLC:

  • Removed all stubborn varnish by using a Laser Clean treatment
  • Polished to a #8 pure high mirror finish
  • Powder-coated the piece with a high-gloss bright finish
  • Translated the hand-crafted script on the plate (It said, “Patience is the Key to Success.”)
  • The customer who brought the dish into TLC was cleaning out the attic and found this gorgeous vintage plate. As it turns out, her grandfather made the piece, by hand, over 60 years ago. She came to us and asked if anything could be done to clean it.
  • We were teasing her and said the piece would at least look a bit better than it does now.

When she saw the finished plate, she was overwhelmed by it. It was so fabulous to be a part of this story and allow this family to enjoy the plate for many years to come. Who knows, it may be passed down in the family for another 60 years.

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This 1950’s beautiful Hand Crafted 32” Round Brass serving dish came in for some TLC⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️the services we provided to our customer: •Complete Metal Restoration •We removed all stubborn tarnish w/ Laser Clean treatment •Polished to #8 true High mirror finish •Powder Coated w/ high Gloss Clear👌🏽 •translated the hand crafted script on the plate for which says “Patients is the Key to Success” 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 The shared story about this item was; the customer was cleaning out the attic and found this amazing piece, her great grand father made over 60 years ago by hand. And she wanted to know if there was anything we can do for it. So we teased her a little bit and said “it will look a 👌🏽 little better than its current state😂🤣”, clearly we were being very modest🤣 Overall, It was an absolute pleasure to be apart of this item and bring joy to this family and its heirloom so it can be passed on for another 60years👍🏼👌🏽💪🏽💪🏽 🔥🔥🔥 ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ #metal #restoration #finishing #coating #powder #pusher #restorationhardware #p #industrialdesign #fancy #interiordesign #steampunk #distressed #diy #homedecor #nyc #ny #manhattan #longisland #flatiron #steel #metalart #powdercoat #queens #brooklyn #westchester #finesse #mineola @tlc_metal_restoration

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50s Chevy Truck

From its low-rider tires to its “just like new” chrome grille, this truck is one-of-a-kind. Its terrific rims say it all, and the running boards take us back to the joy of the open road. This baby was a workhorse, too. We think this is one of our favorite projects of all times.

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More photos of the wheels and trim we did for this awesome #Chevy #3100 #pickup #truck that was brought back to life by @thecustomshopnyc inside and out. Adding power windows, locks, radio, air conditioning, double insulated dynamat, fresh paint, interior, motor overhaul, exhaust, fresh chrome, new exterior lights, custom dash and air ride suspension to handle the tough streets of NYC. These boys went all out with a 2 week turnaround deadline, without compromising quality & craftsmanship🤯this is who #thecustomshopnyc is👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽it was a pleasure to be apart of that build👏🏽👏🏽 Good job, keep up the great work #🔥 #💯 #💪🏽 👍🏼 LiKE, & FOLLOW #powdercoat #mineola #wheel #wheels #rim #rims #trim #ny #statenisland #newyork #nyc #brooklyn #queens #bronx #manhattan #nj #newjersey #longisland #followme #classic @tlc_metal_restoration @themobnyc

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You have got to see the rims before and after, also.

Almost Time for the Fourth of July

Who would not want to have a powder-coated jacks stand decorated with the Stars and Stripes? Nobody!


Yes, from time to time, we find ourselves helping folks in the fashion industry. When the white finish on these clothing racks was just not right, we stepped in to save any possibility of a faux-pas. We liked the new colors better also.

TLC Metal Restoration had these racks picked-up and delivered in one day. That’s what we call service.

Our Jeep Color-Change Package

Here we have the results of one of our best customer’s choice to change the color of her Jeep. The package includes bumpers, springs, control arms, “D” rings, transfer case cover, and jack for one affordable price. This deal was quite a hit.

TLC Metal Restoration appears in the Blue Book, Building & Construction Network.

This photo is an excellent example of our powder coating talents. Powder coating results in a more durable finish than some of the traditional paints. Metal surfaces that were powder-coated exhibit better impact resistance and improved wear over time, which boosts preservation for more extended periods. TLC provides powder coatings for commercial, retail, consumer, and automotive arenas.

Our company offers a range of colors and custom-matching if required. Finishes include:

  • Gloss
  • Semi-gloss
  • Matte
  • Textured

What makes textured pain exciting is that the powder coating process allows for features such as:

  • Hammered
  • Wrinkled
  • Sandpaper

Founded in 2004, TLC Metal Restoration, Inc.does it all. Our company provides commercial powder-coating and metal finishing services, architectural powder-coating and metal finishing services, sandblasting, laser stripping, metal polishing, metal plating, rim repair, equipment distribution, and more. Contact TLC Metal Restoration today and let us help you with all your powder coating and metal restoration needs. Visit our Instagram powder coating page.