Make Parks and Parking Lots Safer with Infrastructure Powder Coating

Oct 23, 2019

Parks and parking lots are safer with infrastructure powder coating. Keeping a park or parking lot or both in good condition is more work than most people realize. Infrastructure powder coating can help reduce maintenance. Each park bench and water fountain must be maintained, and when the original factory finish paint starts to chip, it’s the beginning of the end. Most park managers and city officials who manage the many high-traffic areas in New York City understand the benefits of a long-lasting and rust-resistant infrastructure powder coating. The importance of a finish that won’t chip away cannot be understated.

Infrastructure Powder Coating Parking Lot Railing

This is exactly why infrastructure powder coating is the ideal solution for park features and fixtures. Powder coating is a unique method of applying pigment and protective sealant to metal items. Unlike paint, which features toxic liquid solvents that evaporate away, powder coating is sprayed on using dry beads of pigment and sealant, applied via static electricity in an even coat over a metal item. The item is then cured in an oven where the beads melt and form a solid, vivid, weather-resistant, and unscratchable coat.

But just how useful is infrastructure powder coating for your city park or neighborhood playground? Let’s examine each way that powder coating can make public places safer and more beautiful when applied to metal components or entire items.

Features that Should have Infrastructure Powder Coating


Any metal feature of your playgrounds can be cleaned and refinished with durable and brightly colored powder coating.

Park Benches

Say goodbye to rusty park benches. Powder coating can restore the metal bench structure and prevent rusting in the future.

Picnic Tables and Grills

Picnic areas can be disassembled and powder-coated piece by piece with new vivid colors and weather-resistance.

Exercise Equipment

The exercise equipment along your jogging track is light and easy to refinish with powder coating. Your local exercise enthusiasts will appreciate the new color and perfectly resurfaced equipment.

Water Fountains

Water fountains need to be in top condition to stay sanitary and trustworthy. Powder coating can restore old water fountains.


Brightly colored and rust-free fences are a serious boost to neighborhood security. Your current fences can be restored with powder coating.

Safety Rails and Railings

Every rail, railing, and metal post in your park can be refinished with powder coating to create a complete and sleek new look for the park and prevent future rust.

Sports Equipment and Bleachers

Whether your park features tennis, basketball, or frisbee golf, the sporting equipment can be restored and powder-coated along with the bleachers for spectators.

Water Features and Sculptures

The metal decor of your park can also be powder coated and completely renewed if you can bring it in. Fountains, water park features, and statues are all welcome for powder coating.

Boating Equipment

If your park offers canoes, kayaks or pedal boats with oxidizing metal parts, these valuable assets can be restored with powder coating and put back to work as recreational watercraft.

Parking Lot Railings

If your park features a parking lot for visitors, then you no doubt have an abundance of metal road barriers that take a regular beating. Powder coating can restore the finish and provide sturdy protection for long-term resistance to scuffs and scratches.

Park Bathroom Fixtures

Last but certainly not least is your park bathrooms. If your bathrooms look shabby from old metal fixtures, you can completely restore the look and long-term durability of your restrooms without investing in all-new fixtures. Powder coating is great for bathroom renovations of all kinds, parks included.

How City Parks Benefit from Industrial Powder Coating

Longer Lasting Finishes

Powder coating has an incredibly long damage-free lifespan compared to painting. The finishes, whether you choose pigment, metal finish, or clear, will last for many years. Unlike paint, which must be reapplied every few years like clockwork or the chipping and rusting begin, powder coating forms a solid coat that is difficult to damage and lasts for many years. You may eventually need to reapply, but powder coating is notorious for providing reliable outdoor sealant and vivid color for outdoor features, even those that are not regularly maintained.

Powder Coating Doesn’t Chip

Paint in a public setting has a set lifespan. You know that every piece of metal will need to be repainted every few years as scratches, harsh weather, and normal wear-and-tear eventually cause even the sturdiest outdoor paint to start chipping. The chipping starts small, but soon, the elements and curious children will pick the chipped-away spots larger and larger. For repainted features, the ‘low’ places covering previously chipped paint are more susceptible to chip again.

But not industrial powder coating. Industrial powder coating is applied in a way that does not chip. You won’t see big scratches or initials carved in powder-coated park features. And you won’t see tree branches or weather wear causing your powder coating to chip away in sections. Powder coating is highly resistant to chipping and does not chip away as part of the aging process. So you can stop worrying about paint chipping decaying your features and displeasing your local park-goers.

Prevent Rust and Oxide for Outdoor Metal

The thing you probably care most about, however, is the fact that powder coating protects your metal features from rust. Here in NYC, rust is the primary concern of all outdoor metal features. Fences, playgrounds, water fountains, and light posts are all susceptible to the constant seaside humidity that oxidizes aluminum and rusts iron and steel without fail. When paint chips, it exposes the metal to the constant rust. When seal coats wear away, the problem caused is exposure to rust.

Powder coating’s unstoppable surface protection is not only long-lasting and chip-resistant, but it also reliably prevents the development of rust on coated metal items, no matter how big, small, or what color you choose to coat with. Powder coating seals in the metal so that it cannot possibly be exposed to the humid air in order to form rust or oxide. So your fences will not rust, your playground bars and slides will not rust — not even the metal frames of your park benches. Powder coat the screws, and they won’t rust into the wood slats either.

Resistant to Fading in Direct Sunlight

In all the humidity and weather, we still get plenty of direct sunlight. Unfortunately for you, paint tends to fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Even if it doesn’t wear away, the pigment will fade over time, becoming closer and closer to white and further from your bright and welcoming intended color scheme.

Faded paint makes your facility look unmaintained, even when they are well cared for. But Powder coating doesn’t fade. With the right mixture of pigment and sealant, you can be sure that your powder-coated park features will node fade in direct sunlight over the years. The colors of your playgrounds and park benches will remain vivid and delightful to park-goers for years to come.

Bright Fresh Finishes Improve Neighborhood Safety

In fact, that vivid un-fading pigment has more than just an aesthetic value. It also has a security value. A park that is shiny and appears well cared for is much less likely to draw dangerous or itinerant visitors. People who want to use the park as a shelter or as a place for shady activities will find the metal amenities clean and bright. When your fences are rusting and your benches, tables, guardrails, and more look unmaintained for years, your property values can drop.

With powder coating, your everything metal will look, feel, and can become a safer place because you are eliminating the chance of decay.

Refinishing is More Affordable than Replacement

If you’ve been thinking about replacing a few old pieces of equipment, you may be able to save yourself some expense with industrial powder coating. The process of powder coating involves stripping, sanding, and buffing before the item is coated in a layer of rock-solid pigment and sealant. The sanding and buffing process can blast away all old paint and layers of rust to the strong solid metal below.

Through this method and other metal restoration techniques, you can give a second life to park features that currently seem too rusty to keep. For solid metal features, the rust and other types of oxide can be stripped away and refinished with powder coating. In this way, you can be confident of the real strength of the metal without worry that they will rust again.

Refinishing and restoring your metal features is far more affordable than replacing them each time the NYC weather wears away the sealant and causes a layer of rust. Powder coating can save you a bundle and gives you the opportunity to redecorate colorfully without buying new features.

Keep Residents Happy with Pristine Feature Finish

As a manager, you also know the importance of keeping the local residents happy with the state of your facility. Chipping paint is bad for business, and residents will complain if they think the park is becoming unsafe for children to play or for people to exercise. The opinion of your residents will determine how much the area is used and whether it’s a warm and welcoming place to be. Industrial powder coating can help make it a rust-free experience where paint never chips off the playground features, and no one ever acquires rust stains from park benches.

Powder coating provides colorfully vivid coatings for you while protecting them from rust, so you can create a bright and pleasing environment. There won’t even be signs of old layers of paint, because the powder coating process strips away all imperfections before the coating is applied. You will be happy to see beautiful and solid coats on all metal features.

Completely Reimagine Your City Park Color Palette

Finally, restoring your public facility’s metal features with industrial powder coating is a chance to apply an artists’ eye to your design. With this one maintenance project, you can completely reimagine the color palette of your metal features. You can color-coordinate the railings, or color-code them by purpose instead. You can make features more vibrant, and the picnic areas more welcoming with a new color scheme.

Apply your own vision or consult with a designer who knows their way around parks and landscaping to use this opportunity and redecorate your outdoor facility. The hues available through powder coating include every color on the palette, so the freedom to design is yours.

City and neighborhood facilities have a great deal to gain from restoring metal features with industrial powder coating from TLC Metal. Rather than buying new features or allowing rust and layers of chipping paint to continue, you can fully restore your features to their original glory with new durability and a whole new color scheme. For more insights into infrastructure powder coating in the NYC area, contact TLC Metal today! Our expert team is ready to offer consultations or start working toward your restoration goals.