The Diverse Uses for Industrial Powder Coating on Long Island

Feb 17, 2020

Are you looking for the best industrial powder coating on Long Island? It’s no surprise that powder coating is so popular with both consumer and commercial markets. But powder coating is also an essential service for many industries, from manufacturing to construction. Powder coating is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. It has many advantages to paint, and durability is only the beginning. Industrial powder coating offers protection to machinery, the longevity of coating, and is even considered to be highly eco-friendly in comparison to traditional paint. Even paint designed for industrial purposes will eventually fade, flake, and leave your machinery unprotected. There might even be a risk of paint chips falling into your products or the lost coverage, exposing your machinery to rusting or corrosion.

Industrial Powder Coating on Long Island

When you powder-coat your industrial equipment, there’s no need to worry about chipping or rusting since powder coating bonds to the metal itself in a flexible. If you need to refinish your industrial machinery, equipment, or tools, or if you’re looking to set up a system that will last longer than manufacturer paint finish, then powder coating can help.

Industries that Benefit from Powder Coating

Industrial powder coating on Long Island is useful in a very wide variety of industrial applications. It is particularly useful for industries that value long-lasting coating on machinery and tools. Many industries can benefit from long-lasting finishes, but a few, in particular, are picking up powder coating with enthusiasm due to the value of its application.

Medical Industry

The medical industry benefits from any way to improve the quality of equipment and metal tools. Medical facilities invest in both advanced and basic equipment that needs to last a long time in order to make the most of the facility’s budget. From advanced testing machinery to carts and shelves, powder coating offers both durability and safety. In a medical context, powder coating ensures that paint chips and corrosion never put a patient or test results at risk. The coating can also make it easier to keep tools and other equipment sterile, in good condition, and attractive enough to inspire confidence in nervous patients.


The construction industry has every reason to invest in powder coating because long-lasting finishes are great for both your company and your clients. Powder-coated equipment used in construction can mean that your equipment doesn’t get scratched, doesn’t corrode, and looks great for years longer than they would with a painted-on factory finish. As for what is constructed, powder coating offers clients a long-lasting and vividly colorful selection, which can be a huge selling point.


Powder coating is immensely useful for the manufacturing industry. No other coating is as durable and reliable because powder coating bonds with the metal surface of the manufacturing machinery. Manufacturing equipment and machinery need to perform reliably and to avoid rust and corrosion with absolute durability. Any flaw in the finish can damage the products manufactured.

Consumer Products

Of course, the products manufactured also benefit from powder coating for the same reason that construction has picked up powder coating for metal construction materials. Powder coating in appliances and equipment for consumers offers a lasting finish that will serve customers damage-free for years.

Powder Coating Industrial Equipment

When your business requires special equipment to provide goods and services, no doubt you want the best equipment on the market and within your company’s budget. Not only do you need highly functional equipment, but you also need the finish on that equipment to last. Industrial powder coating on Long Island can offer some serious benefits.

Heavy-Duty Use

What happens when industrial equipment is heavily used every day for years? Eventually, the factory-finish paint wears away. Even a clear-coat over metal can wear away over time as two parts of the machine rub against each other. When you use equipment heavily, the finish doesn’t always last. In fact, it rarely does.

If you have new equipment and have seen similar equipment with a worn finish, then preemptively powder-coating is a great way to ensure many years of pristine performance. And if you have older equipment that has already started to show signs of wear, then sending your equipment in for powder coating can restore it to a nearly new quality. It will look better, the parts will last longer, and you won’t have to worry about chips or shreds of the old finish getting into your products.

Extreme Weather Resistance

For businesses with outdoor equipment or who work outdoors, as with construction or landscaping, then powder coating has an additional purpose. It is highly weather-resistant. Metal outdoors has a high risk of rusting or corroding in the weather, especially after a few years when the factory finish starts to wear away. With powder coating, your outdoor equipment can last rust-free.

It’s important for a company’s equipment to look good in order to inspire confidence in clients and even in employees. A factory finish that is wearing away makes the company look old and worn. Powder coating offers vivid color and finish options and will keep your equipment new-looking for many years.

Powder Coating Manufacturing Machinery

You could say that manufacturing machinery is always facing heavy-duty use because it never stops running. Whatever you manufacture, those machines need to be finely tuned and kept in top condition in order to create high-quality products. You can’t afford for rust, corrosion, or paint chips to put your operations in jeopardy, which is why industrial powder coating on Long Island is so valuable for your manufacturing machinery.

Prevent Corrosion

When paint chips, it leaves a small section of the metal machinery exposed. This exposed metal is now susceptible to moisture and aerated chemicals, which can cause slow integral damage. Moisture can cause both rust and other types of corrosion, resulting in decay and damage to your machinery. Powder coating never chips and is therefore perfect for protecting machinery from rust and corrosion.

Vivid Color Coding

One thing that is often overlooked is that powder coating comes in a wide array of pigment colors. This gives you the opportunity to color-code every piece of your machinery for functional purposes. You can separate each processing segment by color, or color them based on individual function, or based on the level of danger involved with interacting with each piece of machinery.

Protect Moving Parts

When two pieces of machinery rub against each other, the factory-finish can wear off much faster. But not powder coating. Powder coating is highly scuff-resistant and can be made with a smooth finish that softly brushes against itself when two moving parts touch. Powder coating is a great way to prevent moving parts from taking damage over time.

Zero Chance of Paint Flakes

The last thing your manufacturing business needs is contamination due to falling paint flakes. This can put the quality and safety of your products at risk. Because powder coating bonds with the metal directly, there’s no risk of finding bits of powder coating finish in your products no matter how many years pass.

Long Lifespan for Minimal Maintenance

Finally, you need machinery that requires as little maintenance as possible. While, of course, you will be performing regular maintenance checks, a low-maintenance finish takes one more task off your long list of inspection points to cover. Powder coating is extremely low-maintenance and needs only to be kept clean while offering highly reliable performance for years.

Powder Coating Workshop Tools

If your business offers workshop services or has an internal workshop for company purposes, you need tools built to last. Many businesses replace their tools or work with tools that look increasingly worn over the years. Powder coating offers an interesting alternative. You can prep, customize, or completely refurbish the tools and equipment in your workshop.

Renovate Existing Tools

When tools get old, they appear badly scuffed and often begin to rust as the factory clear-coat wears away after years of heavy use. Tools stored damp climates or environments may rust. Painted tools can look particularly bad and become difficult or unpleasant to work with. But with powder coating, you don’t need to buy new tools for a clean, rust-free surface. Powder coating will sandblast away any flaws and old finishes, then provide a new highly durable finish so your favorite tools can serve for many years more.

Strengthen Tools

Tools that are used in heavy-duty work like automotive repair need to be kept strong with a reliable coating. Powder coating is not just durable. It’s also flexible. This means that if your tools flex, so does the coating. You can coat new tools to keep them from wearing down with heavy use, providing greater strength to each tool that is coated. Without the risk of paint chipping if the tool flexes with use.

Color-Code Tools and Sets

Finally, there is a great deal for color-coded sets of tools. No matter what type of workshop your business has, the tools within are usually sorted by use, by set, or by assigned user. And there are so many ways that color-coding can be of use. Color within a set can help your team quickly identify each size or purpose of the tool in a diverse kit, and color between sets can help you ensure that each set remains whole and un-mixed with similar sets. You can even powder coat more than one color to achieve more than one color-coding scheme to keep your workshop efficient and organized.

The Eco-Friendly Bonus

Finally, there’s an eco-friendly bonus. If your business is always looking for practices that are sustainable and beneficial to the environment, powder coating is a fantastic alternative to paint. Powder coating is applied with electro-static charge and baked on. This avoids the toxic liquid solvents of paint, solvents that evaporate into the air to leave the pigment behind. When too much paint is applied, it drips onto the floor or down a drain and is lost, possibly to pollute further. When powder coating beads from the spraying gun miss their mark, they can be recollected and sprayed again when a clean application area is used. This is how powder coating reduces pollution and avoids waste, making it a notably eco-friendly alternative.

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