Choose the Best Industrial Metal Refinishing Services Your Business

Apr 1, 2019

TLC Metal specializes in industrial metal refinishing services. If you have metal parts or hardware that have years of buildup and corrosion damage, you do not have to replace them. A thorough restoration can return the metal to its original gleam and protect the parts for years to come. Cleaned and powder coated metal components are not just beautiful, they are also more resilient. We regularly process bulk industrial metal refinishing orders while ensuring that every single part is cleaned, stripped, and buffed, polished or coated. Our powder coating employs the best quality powder coating material to give your metal extra protection and a beautiful, custom finish.

High-Volume Industrial Metal Refinishing Services

Metal refinishing is the process of removing buildup, polishing, and adding a protective coating to metal tools and pieces. The metal refinishing process can transform old and battered parts to gleaming new with years of use left in them.

Unpolished and worn industrial parts look old. They can even look unsafe. But underneath the years of grease, stains, and dirt, most metal parts just to be restored and powder coated, not replaced. During the industrial metal refinishing processes at TLC Metal Restoration, our trained experts can:

  • Laser strip or sandblast parts to remove layers of contamination and buildup without damaging the surface underneath.
  • Smooth the smooth to remove burrs, sharp edges, and shavings of metal so that the finished product is safe to the touch.
  • Polish and buff surfaces to remove light scratches, return a mirror finish or luster to the surface.
  • Add a layer of protective powder coating. This layer does not just seal the surface against water damage or protect against cracks and chips. It can be specially formulated to withstand impact damage, chemicals, and even UV radiation.

What Metal Items Are Appropriate for Metal Refinishing

Any metal items that you use in your industrial setting are prime candidates for refinishing. Vehicles, shelves, and mechanical equipment can be assembled and individually refinished to protect it from age-related damage, corrosion, and chemicals. Even the architectural parts of your building, such as railings, corner guards, and lighting can be refinishing and protected. Talk to the TLC Metal team about the best procedures for restoring industrial metal items that contain aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and zinc.

Applications for Industrial Metal Refinishing

Our experts have a combined seventy-five years of experience. During that time, they have seen industrial metal refinishing orders of all kinds and sizes. The most common applications include these five.

  • Coat your safety equipment. The metal hardware near eyewash and emergency showers need to be able to withstand chemical damage and regular contact with water. Firefighting equipment and any smoke or chemical detection apparatus onsite also need to be regularly repaired and protected.
  • Protect industrial equipment from damage. Mechanical tools, forklifts, and other heavy equipment in your warehouse can get damaged after years of heavy use. The metal refinishing processes can peel away the buildup that is causing malfunctions and powder coating can seal the parts against future damage.
  • Restore and recover warehouse shelving and rails. Shelving and rails have safety regulations with which they must comply. These focus on structural integrity, ADA compliance, visibility, and strength. If your shelving and rails are unstable or developing corrosion, a thorough restoration can catch up with the problem before it is too late.
  • Refinish infrastructural pieces and fixtures. The entirety of your workplace faces the same or tighter regulations. Make sure your building’s infrastructural pieces are both up to snuff and make a good impression with on-site customers or vendors.
  • Every exterior metal surface needs a powder coat. Exposed metal is vulnerable to corrosion and damage. It can also be dangerous for your workers once the metal is chipped or develops sharp edges.

There is no limit to what industrial metal refinishing can do to protect your business, your equipment, and your workers.

High-Quality Metal Refinishing Makes Your Business Stronger

If you have been considering metal refinishing for a while, but you are still on the fence, do not wait until your shelves are too corroded to save or your industrial equipment breaks down. Instead, use the processes to maximize all of the advantages possible.

Advantages of Protecting Parts with Industrial Metal Refinishing

Metal refinishing covers a lot of ground. It removes damage and gets rid of seemingly permanent stains to make things safer and easier to use. The powder coating finish also protects the metal long-term. It even makes the parts eye-catching and can strengthen your brand. Overall, the top five advantages of industrial metal refinishing are that you and your company can:

  • Expand your color options with custom powder coatings and mixes. Powder coats can be mixed down to the RGB code to match your brand or company colors.
  • Choose the textured finish that is just right. Powder coating gives you more than only color options. You can choose between textures so as matte, candy, and chromed.
  • Protect the metal and give it a longer lifespan. Ultimately, powder coating is about protection. The hardened layer of powder deflects physical damage away from the surface. It also protects the surface, so your employees feel safer holding and operating the parts.
  • Protect the interior and exterior of all your metal parts. Every inch of your industrial parts deserves protection, and that includes the interior. If you have interlocking parts that come into contact with each other, layers of grease, or gallons of chemicals over the years, different sections need different types of restoration and coating.
  • Add extra protection to the surface coating. Powder coating does not just provide color or another layer that damage has to work through before it reaches your part. It is specially formulated to resist the hazards of your workplace environment.

Whether powder coating is appealing because you have aesthetic needs or because you want your equipment and building to be safer, powder coating is the right choice.

What to Look for in an Industrial Metal Refinishing Company

When searching for a metal refinishing vendor, it is essential to look for an experienced and professional company. TLC Metal is proud to be a family-owned and operated company with decades of experience in industrial metal refinishing and restoration. Always look for a company with a long history of excellent service and project completion. Look for a professional business that uses the best equipment and materials in the industry.

  • Regional Experience. If your commercial building is in New York City or Long Island, you need to protect your metal parts from the elements. All exposed metal must be protected against corrosion from the salty, humid air, cold weather and chemical pollution. Always work with a regional service that knows the right refinishing processes for the environment.
  • Scalable Services. No matter what size your order, TLC Metal is happy to help restore your metal equipment, shelving, antiques, tools and more. Don’t face delays or bottlenecks that can draw out your renovation project. We regularly work with large orders, so you have the peace of mind to focus on your business.
  • Custom Processes. We have the tools and equipment to get your industrial metal orders refinished the way you want them. Because you have larger restoration orders, we can help you choose the custom coloring and protective elements in your powder coating that smaller orders cannot access.
  • Quality Customer Service. Customer service matters. Look for professionals who take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.
  • Fast Turnaround Times. Giving up your equipment or your shelves for even a short period can have a significant impact on your business despite the long-term benefits. We know that you want your orders rapidly completed, that is why our team focuses on quick, comprehensive refinishing procedures.

TLC Metal for all your Industrial Metal Refinishing Needs

Whether restoring old or large equipment in your warehouse, or you have two hundred retail stores that need powder coated shelving in a custom color, TLC Metal is an industry leader. We can refinish the metal to meet OSHA’s requirements for safety, visibility, and durability to keep your workers safe. We regularly handle a wide range of metal refinishing and restoration services for a variety of industries.

To ensure your metal projects are done correctly, always use a metal refinishing company who understands the intricacies of this unique material. Contact TLC Metal or call us at (516)780-0110. Visit our Mineola location today for all of your industrial metal refinishing needs.