6 Benefits of Using High-Volume Powder Coating Shops for Your Business

May 14, 2019

Have you been looking for high-volume powder coating shops? If you want to give your customers high-quality metal products that are built to last, the right powder coating company can help. Look for shops that offer high-volume runs and can handle the powder coating process from the initial stripping and cleaning of the components to the final cure and polish. Every piece of raw metal needs a protective finish to keep it safe. Both wet application paints and dry application powder coating provide a layer of protection that can ward off damage and extend the lifespan of the substrate. But if you’re looking for long-lasting reliability, look into the high-volume powder coating shops in your area instead of paint.

High Volume Powder Coating Shops Assembly Line

Powder coating processes use electrostatic attraction to make the powder adhere to the surface of the part, fixture, or equipment getting coated. The negatively-charged powder binds tightly to the ground substrate surface. That means each particle of powder adheres first to the surface itself rather than the surrounding powder, so scratches, abrasions, and dents can’t spread like with ripped paint. During the curing process, thermoplastic powders develop an additional bond between the particles of powder.

The materials themselves also add a layer of protection against damage. Depending on the material of the substrate, experienced powder coating technicians can pair it with the right powder components for the strongest bond. They can also mix in dry powders that protect the substrate specifically against:

  • Salt spray and weathering (PVC powder coating)
  • Chemical resistance (Urethane acrylics)
  • Friction and abrasion (Nylon)
  • Corrosion and physical impact (Polyester TGIC powder coating)
  • Every agent added to the powder adds another layer of protection and custom appearance for long-term use.

No matter what business you’re in, more and more of your customers are going to be worried about the environment. Going green and minimizing your company’s chemical footprint is a great marketing tactic. Also, an increasing number of state and local programs either penalize companies for excessive environmental damage or incentivize companies and facilities to become low-impact (such as with New York’s recent focus on LEED certification).

The powder coating process doesn’t require any solvents, and that reduces air pollution and chemical contamination in your area’s water system. Because there are no solvents, there are few, if any, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into the air.

There are secondary positive environmental impacts, too. Powder coating is a dry process, which means excess powder can be collected and reused with much less waste than painting processes. Powder coating also requires less energy consumption for ventilation, filtration, and exhaust systems.

At the end of the day, your company needs to find protective coatings that increase revenue and decrease expenses. Powder coating requires less material than most other organic finishes, and you can also save money because of the reduced product waste. High-volume shops can also process large loads faster, which means your company can spend less time on each project from start to finish. Because powder coating protections last longer than paint, your company also saves money in the long-term because you have to reapply the finish less often (or replace warranty-protected items). Your customers can rely on parts or equipment for longer without interruption.

Different powders also come at different price points. Experienced powder coating companies can help you find the strongest layers of protection for your budget. Polyolefin powders, for example, provide durability, chemical and electrical resistance, and easy cleanability at a low cost.

Once you decide that powder coating is the right choice for your company’s products, look for a high-volume powder coating shop that can handle your project efficiently. Consider these six benefits of using high-volume powder coating shops for your business:

1. Select from a bigger range of custom colors, finishes, and features.

One of the best features of powder coating is its customizability. You can select everything from the key protective features of the powder composition to the exact hue and texture. Larger companies have access to a wider variety of options because they regularly handle more capacity. Smaller shops tend to have a smaller selection of basic powder coating options, and any custom powder compositions will come at a much higher per unit cost.

If you have a high-volume run you need to be completed, then large facilities may already have the powder combinations and amounts you need. They can also order materials at a lower per unit cost if you’re ordering finishes for large volume orders. Even if your project is on the smaller end of the scale, working with a high-volume powder coating shop can still give you access to a greater array of powders with a cost-prohibitive price tag.

2. Benefit from experienced professionals.

Lots of smaller shops have experienced powder coating experts, but they may have new or self-trained owners just starting out instead. Look for high-capacity services that have decades of experience in the business. Larger companies are a better guarantee of quality because:

They have more niche experts. Larger facilities have more employees, and they bring a diverse array of expertise into the shop. Reach out and see the vendor you’re looking at has a specialist in the specific tools or products you need powder coated.
Larger companies have more standardized quality assurance. As service companies get larger, they set their standards in procedural stone. That standardization is precisely what you need when you have a large order of substrates and you need each one to be as identical as possible.

The employees are familiar with a wider array of powder combinations, substrates, and equipment techniques. Just like larger facilities have a greater niche knowledge pool, their employees have more technical experience with a wider variety of tools and processes. That means you have to worry about fewer rookie mistakes and user errors.

3. High-volume powder coating shops can fulfill large orders faster.

Time is money, and speed means you have more time for more projects. If you have a high-capacity order, smaller powder coating shops can only fulfill it by breaking it into batches. Even if everything runs as smoothly as possible, that causes a lot of lag time. You may also have to store the batches until the order is complete and you can send them to their next destination.

High-volume shops can handle projects in just one batch. That means you only have to account for the processing time of one cleaning, coating, and curing cycle. Also, because everything is being handled at once, the parts will come out with a more standardized finish that hasn’t been altered by changes in climate or managing technicians.

4. Remove the inconsistencies that come from using multiple vendors.

Another possible shortcut around the time constraint of using small-capacity shops is to work with multiple vendors. However, this can result in wide inconsistencies in terms of quality, material composition, and even the color and texture of the finish. Different companies use different powder manufacturers and equipment, too.

High-volume powder coating shops can mix all of the powder for your project in a single batch so every product is treated with identical protective material. Working with one provider also means you need one point of contact instead of trying to juggle multiple companies and procedures. If you have large orders and you want a simple process from start to finish, work with a single vendor who can handle everything.

5. High-volume vendors have professional equipment.

Powder coating uses a lot of specialty equipment. The cleaning processes, application procedures, and curing stages all need equipment that creates optimal finishing conditions so the finish stays strong for years. Larger companies are much more likely to have the equipment that will help ensure a reliable outcome. They are also more likely to have equipment that best suits different substrates and different powder coats.

6. High-volume powder coating companies can handle smaller runs.

Once you find a trusted service provider for all of your large orders, you don’t have to shop around for a smaller company for smaller orders and projects. Instead, talk to your high-volume powder coating company about using their services for smaller runs. They have the facility, equipment, and expertise to make sure your smaller orders have the same high-quality finish as your other orders. Once you already have an established relationship and your company has them listed as a vendor, that also makes all further transactions easier for your company to process.

Powder coating is a great choice for your company’s products. Using a high-volume powder coating shop makes the end product even better. TLC Metal Restorations has decades of experience in providing professional metal finishes and powder coating treatments. Contact the TLC Metal team today to talk about your order and how we can deliver the strongest powder coating services in the area.