High Quality Chrome Plating on Long Island

Jul 14, 2017

Anyone can create shine on a polished aluminum surface, but nothing compares to real chrome plating. High-quality chrome plating Long Island creates a brighter finish with a clearer, more mirror-like reflection than other materials. The glint of true chrome plating is impossible to replicate, making it a must-have coating for classic automotive hardware and decorative finishes. However, chrome plating that lasts requires patience, expertise, and a detailed procedure. How does the chrome plating process work, and how do you find the company that is right for you? Many businesses on Long Island offer chrome plating, but how do you find a business with the experience, work ethic, and patience to create a perfect finish? Use our guide to find out.

chrome plating long island

How does chrome plating work?

Understanding chrome plating

Chrome plating uses the element chromium to create a barrier between the original metal and the elements. Moist air and rain quickly corrode many metals, but a high-quality chrome finish protects the metal from other elements. There are two types of chrome plating. Hard chrome plating is non-decorative and uses a thicker coat of chromium. It is typically used for mechanical parts and engineering. This process has less shine and is mainly used to protect the steel.

Decorative chrome plating

Most individuals are more familiar with nickel-chrome or “decorative” chrome plating. This creates the shiny, bluish glint seen on classic cars, home furnishings, restored antiques, and architecture. This stunning finish also protects metals from moisture and the elements. It requires specialized techniques, proper waste disposal, and professional technicians to create a truly protective coating.

High-quality techniques matter

Chrome plating is a complicated process, and quality dramatically affects the result. The electroplating process requires specific materials for a finish that lasts. Real chrome plating is always applied through electroplating. If an object is dipped into a liquid or a technician uses a spray-on application, it is not real chrome.

Proper application

Electroplating is the only way to apply this material. The process uses electric current to apply extremely thin, even layers of chrome. Highly qualified craftsmen will suggest specific types of nickel and possibly copper for your project. Good companies evaluate minimum thickness points on each piece to ensure a perfect system of layers that protect your metal from heat, humidity, and other elements.

Is a chrome restoration any different from regular chrome plating?

If you hope to restore a treasured antique or return a classic car to its original splendor, you want more than the typical chrome plating process. Restorations require the highest quality workmanship to protect the original piece and recreate its original look. Instead of putting a couple of coats on new, clean metal, restorers spend hours scraping away old pieces of metal, repairing rust spots, and buffing and polishing multiple layers of copper, chrome, and nickel to create the perfect shine. Anyone restoring a metal object must look for companies with very high-quality standards, excellent management, and great customer service to protect your antique.

Finding the right company

So how do you find the best chrome plating company in Long Island? Always start by asking for referrals, reading reviews, and doing some research online. If you know anyone who had chrome work done in the past, take a look at their project to see if it is still in good condition. After that, talk to a few companies in your area to determine what is best for your project. Look for key qualities and ask a few important questions to decide which company best meets your needs.

Ask about the process

Ask about the company’s process for applying chrome plating. Experts start with either a nickel coating or a copper coating followed by one or two coats of nickel. This is essential for a decorative finish, and higher quality craftsmen typically use two coats. The nickel coating smooths and levels the surface, which improves the shine of chrome. Finally, the technician adds a very thin layer of chrome to the top. Properly applied chrome reacts with the nickel to resist corrosion and create the deep shine and true color of quality chrome work. Companies with skilled, experienced workers should show you a portfolio of smoothly finished work. Choose a business whose products are free of rust stains and tiny pinholes.

A smooth finish is critical for long-lasting results. The smooth, even surface of quality workmanship creates a barrier that protects the underlying metals from rust and corrosion. When chrome plating is skillfully done, the barrier completely protects the surface metal for a stunning look and long-term protection from moisture.

Look for a company that does restorations

Although new chrome plating requires highly trained technicians and detailed work, restoration work is far more challenging. In addition to careful layering and even coats of metal, experts first eliminate rust and residue, polish and buff the surface, and carefully clean it, so the chrome adheres perfectly to the metal. Restoring metals adds multiple layers to the original process. Only experienced, talented professionals offer restoration work. If a company has restored classic cars or antiques in its portfolio, it is a good choice for chrome plating.

Find a well-established business

Since chrome plating involves the use of high levels of electricity, acids, and heat, it is highly regulated. Companies that have been in business for at least ten years stick to important regulations that protect our environment. These well-established businesses pass strict, regular inspections to continue their chrome work.

Most high-quality companies offer chrome or other metal plating on a variety of surfaces, from classic cars and antiques to interior decorating items. The best companies specialize in multiple types of metal, including chrome, bronze, silver, and brass plating. A company that creates great work with a variety of materials and coatings typically has broader training for employees and maintains a stronger knowledge of the latest techniques than companies with a narrower focus.

Talk about price

High-quality companies will discuss pricing with you before they begin the work. Because chrome plating is such a detailed, high-level process, you should expect to pay for labor. You want technicians who take enough time to do the job correctly, especially with any restoration. Even small restorations typically cost more than chrome work on new materials.

Choose companies that carefully evaluate everything they plan to do before quoting a price. High-quality craftsmen look closely at what you want to be done. They offer helpful suggestions and estimate the cost of your project after considerable thought and planning.

Finding chrome plating on Long Island

Searching for the best chrome plating company on Long Island might seem overwhelming, but the experts at TLC Metal Restoration make it easy to find experienced, well-established technicians who truly care about your work. Our high standards ensure that each chrome plating project adheres perfectly, looks amazing, and stands up to years of wear and tear. We train our employees on the latest trends, techniques, and technology, so our customers get the highest quality work every time.

Contact TLC Metal Restoration to learn more about what makes us the top choice for new chrome plating, chrome restorations, and metal plating on Long Island. Talk to an expert and gain a better understanding of our attention to great customer service and high-quality workmanship. We look forward to sharing our expertise and helping you with all your chrome plating needs!

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