Find Top Quality Automotive Powder Coating on Long Island

Jun 26, 2017

A top quality automotive powder coating makes your vehicle look incredible, prevents corrosion, and lasts for years. Experienced professionals create a durable barrier that protects your car from the elements. However, not all automotive powder coatings are equal. The techniques required to properly apply a powder coat affect the final outcome. Choose a company that does top-quality work every time, and you’ll save time and money. Use these tips to find the best professional automotive powder coating company on Long Island.

automotive powder coating

Why should I choose automotive powder coating?

The automotive industry relies on powder coating for its corrosion resistance, durability, and long-lasting finish. It perfectly maintains the vibrant colors and uniform coat of a high-quality vehicle. In addition, environmentally conscious consumers rely on powder coating. With no toxic solvents and very low volatile organic compounds, powder coating is an excellent choice for the environment. Of course, the relatively low cost of operation and materials make powder coating a superior choice for any automotive application.

What differentiates a top-quality automotive coating from a mediocre one? Look for these qualities before choosing an automotive powder coating company.

Experience plays a role in automotive powder coating

Powder coating is not a simple task, and professionals spend years learning the proper methods, keeping up with the latest technology, and perfecting their technique. Look for companies who have been in business for at least ten years. Technicians should have several years of experience and receive continuing education throughout their career. Management is also essential, so look for supervisors who dedicate themselves to high standards of excellence on every project. The team at TLC Metal Restoration on Long Island has over 75 years of combined experience. Managers and craftsmen work together to create the best powder coating for your automotive needs.

While years of experience contribute significantly to quality work, the breadth of experience within a company also improves quality. For example, a company that expands its reach beyond the automotive industry to architectural or commercial industries uses their expertise to perfect the techniques used on your vehicle. A company that succeeds in multiple industries keeps up with the latest techniques and technological advances, and applies that expertise to every application. Look for companies with a varied portfolio that includes multiple industries for a state-of-the-art automotive application.

Reviews and track records

Top quality work requires more than years of experience. While searching for a high quality automotive powder coating company, look for reviews and a consistent track record of excellent workmanship. Watch for reviews, references, and recommendations that address the following ideas for a wonderful customer experience and a powder coating that lasts for years.

Standards of quality – Companies with well-established expectations for quality workmanship ensure your automotive powder coating attains a high level of excellence. Look for reviews that address high company standards, integrity, and attention to detail. Since powder coating requires skill and experience, references that address quality standards provide insight into a company’s expectations and care for your project.

Organization and time management – Choose a company that values your time. Recommendations that consistently demonstrate timely work indicate solid management practices and a well-organized company. A company that gets work done on time respects you as a client and values your business.

Budgetary Integrity – No one wants surprise charges that exceed the original expected cost. Choose a company with a strong track record of completed work within every client’s budgetary constraints. A business that accurately predicts cost and respects your budgetary requirements keeps clients returning for multiple projects.

Repeat customers – If a reviewer suggests they used a single company for multiple projects, it is a good indication of quality work and excellent customer service. Clients rarely return to an organization that does not meet or exceed their expectations, so look for repeat customers to provide confidence in a company.

Professionalism – Highly trained and experienced employees exude a natural professionalism. This indicates high standards, attention to detail, and good customer service. References that address the professionalism of a company help potential customers gauge the standards of excellence a company expects from its employees.

Multiple industries – Look for satisfied customers in multiple industries, in addition to happy automotive clients. If a business does great work in multiple industries, their training and breadth of knowledge will meet the needs of any project.


Since technology is constantly advancing, it is important to choose a business that stays up-to-date with the latest equipment. Look for companies that use the most advanced powder coating equipment and techniques for the highest quality work. These companies stay on the edge of technological advances and provide the best equipment and practices in the automotive powder coating industry.

Custom colors and finishes

Whether you want a powder coat restoration or a completely new color, the company you choose should have the exact colors and finishes you want. Companies with an extensive range of colors value their client’s opinions and individual needs. In addition, getting the right finish truly completes the look of your vehicle. Gloss, semi-gloss, flat, and textured options are a great way to get exactly the finish you envision.

Best practices

Once you find a company with plenty of experience, positive reviews, state-of-the-art technology, and the colors and finishes you need, visit the company to discern whether they use the best industry practices. Good techniques determine how long your powder coat will last and how well it stands up to the elements. Look for companies that maintain their equipment, use the best techniques, and suggest preventative maintenance to keep your powder coat in great shape.

Proper equipment maintenance – Companies that clean, inspect, and promptly repair their equipment prevent problems. Clean hooks and scheduled maintenance plans indicate a high level of care within the company.

Pre-treatment – A high-quality pre-treatment ensures the powder coat sticks properly and looks perfect. Your company should choose a pre-treatment specific to automotive applications. Prevent corrosion and adhesion issues with a proper pre-treatment.

Clean compressed air – Especially in large population centers, top-quality companies work hard to ensure their compressed air is clean and free of particulate matter. The best companies check for low oil content, a dew point of fewer than 39 degrees Fahrenheit, and particulate matter that does not exceed 0.3 microns in size, according to the Metal Powder Report. Air dryers and filters are a great way to ensure compressed air stays clean and dry.

Proper storage – A cool, dry storage environment keeps powders from absorbing too much moisture from humid air. Look for air-conditioned storage facilities for powder coatings.

Cure time and temperature – The best companies carefully monitor the cure time and metal temperature to get the perfect cure. The proper cure prevents adhesion problems and improves impact resistance. It also creates a better finish and improves flexibility.

Many companies apply powder coatings, but the best businesses ensure excellent quality, meet the needs of each customer, and create durable powder coatings that last for years. Look for experience, a good track record of satisfied customers, updated technology, and best practices when you choose your company. If you want to learn more about automotive powder coatings on Long Island, please contact TLC Metal Restoration today. Our experienced professionals are always ready to answer questions, share our previous work, and help you get the look and durability you want from a top-quality powder coat.

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