Choosing The Best Alloy Wheel Powder Coating In Long Island

Jun 12, 2017

Applying powder coating to your alloy wheels is one of the most effective ways to customize your vehicle and enhance its value. The best results are obtained by powder coaters who recognize that preparation is the most critical part of the process and apply the most stringent pre-treatment procedures. Below is a look at the reasons to explore powder coating and the steps to achieve the best alloy wheel powder coating in Long Island.

best alloy wheel powder coating

Why Seek Powder Coating for Your Alloy Wheels?

Powder coating is a cost-effective means of bolstering your vehicle’s curb appeal. By promoting a radiant appearance and robust protection for your wheels, powder coating offers multiple advantages to vehicle owners. Here is a look at five key benefits of powder coating for your alloy wheels:

  • You will enhance the value of your vehicle
  • You can transform your vehicle’s appearance by changing the color of your alloy wheels
  • You can bolster the longevity of your wheels through powder coating
  • You can give your vehicle a subtle facelift by updating your existing alloy wheel finish
  • You can express your individuality through powder coated alloy wheels
  • Why Choose Powder Coating Over Traditional Painting for Your Alloy Wheels?

Powder coating continues to rise in popularity over traditional liquid painting for alloy wheels. From faster production times to increased durability, powder coating has become the finish of choice for picky vehicle owners. Below are the key factors that make powder coating superior to liquid paint when refinishing alloy wheels.

Environmental considerations. Powder coating contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or harmful chemicals which can be hazardous to the environment. Additionally, powder coating does not pollute the air or water.

Bolder colors. Powder coating is specifically formulated to add color to wheels and metal. One of the primary reasons that vehicle owners seek wheel refurbishment is to achieve the desired color change. Powder coating’s ability to produce bolder, more vivid colors is a key advantage.

Greater durability. The properties of powder coating produce a thicker, more durable layer of coverage than liquid paint. This enables powder coating to better endure wear and tear and resist wheel damage caused by rock chips.

Faster production time. Eager vehicle owners and busy production staff can both enjoy the benefits of the faster production time offered by powder coating. When a powder coated alloy wheel is removed from the oven, the curing process typically takes only 20 minutes. Liquid paint curing, in contrast, can take days to cure.

A reduction in waste. The powder coating process yields significantly less waste compared to the liquid painting process, which can produce wasteful overspray. Also, lost powder coatings can be reclaimed while paint lost during the liquid painting process cannot be reclaimed.

Enhanced flexibility. Powder coating’s curing process promotes permanency and longevity while fostering flexibility. Once applied, powder coating can easily sustain the bending and vibration that accompanies regular road travel.

Key Steps to Superb Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Top powder coaters recognize that the key to successful alloy wheel powder coating lies in the preparation of the wheels. Failure to properly prepare alloy wheels for powder coating can yield disappointing results and lead to customer dissatisfaction. Below are 6 steps to take to achieve the best alloy wheel powder coating in Long Island.

1) Carefully remove trim and hardware. Some alloy wheels contain components that are unable to sustain the heat of powder coating. Prior to applying the powder coating, a technician should carefully inspect your wheels to ensure that these components are located and removed. A few examples of items that may require removal include the following:

  • Sealing rings
  • Trim pieces
  • Valve covers

2) Completely clean the wheels. Powder coatings will not properly adhere to alloy wheels unless they are completely clean and dry. Common culprits that can interfere with powder coating include oil, grease, dirt, and brake dust. This type of residue can be removed by power washing the wheels. Top powder coating companies recognize the importance of the cleaning process and take measures to ensure that a cleaned wheel could be placed on top of a bright white shirt without leaving any trace of residue.

3) Thoroughly sandblast all areas of the wheels. Sandblasting is the most critical component of the powder coating process. A common mistake made by novice powder coaters is to only sandblast the face of the wheel. This mistake can expose some of the factory clear coat, which can lead to blemishes. The best powder coaters are extremely thorough during the sandblasting phase, making sure to thoroughly sandblast the entire wheel. In particular, they make sure to do the following:

  • Thoroughly sandblast around the outer edge of the rim
  • Remember to treat the holes of the spokes when sandblasting
  • Go over the wheel with a keen eye to make sure all paint and clear coat is removed

4) Hang the wheel properly in preparation for powder coating. Once the preparation phases of the process are completed, the technician must hang the wheel to facilitate powder coating. The best powder coaters pay attention to the following elements of the hanging process:

  • Hang the wheel in a well-ventilated powder coating booth
  • Ensure that the wheel hangs freely to permit full coverage
  • This is an ideal time to preheat the oven

5) Fully powder coat every area of the wheel. The best powder coaters begin this process with a well-maintained powder coating gun. They have been trained on the proper spraying techniques and make sure that they fully cover every area of the front and back of the wheel. Seasoned powder coaters refrain from coating wheel areas that will be covered by the tire, as this would waste valuable product.

6) Master the curing process. The most accomplished powder coaters avoid under-curing or over-curing, as these mistakes can lead to discoloration, poor adhesion, or low gloss quality. While curing time will vary, the process typically takes about 17-20 minutes.

7) Make sure wheels have time to fully cool off. Top powder coaters do not cut any corners or try to rush the cooling process. They give wheels plenty of time to cool off before they disconnect them and inspect the finished product.

How TLC Metal Restoration Offers the Best Alloy Wheel Powder Coating in Long Island

Residents of the tri-state area in search of the best powder coating for their alloy wheels can obtain five-star results at TLC Metal Restoration. With a convenient location on the north shore of Long Island, the TLC powder coating experts will take every measure to ensure that your alloy wheels are properly prepared for powder coating. Below are a few reasons why TLC Metal Restoration is known for the best powder coating in Long Island:

  • Over ten years of experience successfully refinishing alloy wheels
  • A fierce dedication to meeting customer time deadlines
  • Strict attention to the importance of preparation when powder coating alloy wheels
  • A level of personalized service that is only offered by a family-owned business
  • An impressive collection of customer references and before and after photos

Contact TLC Metal Restoration to learn why residents and business owners in the tri-state area have brought their cars and motorcycles to TLC’s powder coating experts for over a decade. TLC offers a level of customer service that is second to none and we promise to finish your wheels on time or ahead of schedule. We look forward to helping you transform your vehicle and adding you to our growing list of delighted customers!

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