Guide to Finding The Best Powder Coating in Queens

Jul 22, 2018

Finding the best powder coating in Queens is a crucial step you can take to keep your property, vehicle, and home furnishings in tip-top condition. Power coating’s versatility makes it a superb way to preserve the beauty and extend the longevity of your most valuable personal possessions. Whether you want to help the rims of your motorcycle looking like new or enhance the appearance of your kitchen by dressing up your knobs and drawer pulls, powder coating can give your home, cars, and outdoor furnishings a first-class look.

Best Powder Coating In Queens 2018

Why has powder coating become so popular in Queens?

“The global powder coatings market is expected to reach $12.48 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Growing support for the use of powder coatings in comparison to conventional liquid paints by regulatory agencies such as EPA and REACH on account of negligible VOC emissions is expected to be a key driver for market growth.”

– Kerry Pianoforte, Editor of Coatings World

Powder coating has taken the world by storm, and its popularity continues to rise in Queens and across the globe. As outlined above in Coatings World, powder coating has earned the support of regulatory agencies as a safe means of finishing products. Industry experts also point to the growing demand for powder coatings among vehicle and consumer goods manufacturers as a critical driver for increased sales over the next several years.

How can Queens residents benefit from powder coating?

For residents of Queens and other New York boroughs, the growing popularity of powder coating means that it will be easier to find a trusted powder coating company to help you update your property and make your favorite possessions look stellar. Here are a few products that can be enhanced with powder coating:

1) Vehicle rims

“Powder coating generally produces a coating twice as thick as standard paint. The real advantage is its flexibility and ability to bend and yield with the material it is applied to. This makes it ideal in the transportation industry where the products are subject to a lot of vibration and twisting as they move down the road. We have also found that they stand up way better to rock chips and other common road damage.”

– Sparta Engineering

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to restore your car or motorcycle? Powder coating the rims of your favorite vehicle will add sharpness and luster to its appearance regardless of your vehicle’s age. Also, as outlined above by the Sparta Engineering team, powder coating can help protect your rims from the damage that can result from navigating the streets of Queens – some of which are known for their poor condition.

2) Deck railings

Powder coated deck railings help protect your family and visitors while adding to your property’s beauty. In contrast to applying liquid paint to railings, powder coating deck railings can preserve their beauty by preventing chipping and peeling. Additionally, powder coatings do not include harmful solvents and carcinogens, which can become harmful if ingested.

3) Patio furniture

Using powder coating to restore your old outdoor furniture can transform the appearance of your deck or patio. Top powder coating companies in Queens know how to professionally remove old paint and rust, and prime your old furniture for restoration and the powder coating process. The end result is an inviting outdoor environment that will leave your neighbors wondering if you had a property makeover!

4) Kitchen knobs and drawer pulls

Powder coating your kitchen knobs and drawer pulls is a fast, cost-effective way to spruce up a dated kitchen in Queens. The powder coating process can transform old, worn knobs into smooth, like-new accessories that will add character and shine to your kitchen. You can choose from a variety of vivid colors and finishes to complement your kitchen’s new look.

5) Light fixtures

The typical home contains over 40 light bulb receptacles. Many of these receptacles are found in light fixtures throughout the inside and outside of the house. Powder coating has emerged as an attractive, affordable way to restore existing light fixtures and customize new fixtures prior to mounting.

What should Queens residents look for in a powder coating company?

Now all powder coating companies in Queens are created equal. Separating the best companies from fly-by-night freelancers is essential to ensuring a high-quality finish and your satisfaction with your powder coating results. Below are five qualities that make a powder coating company outstanding:

  • Five-star service to new and existing clients: The journey to satisfaction with your powder coating experience begins with stellar customer service. The top powder coating companies are known for their accessibility, responsiveness, and commitment to providing the highest level of service.
  • Ongoing employee training: There is more to the powder coating process than spraying and drying. Companies that invest in employee training will produce results that can only be achieved by learning the latest spraying techniques and properly maintaining equipment.
  • Keen attention to detail: The most accomplished power coating companies never cut corners or overlook project details. On the contrary, they pride themselves on their dedication to taking the proper pre-treatment measures to ensure that your products are well prepared for the powder coating process.
  • Use of the latest cutting-edge tools: Using the proper spray guns, curing ovens, and hangers are essential to yield desirable results. The best powder coaters in Queens also recognize the importance of regularly cleaning and maintaining equipment to optimize results.
  • Dedication to educating the customer: The customer experience should not end when the powder coating process is finished. Educating customers about the best ways to maintain their vehicles, fixtures, and furniture following powder coating plays a vital role in promoting long-term success with the powder coating process.

What steps can you take to locate a powder coating company in Queens?

You do not have to leave Queens to find a powder coating company that delivers impeccable results. However, you should carefully evaluate providers before you entrust a company with your furniture, car rims, or antiques. Below are five steps you can take to ensure that you select an accomplished Queens powder coating company.

1) Begin your search by researching reviews

As you begin researching powder coating companies in Queens, be sure to read online reviews on reputable sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google. You can also check the provider’s social media sites for customer feedback.

2) Schedule a face to face visit

One of the best ways to assess a powder coating company is to set up a face to face visit. A live visit will give you a chance to meet the team of professionals who will handle your powder coating. Be sure to bring a list of questions that you have about the process. Here are a few examples:

  • How long will the process take?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • Is a warranty offered with service?

3) Ask for a tour of the facilities

Asking for a tour of a powder coating plant is a measure that will provide valuable clues about a powder coating company’s commitment to maintaining quality and protecting your valuables. Signs that you are visiting a good provider include the following:

  • A neat powder coating booth that is well-ventilated
  • Employees that are dressed in the proper protective clothing
  • A well-organized storage area

Be wary of companies that are poorly ventilated and those that are littered with debris. Also, avoid powder coaters whose employees appear to be mishandling or abusing client possessions or powder coating equipment.

4) Give plenty of consideration to industry experience

Always ask prospective powder coating companies how long they have been in business. Additionally, ask about employees’ degree of experience in the powder coating experience. In general, companies with highly experienced technicians and that have been in business for a decade or longer are excellent choices.

5) Request references in Queens and contact them

Every powder coating company you contact should have a list of client references in the Queens area readily available. If possible, request references from customers with projects that are similar to the ones that you need to be completed. And do not just ask for the list – make sure you call the names on the list and ask about their experience with the provider.

What is the surest way to find the best powder coating in Queens?

If you are like many people in Queens, your daily life is hectic, and you might not have the time to thoroughly evaluate all of the powder coating companies in the New York area. The good news is that you can bypass the evaluations and entrust your powder coating needs to the professionals with TLC Metal Restoration. With over a decade of proven success in the powder coating industry, TLC possesses all of the essential qualities that make a powder coating company outstanding.

We invite you to contact TLC Metal to find out why TLC has earned the trust of countless residents in Queens and across the tri-state area. We look forward to becoming your single solution to all of your powder coating needs!

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