Your Guide to the Best Manhattan Powder Coating

Feb 25, 2018

Powder coating is a great way to get a professional looking finish that stands up to the elements. This long-lasting option is a top choice for restorers, architects, and mechanics. Since long-lasting powder coating protects structural integrity, finding a quality company for your professional powder coat is essential. But how do you find the right company? If you are a Manhattan resident and are looking for the best Manhattan powder coating, consider TLC Metal.

Best Manhattan Powder Coating Color Choices

Experience and expertise

In the world of powder coating, a company’s combined experience and expertise in certain areas really matter. Always consider specialty areas, years of experience, and the company’s range of expertise before you choose the best Manhattan powder coating company.

Look for a restoration specialist

Even if you do not need a restoration, look for a company that specializes in restoration projects. These intensive projects require the best experts in the powder coating industry. The most talented and experienced craftsmen excel at restorations, and their top-quality workmanship pays off even on new surfaces. Companies skilled enough for restorations are a safe option for any project. These craftsmen typically have a very broad knowledge and do great work on everything from brand new projects to damaged surfaces. Narrow your search to restoration companies first, then move on to other important factors.

Ask about experience

The best powder coating specialists build on years of experience to ensure a perfectly crafted product. Ask companies about their combined experience. At TLC Metal Restoration, we rely on over 75 years of combined experience. With so many years to perfect their craft, our employees consistently achieve the highest quality powder coating. Experience is an essential part of mastering this technique, so choose a company whose craftsmen spent years perfecting their craft.

Range of expertise

Many companies maintain a narrow focus, working only on one type of surface or structure. However, most of these company lack the breadth of knowledge needed to create the highest quality work. Look for companies with a wide range of expertise, since these companies will consider potential problems and prevent them before they become a problem. If a single project requires stripping or sand blasting before the powder coating process begins, these companies stay with your project from start to finish, checking for quality at every step.

What does a wide range of expertise look like in practice? TLC Metal Restoration is a great example. We provide metal restoration, refinishing, and surface maintenance to both commercial and residential facilities. In addition, we do automotive restorations and rim repair. We also work on many architectural projects, including institutions, hospitals, and retail locations. Our broad range of work in powder coating, laser stripping, rim repair, sand blasting, and metal plating adds to our base of knowledge. We use that knowledge to anticipate and prevent potential problems and create the perfect solution for every project.

Resources and technology

Ever-advancing technology provides top-quality solutions for the best Manhattan powder coating companies. Since technology changes so quickly, only the best companies keep up with the latest advances. For customers, these improvements make a big difference. Choose a company that understands the latest technology and utilizes the best equipment in the industry.

Ask about equipment

Updated technology is especially crucial for powder coating, where high-quality equipment and detailed maintenance ensure a powder coat that truly protects your project. Ask companies about what equipment they plan to use and how they maintain it. Great companies have a clear answer and take pride in their advanced equipment. Look for management with a focus on quality control and customer satisfaction.

Look for advanced techniques

Find a company that offers more than the standard options for powder coating. For example, TLC Metal Restoration offers custom colors and varied finishes. Custom colors require special equipment and a good eye for design. Also, the ability to create gloss, semi-gloss, flat and textured finishes provides a custom look. Textured finishes such as hammer, wrinkle, sandpaper, or candy require advanced equipment and specialized knowledge, so companies that offer textured finishes typically stay ahead of the curve and offer the latest techniques and equipment.

Advertised equipment

Look for companies that advertise their latest equipment online. These companies take pride in staying up-to-date on advanced technologies. If a company’s website or representative highlights the equipment they use, it indicates attention to detail and an awareness of current technologies. At TLC Metal Restoration, we take pride in our latest piece of equipment, the cleanLASER CL1000. As the only non-government organization in the Northeast with this specialized equipment, we proudly discuss the training and procedures we use to maintain this highly advanced technology.

Customer-focused business

Ultimately, your satisfaction depends on how well a company listens to your needs and finds solutions for you. Few things are more frustrating than working with a company that does not meet your needs. Look for customer-focused, locally owned businesses that truly care about you. These companies are more likely to find solutions that directly address your problem while staying within your budget.

Scan customer reviews

High quality work leaves customers satisfied with the finished product. Look through customer reviews or ask for recommendations to find a great powder coating specialist. Many great companies proudly display reviews right on their website. Look for repeat customers and individuals who had a great experience despite unusual projects, requirements, or circumstances. If you have limited time, choose a company with many reviews that demonstrate timely work.

Local or family-owned businesses

Wise consumers choose local or family-owned businesses, especially in cities like Manhattan. These companies truly know your area, considering local climate factors and local ordinances when completing your project. Family owned and operated businesses like TLC Metal Restoration know the value of repeat customers, so you always speak to representatives completely devoted to your customer experience. Look for companies that truly value your business, regardless of the size and budget of your project.

Respecting your needs

An incorrect estimate or dishonest service quickly turns an exciting project into a nightmare. Prevent bad experiences by looking for companies that stay true to their quotes and commit to your budgetary needs. The best companies find solutions that truly work for you, creating a product that lasts for years to come and exactly matches your vision for the project. Companies like TLC Metal Restoration actively listen to your needs and work with you to create a product you love.

Finding the best Manhattan powder coating seems like a daunting task, but these techniques will help you find the perfect fit for your project. Look for a customer-focused business with many years of experience and a wide range of expertise. Ask about equipment and look for advanced techniques like textured finishes. Finally, seek out companies that are truly devoted to making every customer happy with the finished product. If you are looking for the best powder coating in Manhattan, contact TLC Metal Restoration. Our representatives are always happy to talk about our services, experience, and dedication to our customers. With over 75 years of combined experience, a wide range of expertise, and some of the most advanced equipment in the region, TLC Metal Restoration is a great place to begin your search. Contact TLC Metal for the best Manhattan powder coating today.

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