Choosing the Best Industrial Powder Coating on Long Island

Jan 10, 2020

Covering over 1,400 square miles, Long Island is home to thousands of businesses. According to the Long Island Association, 90 percent of these businesses are small businesses that target the biotechnology, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and hospitality industries. Prospering in these industries requires the outstanding product quality and keen attention to detail that a five-star industrial powder coating company in Long Island can offer. Here are some of the industries that utilize the best industrial powder coating on Long Island and the top five benefits of working with TLC Metal to fulfill your powder coating needs.

Best Industrial Powder Coating on Long Island

What types of Long Island businesses benefit from industrial powder coating?

Powder coating’s wealth of applications and impeccable results have driven its popularity in a wide variety of industries. From construction companies to auto dealers, business operators across New York are turning to powder coating to maintain a competitive edge. Here are some of the top types of businesses in Long Island that are enjoying the benefits of powder coating:

1) Medical Device and Biotech Companies

“The MedTech industry on Long Island is supported in its endeavors by a range of venture capitalists, tax incentives, and incubators. But chief among its supporters is Empire State Development (ESD; Albany, Buffalo, and New York City), the state’s consolidated economic development agency.” – Shana Leonard, Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry

Stainless steel surgical tables, anesthesia machines, electrosurgical units, and patient monitors are just a few of the many medical devices and types of equipment that are enhanced through the industrial powder coating process. Top powder coating companies collaborate with Long Island medical device manufacturers to ensure that coatings comply with FDA and ISO regulations while providing the desired degree of thermal and chemical resistance.

2) Appliance Manufacturers

Refrigerators, washers, dryers, and stoves are essential appliances that owe their durability and gorgeous finish to industrial powder coating. With appliances commonly enduring exposure to water, heat, humidity, and steam, powder coating can be applied to the sides and front panels of appliances to combat rust and corrosion.

3) Automotive Businesses

“New York State’s economy is interdependent with the major U.S. automobile makers through New York State-based auto-related jobs…” – Thomas P. DiNapoli, New York State Comptroller.

The livelihood of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers depends on businesses in the automotive industry. Long Island even leads the state of New York in electric vehicle use, illustrating the key role that the automotive industry plays on the island.

From automotive manufacturing companies to vehicle repair shops to car dealerships, businesses in the automotive industry are turning to powder coating to ensure that vehicles have the pristine, durable finish that drivers seek. In particular, powder coating is used to protect wheel rims, steel bumpers, engine components, and auto body parts from corrosion and rust.

4) Construction Firms

A quick online search for construction companies on Long Island can produce nearly 3,000 results, highlighting the construction industry’s strong presence in the area. Many construction contractors and architecture firms turn to powder coating to provide a resilient finish on fences, railings, windows, outdoor seating, and fixtures. Powder coating is also used by manufacturers of heavy-duty construction equipment to provide a durable, weather-resistant finish on bulldozers, backhoes, and excavators.

5) Pharmaceutical Companies

“These types of (pharmaceutical) companies are growing. They do employ a lot of people because some of these companies run three shifts a day. Some of these companies have two locations on Long Island, and some have more than five or six.” – John Lombardo, Associate Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development, Suffolk County Community College

As Long Island’s pharmaceutical industry continues to expand, a growing number of pharma companies are exploring electrostatic powder coating for their pharmaceuticals. This specialized type of powder coating features the use of an electrostatic spray gun to apply polymers and pigment-rich coating powders to the surface of solid dosage forms. Following the application, the coatings are cured to form a film.

What benefits does Long Island’s best industrial powder coating company offer?

As industrial powder coating plays a more prominent role among manufacturers, construction companies, and medical device companies, there is an increasing focus on powder coating quality. Choosing the best powder coating company on Long Island will enable your business to enjoy long-lasting durability and a flawless finish at a price you can afford. Here are some of the leading benefits of Long Island’s top Industrial powder coating company:

1) A Comprehensive Pre-treatment Process

“…Powder coating is an engineered process. The steps in the process need to be carefully planned to meet a specific outcome. It starts with the pre-treatment process. Steel can be blasted to remove inorganic soils, leaving a relatively clean, rough surface. This creates a great anchor pattern for the coating because, as it cures, it hardens.” – Roger Talbert, Finishing Magazine

In order to achieve excellent results, an item’s surface should be cleaned, dried, and passed through a detailed pre-treatment process prior to powder coating. Skipping or rushing the pre-treatment process could produce a number of undesirable results, such as loss of adhesion and poor corrosion resistance.

The best way to ensure that you select a powder coating company that values the pre-treatment process is to ask the question, “Would you please tell me about the steps you take in your pre-treatment process?” Even better, set up a visit to your powder coating company and ask to see elements of the pre-treatment process in person. Top industrial powder coating companies will be happy to oblige.

2) Outstanding Corrosion Prevention

Exposure to rain, salt, humidity, and ultraviolet light is commonplace for many industrial steel products. While steel’s durability makes it a preferred material among manufacturers, this repeated exposure to moisture and harsh elements can lead to rust and corrosion. This corrosion can ultimately lead to long-term structural damage.

Powder coating’s superb durability makes it an outstanding protective finish for industrial steel products that will endure regular exposure to extreme temperatures, snow, rain, and UV light. New York’s leading powder coating providers know when to include blasting as a means of removing elements that may impede adhesion. They also know that using a primer rich in zinc can maximize the protective effects of powder coating.

3) Fair prices

Many people are pleasantly surprised to see how affordable powder coating is. In addition to fair upfront prices, you will save additional money by eliminating the need for periodic touch-ups and maintenance contracts. Unlike the liquid painting process, the powder coating process does not need to be repeated, allowing for further cost savings. Finally, architects, construction contractors, and manufacturers who place bulk orders on a regular basis could be eligible for preferred pricing.

4) An environmentally friendly approach

Nassau County’s top powder coating company values sustainability and safety. In contrast to many liquid paint products that contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), powder coating is an eco-friendly process that does not involve the release of dangerous elements into the air over time. Here are some other eco-friendly benefits offered:

  • Packaging: Because powder coatings are not liquid-based, they require fewer resources to package and transport.
  • Less waste: The powder coating process eliminates wasteful dripping, and any unused coatings can be saved and reused in the future.
  • Compliance with standards: Since powder coating is categorized as non-toxic, it meets most national environmental protection standards.

5) Timely Completion of Projects

A company may produce the most impressive results in the world, but if your project is not completed within the promised time frame, your reputation could be jeopardized. Top industrial powder coating companies possess all of the resources necessary to complete your project quickly and in advance of your promise date. In fact, some smaller-scale projects could be completed in just one or two days.

TLC Metal for the Best Industrial Powder Coating on Long Island

As outlined above, industrial powder coating has become commonplace among Long Island companies that demand long-lasting results and a flawless finish. Whether you are a device manufacturer, a steel fabrication operator, or a construction contractor. The industrial powder coating experts at TLC Metal Restoration are ready to handle your next project. Here are just a few reasons why Long Island manufacturers choose TLC for their industrial powder coating needs:

  • State of the art facilities: Located at 75 Windsor Ave in Mineola, TLC’s powder coating facilities are second to none on Long Island.
  • Cutting-edge technology: TLC uses the latest powder coating guns, ovens, and ventilation systems to produce stellar results.
  • Complimentary estimates: Simply reach out to our team to provide your project details, and we will provide a free estimate.
  • Pre-treatment expertise: Cleaning, sandblasting, and laser stripping are just a few commercial pre-treatment services we offer.
  • Pickup and delivery service: At TLC, we realize your time is valuable. We can provide delivery services upon request.

To discover why we are the best industrial powder coating on Long Island, contact TLC Metal today.  We encourage you to stop by our Mineola facility to tour our plant. We look forward to showing you how our industrial powder coating services will improve your product quality.