Using Architectural Powder Coatings for Lasting Results

May 31, 2017

Many people choose traditional paints to finish residential and commercial surfaces, but the professional finish of architectural powder coatings sets your property apart. These durable finishes last longer than paint. Powder coatings are also incredibly impact resistant. Never worry about chipped or faded paint again! Choose a powder coating for hard-to-reach architectural features, metal fences, patio furniture, and railings. This in-depth look at the top powder coatings on the market recommends the top options for your home or commercial property.

architectural powder coatings

Advantages of Architectural Powder Coating


Like paint, powder coats come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Customize your coating with a professional powder coating company. Talk to an expert about colors that enhance architectural features and fit your design. Gloss, semi-gloss, flat, and textured finishes create the perfect look for your property. Textured finishes offer even more versatility than paint. Get the look of hammered metal or the texture of sandpaper with these stunning finishes.


Experts use powder coats for a durable finish in any weather. High traffic and retail areas benefit from these long-lasting finishes. The automotive industry uses powder coats for their endurance in extreme conditions, and other industries rely on these finishes for heavy use equipment. Powder coats are excellent choices for fences and railings. Instead of staining your wood fence every year, choose a powder coat for a fence that lasts.

Impact resistance

Powder coats have incredible impact resistance, making them excellent options for metal surfaces. Unlike other options that chip and flake easily, powder coats adhere perfectly to metals. Even after an impact, these finishes hold up well.

Environmental advantages

Powder coatings are a popular choice for both commercial and residential architecture, and the market is quickly improving as governments crack down on emissions regulations. Residents choose powder coatings to lower their carbon footprint and keep their families safe from chemicals. Industries that use powder coatings advertise their attention to green processes and buildings.

Technological advances for architecture

In the past, most US architectural firms used liquid coatings. However, recent technological advances make powder coating a popular option. Improvements in UV resistance and durability changed everything. Today’s powder coatings meet the stringent specifications of the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association. Unlike liquid coatings, powder coatings do not need a primer. Powder coatings are also environmentally friendly, making them a wonderful option for green commercial projects and residences with reduced carbon footprints.

Recent technologies also increased the scratch resistance of powder coatings, making them a superior option for long-lasting exterior projects. Many commercial projects already changed to powder technologies for their architectural appeal, easy application, and better weathering. The coatings provide a flexible finish that prevents cracking and peeling. This creates an effective solution for many applications, from interiors and consumer goods to exteriors and commercial buildings.

Applications for architectural powder coatings

Powder coatings are an excellent option for residential, commercial, automotive, and retail applications. Is a powder coating right for your project? These common projects are perfect choices for powder coatings.

Patio furniture

According to a report by Grand View Research, “Powder coating demand in furniture… is expected to witness substantial growth of more than 7.6 percent from 2014 to 2020.” Powder coatings are a popular choice for patio furniture due to their durability and weather resistance. Their low emissions and simple application make them a great choice. If you are looking for the perfect color or texture for your metal patio furniture, a professional powder coat makes it look like a completely new set.

Commercial buildings

Low volatile organic compound emissions and stricter global regulations make powder coatings a top choice for commercial buildings. For many commercial projects, architectural powder coatings lower costs while creating an attractive finish. Since this finish is more scratch resistant and offers economic and performance advantages, it is a great option for commercial buildings.


From metal office furniture to display cases, the frequent traffic in retail spaces is perfect for powder coatings. Use bold color schemes to highlight your items, or ask about powder coatings with increased reflectivity to improve the lighting in your space without using additional electricity. Powder coatings are a great choice for railings and counter tops, where customers frequently rest their hands. Contact and sunlight will not damage a good powder coating, so it is a highly effective choice for retail areas. Avoid wasting precious employee time refinishing products with a durable powder coating.

Interior finishing

Powder coats are a great choice for many interior design elements. Powder coats are great for windows, where their durability allows repeated opening and closing without damaging the finish. In addition, UV resistance prevents fading and damage from sunlight. An increase in popularity makes these a great choice in kitchens and bathrooms, where heavy use and moisture cause problems with other finishes. Powder coatings look amazing on electrical fixtures and decorative elements, where heat, light, and use will not damage the finish over time.

Exterior finishing

Buyers turn to powder finishes for facades and exterior features that last long-term. Use these for metal exteriors to get the color and finish you want. With more textural options than paint, powder finishes are perfect for home and commercial building exteriors. Instead of risking your life trying to re-finish the stain or paint on upper levels, let a professional perform a one-time finish on metal exteriors. Further maintenance isn’t needed with this excellent, weather-resistant coating.

Fences and railings

High quality metal fences almost always use powder coatings to protect the metal fence. These carefully tested finishes are perfect for outdoor fences, but their versatility doesn’t end there. Try them on interior metal stair railings, porch fences, or deck barriers. Residential fences will hold up to wear and tear from children and pets. Designers also choose powder coats for commercial fences and railings. These strong finishes are perfect for high-traffic areas, humid or dry climates, and frequent impacts.


Powder coatings are essential for many industries, from automotive parts to manufacturing companies. They make a great finish for machinery and consumer products. From appliances to electronics, these flexible finishes create high-quality goods with professional appeal. They also provide a cost-effective and sustainable option for individuals repainting cars and metal furnishings.

Choosing Your Architectural Powder Coating Professional

Your powder coating’s quality depends on the professional you choose. Their experience, equipment, and attention to detail will determine the outcome of your powder coating. Look for a well-established, high-quality company. Start with a quick online search for companies in your area. Look for organizations with positive reviews or testimonials that show a successful track record in the business. Ask about their options and equipment. Choose experts who are knowledgeable and work with your individual needs. Ask to see a portfolio of their work. A good company is proud to show their previous projects to potential clients. Highly qualified workers will create a wonderful powder coating that lasts for years.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, durable finish, powder coating is an excellent choice. Coat metal railings, exterior facades, interior fixtures, and machinery with this flexible finish. You will avoid chipping and flaking, even upon impact. It is a great choice for both residential applications and commercial buildings. Try this finish in your retail space for a professional touch. For more information on professional, architectural powder coatings in the Long Island area, please contact TLC Metal Restoration today.

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