Commercial Powder Coating

High-volume, rapid turnaround for commercial and industrial powder coating.

Architectural Powder Coating

We custom match to your precise architectural or retail needs.

We have a cleanLASER CL1000!

The only non-government owners of a Clean Laser gun in the Northeast.


TLC Metal Restoration provides professional architectural & commercial metal finishing services including; Powder coating, Sand blasting, Laser stripping, Metal polishing, Metal plating and more.

commercial powder coating architectural coatings
metal polishing
sand blasting
architectural metal plating
laser stripping
rim repair

Recent TLC Metal Restoration News

Ten Benefits of Metal Plating Your Building’s Hardware

Did you know that metal plating your building's hardware can provide a multitude of benefits? Every building comes with a certain number of small but necessary pieces. Door handles and latch-plates, light switch plates, hinges and knobs, vent covers, faucets and...

6 Benefits of Using High-Volume Powder Coating Shops for Your Business

Have you been looking for high-volume powder coating shops? If you want to give your customers high-quality metal products that are built to last, the right powder coating company can help. Look for shops that offer high-volume runs and can handle the powder coating...

10 Reasons to Laser Strip Metal When Refinishing It

No matter what restoration project you have in mind, cleaning the metal surface is always the first step. TLC Metal can laser strip metal surfaces while preserving all surface characteristics. It does not matter whether you want to make your building's lighting...

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