Architectural Powder Coating

Get commercial powder coating for architectural or retail needs.

Commercial Powder Coating

With an extensive range of colors, we can custom match to meet your precise needs.

We have the cleanLASER CL1000!

We are the only non-government owners of a Clean Laser in the Northeast.

TLC Metal Restoration provides professional architectural & commercial metal surface finishing services including; Powder coating, Rim Repair, Sand blasting, Laser stripping, Metal polishing, and more.

Recent TLC Metal Restoration News

Learn The Many Advantages of Auto Restoration Laser Stripping

Car restoration is an art and a science. Whether you're rebuilding a muscle car from a scattered collection of old parts or you're restoring an antique car that has all of its original parts but has been sitting and collecting dust for decades, it's important to keep...

10 Reasons to Use Powder Coating Instead of Liquid Paint

We've been there, and we know the top ten reasons to use powder coating instead of liquid paint. Art and restoration projects happen to everyone. In many cases, the inspiration for art is a practical one like restoring an older bicycle to its former glory or rescuing...

Guide to Finding The Best Powder Coating in Queens

Finding the best powder coating in Queens is a crucial step you can take to keep your property, vehicle, and home furnishings in tip-top condition. Power coating's versatility makes it a superb way to preserve the beauty and extend the longevity of your most valuable...

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