We have the cleanLASER CL1000!

We are the only non-government owners of a Clean Laser in the Northeast.

Modern Powder Coating

With an extensive range of colors, we can custom match to meet your precise needs.

Alloy Wheel Rim Repair

For most damage, we can often weld the crack and machine the surface back to normal.

TLC Metal Restoration provides professional architectural & automotive metal surface finishing services including; Laser stripping, Powder coating, Rim Repair, Metal polishing, Sand blasting, and more.

Recent TLC Metal Restoration News

Get the Most Advanced Laser Cleaning Solutions for Your Restoration

Restoration projects require hours of detailed work and laying the perfect foundation significantly improves success rates. Experts agree that a perfectly clean, undamaged surface is an essential first step toward a total restoration. Fortunately, at TLC...

The Advantage of Quality Automotive Powder Coating on Long Island

You live on or near Long Island. You love your vehicle. You want to make sure that it lasts longer, and looks better for longer. What do you do? You start looking for quality automotive powder coating on Long Island. As we have mentioned in this space,...

The Power of Laser Paint Removal for Metal Restoration

Welcome to the world of laser paint removal. Restoring old metal can become vital in a wide range of situations. Whether you want to restore an old car to its original beauty or refinish your old railings, you are probably looking at a variety of options...

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TLC Metal Restoration

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