Architectural Powder Coating

Get commercial powder coating for architectural or retail needs.

Alloy Wheel Rim Repair

For most damage, we can often weld the crack and machine the surface back to normal.

Automotive Powder Coating

With an extensive range of colors, we can custom match to meet your precise needs.

We have the cleanLASER CL1000!

We are the only non-government owners of a Clean Laser in the Northeast.

TLC Metal Restoration provides professional architectural & automotive metal surface finishing services including; Powder coating, Rim Repair, Sand blasting, Laser stripping, Metal polishing, and more.

Recent TLC Metal Restoration News

Your Guide to the Best Manhattan Powder Coating

Powder coating is a great way to get a professional looking finish that stands up to the elements. This long-lasting option is a top choice for restorers, architects, and mechanics. Since long-lasting powder coating protects structural integrity, finding a quality...

How to Make Accent Colors and Other Useful Powder Coating Tips

Powder coating is one of the most useful ways to protect, color, and decorate metal items available today. With a combination of chemistry, technique, static electricity and a very hot oven, you can quickly coat metal surfaces and mechanical parts in a hard, nearly...

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TLC Metal Restoration


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