Commercial Powder Coating

High-volume, rapid turnaround for commercial and industrial powder coating.

Architectural Powder Coating

We custom match to your precise architectural or retail needs.

We have a cleanLASER CL1000!

The only non-government owners of a Clean Laser gun in the Northeast.  
TLC Metal Restoration provides professional architectural & commercial metal finishing services including; Powder coating, Sand blasting, Laser stripping, Metal polishing, Metal plating and more.
commercial powder coating architectural coatings
metal polishing
sand blasting
architectural metal plating
laser stripping
rim repair

Recent TLC Metal Restoration News

Powder Coating Rims Properly Master Guide

Powder Coating Rims Properly Master Guide

In New York, powder coating rims on your vehicle is an inevitable part of city driving. Every year the traffic and weather wear away at the roads causing the pavement to roughen and potholes to widen. Every driver in the North East is aware of the constant peril...

The Diverse Uses for Industrial Powder Coating on Long Island

The Diverse Uses for Industrial Powder Coating on Long Island

Are you looking for the best industrial powder coating on Long Island? It's no surprise that powder coating is so popular with both consumer and commercial markets. But powder coating is also an essential service for many industries, from manufacturing to...

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